I’m Dreaming of a White {living room}

Just like the one I used to know… and had! There is just something about a white living room that I adore! A white on white room is timeless and something I know I will always love. Here is a photo of my old living room taken about 10 years ago when my dear Peaches was just a young lad. (He’s now 15 and a half).


There is just something about white on white that makes my heart soar, like nothing else! I once read that the magnificent designer, Barbara Barry had white furniture because she couldn’t commit to anything else. For me, it’s not a matter of committal. It’s just a matter of loving it!


 True genius, she is. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s super nice and very humble too.

I think people are afraid of white and very light colors because they are afraid that they will show the “dirt.” I don’t know. I had white furniture and it stayed pretty clean despite two dirty boys and a cat. Any fabric will show dirt. In fact, really dark colors are just as bad because EVERYTHING shows on them.

Aside from that. Why do some white rooms look blah and some look rich and wonderful. The trick, I believe is in different shades of white and a lot of different textures: ie; glass, ceramic, wood, gold, silver and even some bits of black and dark rich neutral hues. In the coming photos, I’ve selected good examples of rooms and vignettes that have the kind of variety that makes for a rich, elegant design.

white living room decorationg ideasElegant living room by English designer Alexander James


Elegant living room in white and pale shades by Phoebe Howard. Please notice the use of some dark accents, variations in texture and touches of gold and glass.


This is a room by Victoria Hagan who has long been one of my favorite designers. Years ago, she had a living room in the Hamptons with these linen gauze drapes that floated over the lining fabric. Well, I can’t tell you how many times I did the same treatment for clients. It always looked amazing!

white living room decorationg ideas

The architecture, mouldings and fretwork on those cabinet doors are completely sublime. By Nancy Marcus


Above and below are two wonderful vignettes from one of my favorite companies, Oly. The truth be told, however, is that I don’t order from them much anymore because their prices started going through the roof, just as the recession hit. However, I still love their products and style. They also have a very beautiful website which you can see here.

white living room decorationg ideas

| white living room decorationg ideas |Yawn Design

windsorsmith Okay, this room is probably more grey than white (like this rainy, not snowy December day before Christmas) but I just had to include it. It’s by the incredibly talented Windsor Smith.

Happy Holidays!


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