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I hope everyone is doing well!


I am thinking back on Mother’s Day of 2020. Frankly, it was like most Mother’s Days for me the past several years. I spent the day alone which is really fine. However, last year I was getting ready to hightail it up to Northampton, MA, the following Thursday. So mother’s Day would be a few days late. And then it lasted for nearly six weeks! That’s just how good it felt to be there and seeing my son every day!

This year, I’ve been so busy with the move and making new friends, and on and on… So, I’m quite content to have a day to work on my kitchen design.


Just a quick update on that front.


I’ve 99% decided on this idea which you can see here. It’s the one I’ve loved the most since last January when I first came up with it. Since then, I’ve refined it quite a bit.

And, I’m meeting with a contractor this week who has worked all over Back Bay with glowing reviews. Plus, my upstairs neighbor is using him for a smaller project.


Today, my gift for all mothers and everyone who has or had a mother is the nine prettiest posts on Laurel Home.


So, let’s begin with the nine most beautiful blog posts on Laurel Home.


Laurel, forgive me for interrupting, but aren’t there more than nine beautiful blog posts?


Thank you, well, yes, I think so. Although, I do cringe now and then when I read some older posts. Like, did I really say that? Or, why did I post that image? What I thought was pretty fantastic eight or nine years ago, I would be embarrassed to put out today. In fact, I’ve gone back to the beginning and cleaned up some of the not-so-beautiful blog posts or redirected them to the blog page or another post.


Those old, not-very-good posts aren’t being read, anyway. It’s good to clean out the dead weight.


Why can’t I just delete them? For those interested in technical matters, here’s the reason. If you delete a post and someone finds the link, say on Pinterest, and clicks on it, they will get a 404 Page Not Found. Of course, it happens for other reasons, and a few 404s on a large site like mine isn’t a problem. But, if I had dozens, Google might notice and penalize my standing. At least that’s what I’ve been told.

However, to answer my pretend question; I decided to stick to a rational number of posts for a change. That’s because I tend to make life very difficult for myself. Haha, I’m starting with the oldest, most beautiful post and working back, but they may not be in perfect order. In addition, a few of these posts have related posts in them that are also very beautiful.


The Exceptional Interior Designer You’ve Never Heard of


Furlow Gatewood ceiling fans - beautiful blog posts

photo by Rod Collins

Of course, no list of the most beautiful blog posts would be complete without the legendary Furlow Gatewood.


A 16-Color Spring-Inspired Whole-House Paint Palette


John Singer Sargent, Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (1865 - 1932) spring-inspired paint palette - beautiful blog posts

John Singer Sargent, Lady Agnew of Lochnaw (1865 – 1932)


I wrote this post in 2016, shortly after the Laurel Home Essential Paint Collection came out. The 16 colors in this post are all in the LH paint collection of 144 Benjamin Moore colors. The LH Paint Collection is a guide I’m exceedingly proud of. It was like giving birth for 18 months, however. lol

I’m not sure how I toughed it out, but I think it was worth it. There’s a companion guide where I put all of the colors in palettes and make mood boards using 40 colors. You can find out about this unique palette and home furnishings collection here.


I’m Struggling To Furnish My Large Living Room


JKPlace Capri with Greek Key table in blue and white lobby

This post was written nearly four years ago but features several of my favorite interior designers who’ve furnished some breathtakingly stunning, large living rooms. Well, one of them is a hotel. (the JK Place Capri above) However, I’d gladly live there forever!


20 Stunning Lifestyle Instagram Feeds You Must Follow


beautiful blog posts - gncgarden on instagram

How can you go wrong featuring these superb designers and photographers who post unique content on Instagram? I delight in finding these incredibly talented people. I save my favorites in my electronic notebook. I’m sure I have at least another 20 if not 40 accounts that are amazing.

Like this jaw-droppingly wonderful Danish gardener Gina (GNCGarden) on Instagram.

Awww… in this post from early April 2021, Gina announced that her beloved doggie, who made many a guest appearance amongst the exquisite gardens, has passed away due to a heart condition.


Cohesive Room Colors and Furnishings Between Rooms


Maura Endres m.o.endres on Instagram - beautiful blog posts - green room

This is a follow-up post of the home of incredible taste-maker Maura Endres. m.o.endres on Instagram. I discovered Maura while in Italy five years ago. Or rather, because she was commenting on my pics of Italy on my feed. So, I nonchalantly took a look at her feed and went, “holy crap, this girl’s got decorating chops for dayzzzz!”

Please note that I haven’t included a direct link to another fantastic designer from New Jersey, Nancy Keyes. But that’s because many of these posts link to her. But, just in case, this is my favorite post which features Nancy’s timeless and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous kitchen.


A Secret for Creating a 25 Color Whole House Color Palette


Lady Rose Downton Abbey - 25 color whole house color palette - beautiful blog posts

This one’s another super-beautiful post featuring some excellent paint colors and palette inspiration.


