333 Decorating Rules You Need To Know is Here


Hey Guys, I’m so excited to present this new guide to you!!!

In case you missed the preview, this guide is 333 hard to find decorating rules and tips for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

And, then broken down into categories like space planning, sizes, spacing and much info about lighting not on the blog. There’s also a huge section about window treatments and hardware, including a glossary with about 80 terms you need to know.

Also included are rules and tips for floor coverings, furniture pieces, art. Oh wait, here’s the Table of Contents.



***It’s 12.30.2019 and tonight @11:59PM is the deadline to get a free guide!***


I also just released the 6th edition of Laurel’s Rolodex. (back on November 22)


This is a freshly updated volume with 450 pages, hundreds of vendors. For more info about Laurel’s Rolodex, click here.

Rolodex owners, please look for this in your email. Unfortunately, I cannot control where in your email it goes. So, please check your spam folder and other folders. You can easily do this by doing a search. Your emails will say:


“An updated version of Laurel’s Rolodex is available for download”


Now, I promised those who’ve purchased anything this year that you will also get a guide for free. And, I keep my promises. However, you will be emailed a promo code so that you won’t have to pay anything for the guide. That would be between November 23, 2018 and now. If that’s you, and you don’t want to pay for a guide, you were sent a promo code two times, so it’s in your email. So, a couple of things.

1. please make sure before contacting me that you, in fact purchased one of my guides in that time period AND, haven’t already received a free guide.

2. When you search in your email put in: 333 Decorating Rules You Need To Know is Here

(you probably won’t have to put in more than 333 before it pops up.) In one of those emails, lives the promo code.) :]

3. If you still can’t find it, look in all folders and especially your spam/junk folder. Also, it was sent to you on November 22nd and Again on December 15th

Thanks guys.


How else can you get a free guide?


You will need to purchase one of my other digital products. Laurel’s Rolodex, The Paint and Palette Collection and The Six Figure Income Blogger.

But, you need to do that before midnight on 12.30.2019.

I’m exceedingly proud of all of my products. And you can read the intro page about each one which will take you to more detailed info pages with copious testimonials which isn’t even all of them.


For everyone else, this guide which is over 200 pages and is only $49.00.


That’s it for now. The price is going to go up at some point.


Again, for anyone wanting to purchase anything now, you will only be able to get the FREE guide through December 30th @11:59PM.



***For more information about the other products, please click here to go to the main product page which introduces the other three guides. From there, you will find links to more detailed information about each one. (note the paint and Palette Guide is actually two guides sold together, so I count them as one.)***


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