The Nor’easter Blizzard 2022 – Boston-Style

Hi Everyone,

So many people have reached out to me today during the nor’easter blizzard 2022 to kindly inquire:


1. Are you okay?

2. Do you have power?

3. And, do you have enough to eat?

1. Yes
2. Thank God, yes!
3. Ummm… yes.


You know. I daresay that most Americans have enough food in their homes at any given time to sustain them for at least a month if necessary.


And yet, the first thing to go from the supermarket shelves is the bread and milk when there’s an impending storm. Right?

It reminds me of when Covid first hit in March 2020, and there wasn’t a roll of toilet paper to be found anywhere.

However, those of us who’ve lived in the northeastern United States are used to storms that are colloquially called Nor’easters. Or, as I heard Stephen Colbert say once:








a storm so powerful that it knocks out all of the available Ts and Hs.”



Early_January_2018_Nor'easter_2018-01-04_via Wikipedia - similar to the nor'easter blizzard 2022

Image via Wikipedia


The name comes from a powerful low-pressure cyclone blowing from the northeast.


And what is it that we have northeast of us? Yes, a bigass frigid body of water. So, if it’s above freezing temps, we get a lot of wind and soaking rain. But, if it’s cold enough, we sometimes get a heap load of snow.


However, in recent years, most of the storms have stayed far enough off the coast so that the snow is minimal.


Well, not today. We got a good hammering with near white-out conditions for most of the day. As of 9:30 PM, the east coast of Massachusetts has had from 20″ to over 30″ of fine powdery snow. Boston Logan Airport has reported 23.5″.


blizzard nor'easter 2022 Boston - my living room window

The above photo was taken this afternoon around 1:00 PM out my living room window.


So, how do Bostonians handle the nor’easter blizzard 2022? Well, I’ll get to that in a sec.


But, first, I need to share some updates on the Boston Public Garden Ducklings. I pass them by at least once or twice a week and have become quite fond of them and enchanted by their ever-changing wardrobe.

You may recall seeing the darling bronze ducklings in my Christmas post. 

Well, a few weeks ago, I snapped them, making quite the statement.


ducklings with a message January 2022
This was about three weeks ago on a freeeeezing day before my tech gloves arrived. But I wanted to take it for my sister Holly, a vegan.

Recently, the ducklings have been wearing Boston Bruins uniforms. For those that don’t know, that’s our local professional ice hockey team.

However, yesterday, on my way to my Friday morning coffee group, I couldn’t help but notice the adorable new outfits the ducklings were sporting.


Ducklings January 28, 2022The mama duck is quite the character and apparent role model for her offspring.


Mama Duck leading her ducklings 1.28.2022

From this view, you can see the northern border of the public garden, which is Beacon Street and the beginning of Beacon Hill. The mid-rise red brick building is where Charles Street begins.


Charles street also runs between the public garden and the Boston Common, as you can see below.


duckling detail - so cute January 28, 2022

But, I just can’t enough of these little guys. Are they the cutest, or what?

Frankly, though, I was somewhat concerned for their welfare because of the impending nor’easter blizzard 2022.


First of all, I was afraid their fine coats would get wrecked. In addition, although absolutely darling, they aren’t really terribly warm coats.

Okay, okay, please calm down. I do know that ducks don’t need coats to stay warm. But still.

So, today, on my way to Beacon Hill, I was walking through the garden with my new friend Jayne when we both broke out in raucous laughter. Yes, we were walking in the snow, but the blizzard conditions had subsided by 4:40, just before sunset. Well, the sun that was hidden by the thick cloud cover.


Here’s why we were laughing.


ducklings nor'easter 2022 blizzard Boston pubblic garden 1.29.2022

Some of the ducklings were totally buried! And yes, they are currently butt buck naked! (yes, variation on naked. Kind Cynthia informed me of my malapropism regarding “butt” instead of “buck.” Live and learn!)


duckling gasping for air Boston blizzard 2022

However, this one appears to be gasping for air! That’s why we were laughing so hard.

Of course, their fine coats were removed before the big nor’easter blizzard 2022. That most likely happened in the late afternoon on the 28th.


So, where were Jayne and I going during one of the worst storms to hit Boston in years?


Well, we were going to Beacon Hill to meet our good friends for drinks and dinner!

