Interior Decorating with Plants

Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of this day of green, here is a post about interior decorating with plants.






Kerry Hanson Beauty

How Fresh is this eating area.


interior decorating with plants

I love decorating with flowering branches (you can see more of that here) and it’s such an easy way to bring some of the beauty of the outside, inside.





Megan Winters

Love these colors and adore peonies! Well, who doesn’t?



So Haute Style

Nicole Gibbons has a fantastic blog that is full of lots and lots of eye candy!



Mary McDonald

I had NO idea this was her room. I just love it— because it’s perfect!




I love hydrangeas and these compliment the colors so beautifully!



The incredible abode of artist Claire Basler



Who said that table arrangements shouldn’t be more than 12″ high?



Robin Bell


Succulents from the home of Lake Bell designed by her mother, Robin Bell




Wonderful interior designer, style spotter at the recent High Point Market and award-winning blogger, Meredith Heron. Oh, and she’s also on HGTV! Very talented.



My fave husband and wife formidable duo of Brooke and Steve Giannetti. If you don’t already know about them… He’s an architect/artist (he did all of the art work here) and she’s an interior designer, and together, they are nothing less than smashing



And last and definitely NOT least is the insanely talented Loi Thai of Tone on Tone! I have included him in many posts here on laurel home and for a very good reason!


Everything he touches is pure magic. But his decorating with plants, he’s just beyond the beyond.


If you think the houseplants and topiaries (yes, he carves those himself) are incredible, you should see his gardens! And, he’s completely self-taught! Oh my and if that’s not enough… he has a shop in Bethesda Maryland which carries the most incredible Swedish antiques this side of the Atlantic, all exquisitely curated by his magic hands!



Please take a look at Loi’s blog which again, you can find here. I’m very excited because he and his partner Tom have bought a house in Maine for us! haha! That’s how it feels! BTW, a little secret that’s not-so-secret.


He uses Benjamin Moore White Dove at 75% for all of his trim.


I have never tried that. I think what it means is three parts White Dove to one part pure white. Well… whatever it is… it’s sensational!


Again, happy earth day! I hope that this post gave you some great ideas for bringing the freshness and beauty of plant-life inside.


5 Responses

  1. The Van Deusen is beautiful at night as well as in day light- it’s just such a warm but deep blue- goes wonderfully with so many other colors, and doesn’t seem to swallow light as some dark blues do.I saw it used by Jeffrey Bilhuber in a wonderful historic fieldstone house ’Four Oaks; of course, I had to by his book, ‘The Way Home’. He said that it is based on a color that he saw at Mount Vernon..Good enough for me! I love his use of color!!! Of course, he also had his walls glazed after painting as I am sure money is no object..

  2. TONE ON TONE is also one of my favorite blogs, Laurel,but my house looks nothing remotely like Loi’s; I do have a few topiaries:-) I crave color in my environment, and so prefer the full English comfy cozy look, with plenty of books, plants paintings, and of course, dogs under foot..
    I few years ago I painted the woodwork in my living room and dining room White Dove, but in my house, with my warm colors, it was just so stark.When I had the living room repainted in BM.Van Deusen blue, the woodwork was repainted in B.M. Linen White- perfect! Yes- had I known you then- I certainly would have used your design question service and saved myself a lot of trouble!

    1. Hi Dolores. That is so interesting what you say about white dove. I too, have seen it look too stark and conversely have had clients tell me that they thought it looked too yellow. (not the same client or house).

      I’ve used linen white as a trim color actually more often than white dove. It looks wonderful with deeper shades and because of the contrast, looks like a lovely creamy white.

      I adore Van Deusen Blue. It’s on my new shortlist! I’ve always been drawn to blues that have a bit of warmth to them.

      Love Loi dearly and on occasion he does incorporate a fair amount of color which are some of my favorite interiors of his. But everything he touches is absolutely exquisite!

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