The Best Neutral Color Scheme – How to Get it Right


Best neutral color scheme - white walls - Steve Cordony - Rosedale Farm Living room - blooming branches-gateleg table- beautiful blog posts

Part I  of this post features the incredible home of Steve Cordony in Australia. I also included a link to Gerald Bland in the post. I love them both!


A Novel Way to Get Priceless Art Masterpieces for Cheap


detail Marco_Ricci_(Belluno_1676-Venice_1730)_-_Landscape_with_a_Woman_and_Child_-_RCIN_406989_-_Royal_Collection


I adore gorgeous European art. I don’t know why, for I was raised in the middle of a cornfield in southern Indiana. That certainly explains the corny jokes, but the rest? Well, I’m just glad that there are things that I love intensely. It never changes.


Color Palettes from Nature + Springtime in Boston


Beacon Street Boston Beauty in Spring

And, a very recent post, but these images above and below are not in the post. I believe I took them after the rest of the images. Bostonians will recognize this stunning Beacon Street beauty.


Isabella Stuart Gardner Home 150 Beacon StAnd, the gorgeous gated entrance to the home Isabella Stuart Gardner lived in as a young bride.


There’s a plaque posted on the fence. Here’s what it said:


To be clear, if it’s confusing, this is not the home where the famous art heist took place. However, I have visited the Gardner Museum, and it is the coolest place ever.


John Singer Sargent The Spanish Dancer

I took this photo of John Singer Sargent’s Spanish Dancer when I was there in May 2017

Courtyard Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum

And, I’m closing with a photo I took during that visit of the breathtaking courtyard at the Gardner Museum. I want to revisit this fantastic place very soon.

Well, I hope you enjoyed what I think are some of the most beautiful blog posts on Laurel Home and some more images from Boston. I still can’t believe I live here now!


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29 Responses

  1. We too are working on a kitchen remodel along with bathrooms. We are purchasing my great grandparent home on family property. We have been doing lead paint mitigation, put the original French doors back in on the exterior and rebuilt the porch. Now that it is time to start the “real” renovations I’m just paralyzed. I am afraid any decision I make is going to be the wrong one. How do you decide where to start? I have been reading your blog obsessively for a year and have Pinterest boards for weeks. I also have a great contractor. But I just can’t make a single decision on anything!!

  2. Thankyou for the lovely special Mothers Day post. All of your posts are lovely and uplifts my spitit. Your photos always transforms me to a beautiful place! You’re fantastic! I always look forward to your mail.

  3. Hi, this is off subject, but i’m painting my door and sidelights. The door is mainly glass. Do i paint all the same color? just the door is painted green and sidelights are white… what do you think? Also there is a double window in the front as well. The house is a southern cottage,,, Thank you so much!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day, Laurel. You certainly made my day extra special! I am truly flattered that you still find my little old home inspiring. All my best best- Maura xxx

  5. Happy Mother’s Day, Laurel. Your blog is filled with so much beauty. This post was pure pleasure. Thank you!

  6. Hello, love your designs, tours and content. The insert that mentions”Freaking over paint colours” has 4 colours of paint. White, French grey, Stone and Ivory, what brand of paint are those colours from? Thank you!

  7. Dear Laurel, my life has been so richly blessed by discovering your blog a few years ago. Thank you for all that you do – sharing your knowledge, humor, and inspiration! Happy Mother’s Day to you and to all the wonderful women (whether they have children or not) who read your blog!

  8. Hi Laurel,
    Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog. I’ve learned so much. I sure appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

  9. I love the green and blue color composition in the room by Maura Endes. Just beautiful. I adore Furlow Gatewood. There are so many talented interior designers and artists that many people are unaware of. I wonder if you would consider doing post(s) on Gregory Hucek, and Carolyn Quartermaine. I suppose Carolyn is known more for her textile designs, and I don’t know how I would classify Gregory Hucek. He defies classification. To me, his work is fantasy realized. Happy Mother’s Day, Laurel.

  10. Thanks Laurel, the posts are beautiful! I love the soft colors from Downton Abbey. I have a question for Nancy Keyes. Your kitchen cabinet color is beautiful and thanks for sharing the formula. Is the formula for a quart or gallon? Happy mother’s day to all.

  11. Loved this post but wanted you to know that theFurlow Gatewood
    home is in Americus GA not Americas…sp.

  12. Laurel, have I told you how I luuuurve you and your gorgeous blog? It’s always the height of my day when I see your mail in my inbox. I can dreamily wander through your pages for hours. Happy Mothers’ Day to you and all mothers reading here, and many more.

  13. So glad you included Furlow Gatewood. I have his book and pick it up from time to time just to relax and be amazed.

  14. Thank you for another wonderful post, you never disappoint. Happy Mother’s Day Laurel!

  15. Happy Mother’s Day, Dear Laurel! You can imagine my surprise and delight to see our home, once again, with some of my favorite designers of all time. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. They mean a lot! Enjoy your day.

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