Yes, indeed, and we weren’t the only ones who were enjoying the evening despite the disagreeable weather. Fortunately, there were very few cars on the road. There are thousands within an easy walk of Beacon Hill and Back Bay.


Blizzard drinks and dinner 1928 Beacon Hill


Here we are at a new restaurant on Mount Vernon Street called 1928 Beacon Hill. We all enjoyed the sophisticated, eclectic decor, as well as our drinks and dinner.

The image is courtesy of Wendy Oleksiak’s Instagram, which is super beautiful. Wendy is a native Bostonian and a crackerjack realtor throughout the entire greater Boston area. She’s in the middle with the black and white scarf.


Are we not worried about catching Covid?


Yes, we are. However, all of us have been triple vaxxed and mask-up in public. I feel it’s a balancing act between being mindful and still having a life.

BTW, my darling son, the one in the middle of the Caribbean, on a 40-foot sailboat, got Covid a few days ago. However, thankfully, it’s been relatively mild. (Yes, he’s triple vaxxed.) He’s having a wonderful time and says he’s in paradise.


Well, I feel that way, too, even though it’s a lot colder right now than I prefer.


Although, my new winter coat is a Godsend! Everything about it is perfect, including the hood.

I just read the other reviews and the snaps do NOT let the cold air in! No part of the coat is tight on me. I got a size six which is my normal size in a coat. Everything else, I usually wear a 4. There is plenty of room in the shoulders. And, my new phone which is the big I-phone 13 did fit in the pocket.

The hood is AMAZING! I can’t stand it when they don’t stay on. This one, even in the wind, stays put. Plus, it kept my head nice and toasty.


Out to dinner in Beacon Hill with friends Boston Blizzard 2022

After dinner, I walked back to Back Bay with Jayne and Cheryl, who organized this meetup.


Cheryl and I walking down deserted Charles Street Boston - Blizzard 2022
Jayne took this photo of Cheryl and me walking down the middle of deserted Charles Street.  It’s an incredible feeling being in a normally bustling big city on a Saturday night with hardly another soul in sight.

I’m no longer the “new girl” as Cheryl and Jayne moved here very recently, but both had lived here before, I believe. I live between the two, so Cheryl kindly invited us into her charming rental apartment for a drink and some yummy chocolate, raspberry banana bread– and a roaring fire in her lovely fireplace.


Of course, I had to leave before I was ready because I needed to finish this post.


Alas, my new tech gloves are “in the shop.” Why? They were shipped with the security thingy still on.

However, my Adirondack mittens are so incredibly warm that taking my hands out for a couple of minutes wasn’t so bad. So, I took some photos of the snow for y’all to see.


Back Bay Boston Blizzard 2022 Commonwealth Ave

The Commonwealth Ave Mall and row houses in the snow shortly after it stopped.


Commonwealth Ave Mall - Magical Blizzard 2022

Above and below is the Comm Ave Mall. The gorgeous lights will be up for another ten weeks.


Commonwealth Ave Mall Blizzard 2022Above and below the Comm Ave Mall @ Berkley Street around 8:45 PM January 29, 2022.


Comm Ave Mall @ Berkley Street - Nor'easter Blizzard 2022Someone asked if the sidewalks were plowed. Most had been plowed at some point, but not all of them. And no sidewalks were totally clear of the snow.


outside my front door Boston Blizzard 2022Outside my front door. Remember the scene the night I moved?


Shleppers Moving & Storage moving me to Boston 12.21.2020The move on December 21, 2020, was five days after the last big snowstorm of December 16, 2020.


Then, 13+ months later, I heard a familiar sound barreling down the street.


the evil snowplow Blizzard 2022 Yes, the “evil snowplow man!” lol.


Snowplow salting Commonwealth Ave Blizzard 2022

Well, it’s a necessary evil to put down salt and dirt that subsequently creates “snirt.”  However, the snirt helps prevent the deadly black ice, thus helping to keep people safe.

For more on “snirt,” if you’re not familiar, this is one of my favorite posts ever.

So, yes, I am fine, and I hope all of you are as well!

I have to say this is when I’m super glad that I don’t have to deal with a car outside.

Wendy sent me this short video that shows how some Bostonians get around in a blizzard. You must see it!

