Custom Kitchen Table {quick update}

My rep just sent me the new custom kitchen table which is now ready to be shipped out. I just had to drop everything to send out a quick post about it. Here it is… at the factory. I couldn’t be more pleased with how great it turned out.


This is a Directoire style leg and is going to look amazing with our French Caned chairs which have been reupholstered in the beautiful Brunschwig Le Lac fabric. I don’t want to post too much more until the kitchen is all done which will be next month. Very soon now! For more about  this kitchen please read here, here and here.





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  1. Hi! Have you ever done a post on how you would mix scandinavian style chairs /couches (or mid century modern i suppose) in with more traditional style finishes – like when two folks have vastly different styles and combine into one home? Would be very interesting to see how Laurel would mix the two styles cohesively together in one room! I suggest this because Ive seen some advertising on how the scandinavian look is design neutral – ummm ok! – and they arranged it in a traditional room with gorgeous mouldings.
    Anyway just a thought stemming from your last two posts. Or perhaps there would be a massive garage sale!!
    Thanks for the fun post – no tether needed!

    1. Hi Sue,

      I’ve done a fair amount of mid-century pieces and Swedish pieces (more Gustavian in style) but not sure exactly what you’re referring to. It would definitely be interesting, but not something I think that would apply to many people.

      I still see so much puffy bloated furniture. It drives me a little nuts.

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