In closing, thank you again for your well-wishes; Hopefully, you are fairing well with the intense nor’easter blizzard of 2022, as well.



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40 Responses

  1. This Australian had never encountered snow before living in Canada in the late eighties, early nineties so had never heard of baseboards before. We enjoyed cool nights so had ours set at just 10 degrees in our bedroom. Our Canadian friends thought we were crazy. Plus we loved walking at night time when it was snowing and often minus 16 degrees or less. The huge snowstorms were a great delight for us, although of course we were aware they could also be extremely dangerous. I’m glad you are making the most of your new environment and new friends. Your photos brought back so many happy memories. Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  2. Hi Lauren,

    I know absolutely nothin about Boston. However, with that said, my daughter just called to let me know that she arrived back home in Pittsburgh last night at midnight —from Boston. What??? It seems she flew to Boston for a job interview with her fiance and their flight was cancelled early Sunday, but they were able to get back home later that evening. Decisions about the new job are being made, unfortunately, based on that crazy storm. She is really concerned about just how often this happens and as you age, whether or not it gets more difficult. Hmm.

  3. I hope you have a working fireplace, Laurel. Snow is certainly beautiful, but I don’t know how well I would deal with the cold. After years of drought, we had some very heavy December rains here in northern California. You should have seen the number of automobile accidents. I really think Californians have no clue how to drive in bad weather.

  4. Wonderful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing the magic! I love, love, love Boston and vicinity. And miss it … I don’t live there now. I even loved shoveling snow, for the most part.

  5. Beautiful pictures! My husband and I lived near there in Winchester before we decided to take the plunge and move to California. Boston is a very magical place and I am so glad to have spent a good part of my life there. I will always be an “East Coast” girl!

  6. Cynthia Blaylock, Sorel is a Canadian brand that makes heavy duty winter boots beloved by Alaskans (I was born and raised there). Whichever brand you choose, look for something with a flat sole or very low heels and really thick, well-defined lugs to help you grip the snow and ice. Makes a huge difference.

  7. Laurel, your coat is beautiful and looks like the perfect protection for a nor(th)easter!! I am curious as to what your had on your feet for that trek to and from the restaurant. We just moved to snow country (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) and I’m trying to figure out the shoe sitch so I don’t end up on by butt/buck!!

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Oh, it’s really funny. I’ve had those boots for 100 years. No, really. I got them at least 20 years ago, maybe more from a discount shoe place in Mount Kisco, NY. I only wear them a few times a year, but they’re quite warm and completely waterproof.

  8. It never hurts us to be reminded of those less fortunate and my own life can bear this out. So thank you for saying this. However, the context on this post was about the terrible beauty of nature and the celebration of friendship. Most of us enjoy taking side trips sometimes to hear of another’s experiences. That’s what this was about. If over 38 million Americans might be food insecure that still leaves around 294 million Americans who probably aren’t. What Laurel said was factually accurate.

    1. Thank you, Coco; I appreciate your kindness. However, her comment was mean-spirited and thus deleted. I don’t allow inflammatory comments on the blog, because it breeds more of the same.

  9. How lovely to walk around this beautiful city, and be with such interesting friends. That is terrific that the lights at Berkley street are left up, which really lifts the spirits. So so beautiful. What a great move, so happy for you, you deserve it! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your apt. progress. Be well!

    1. Hi Marguerite. The lights span the entire length of the Commonwealth Ave mall beginning at Arlington St. The streets follow the letters of the alphabet. After Arlington is Berkley, Clarendon, Dartmouth, Exeter, Fairfield, Gloucester, and Hereford. That span is about 8/10ths of a mile.

      Locals will say for example: “I live on Comm Ave between E and F. Or, “I live on M (for Marlborough) between B and C.”

  10. So beautiful! I’m planning on taking a trip to Boston with my family next summer. While I was growing up I lived a few hours away so we went quite frequently. Now I live in Texas and my kids have never been there.
    Your photos since moving there may have had something to do with my desire to go back 🙂

  11. Beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing. It seemed like the perfect evening to venture out, especially since most people probably stayed in. No crowds! Stay warm and safe!

  12. Such pristine snow! I forgot how beautiful snow can be. I don’t see it much here in Silicon Valley. We had fog the other day….ooooooo… Lol. I’m spoiled. That’s why I pay the big bucks to live here. Sigh.

    1. When I lived in northern Westchester County, we lost power dozens of times during these nor’easter storms.(over a period of 21 years) It is hilly and heavily wooded, so the roads would be strewn with millions of branches and once in a while an entire tree. I used to call it nature’s pruning.

  13. Okay, sorry. My OCD Grammatical Pedantry Syndrome is kicking in here. Argh. It’s “buck” naked, not butt naked. So happy you got only snow, and not the flooding that Nantucket got. I love nor’easters (as long as the power doesn’t go out.) I just light a nice fire and make some hot chocolate and sing “Let it Snow” to myself, and the kitties, who don’t complain about my singing.

  14. Happy Blizzard, Laurel! I always love a deep, powdery snow, and it’s fun to see your pictures today. I found an old copy of Robert McCloskey’s book, Make Way For Ducklings at a book sale in Essex County a few years ago. It’s a really adorable book.

  15. Laurel, I love this post! I’m in Florida and I miss the snow sooo much! It’s down in the 30’s this weekend though, that’s when Florida girls get out the Ugg boots! I must get to Boston sometime to see those Duckies! That was my favorite book to read to my kids! Thanks again for the beautiful post.

  16. Hello!! Beautiful pics!! I thought the same as the previous comment connecting the ducks to Robert McCloskey’s Make Way For Ducklings book. They all have names: Mrs. Mallard, Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, Quack…looks like it was maybe Ouack gasping for air!!! So adorable though…thanks for sharing your life with us Laurel!!

  17. It was quite a storm! Luckily it landed on a weekend thereby eliminating weekday commuter traffic! Boston is beautiful covered in snow (and actually any season)! Glad you’re safe and enjoyed the Blizzard of 2022!! Now on to Spring!

    1. Thanks Debbie. Ugh. We have at least two more months of winter. Alas, February always zooms past. And sometimes there are some mild days in March. I can’t wait to wear shorts again!

  18. I always look forward to your posts! Love the snow pictures and all your Boston Pics. Can’t wait for you to start on your kitchen and stairs.

  19. Happy Sunday Laurel, glad you are safe and sound. Loved all the photos, especially the ones with the lites on the trees. Just beautiful. Enjoy all your posts. Eva

  20. Hi Laurel,
    I love a good snowstorm. As long as you still have power.
    It’s a great excuse to hunker down & get cozy on the couch.
    I was imagining you walking to your meet up. Had the sidewalks been cleared already?

    1. Hi Mary,

      I finished so late that I added a few things throughout the day today, but I read your comment earlier. Some sidewalks had been shoveled at some point, but none were perfectly clear. Many hadn’t been cleared at all which is one reason why we were in the street. So, sometimes we had to climb over a little hill or walk around a big pile of snow.

  21. I see Jim Cantore is reporting from the Boston Commons! Forgive my ignorance, but are those ducks from the Make Way for Ducklings book?

  22. Yay for you and your friends! So happy to hear all is well with you and your sons. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.I’m thrilled for you that your move has proved to be such a dream.

  23. It just hit me…like a Mack truck. I can’t believe this didn’t occur to be before now? YOU are our new Carrie Bradshaw!

  24. You do live in paradise! What a great attitude and fun way to enjoy your city during the Nor’ easter. The snow on the lights in the park definitely warrants a “so beautiful,”reply. And, love the ducks! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Glad to hear all is well with you LaureI. I have a question that might seem silly to you but coming from the tropics of Australia I have no experience of decorating in a cold climate. Do you have double glazing on your windows? If not how do you manage the heat exchange on the glass?

    1. No, that’s a great question, Alison. I am sure these aren’t the original windows. However, in Back Bay the mullions must be made of wood. And, yes, the windows are double glazed. The window in my bedroom is phenomenally drafty, so I stuff socks in the cracks. It works! But, I don’t do a perfect job because I always like a little fresh air coming in.

      In Victorian times, they used heavy drapes to keep out drafts. I don’t have that, but the baseboard radiators do a good job of keeping the apartment warm adequately warm. Some people keep their homes cooler than I do. I have my thermostat set at 70 degrees.(21.1c)
      That works for me.

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