Quick-Start Interior Design Guide 2019 – Plus News!

Hi Everyone,

Yes, a quick-start interior design guide 2019 is included in this post.

This is one of these posts that happens maybe once or twice a year. It’s a bit news-y. And, also, I hope very helpful too!


After the business part, will be the design guide.


What is that?

This design guide is over 100 of the best posts from this blog. And why now?


Well, it’s been quite an unusual week. I was away all weekend and then home for only 18 hours and then off again to Austin, Texas to learn new things for my blogging business.

Yes, this IS a business. And, it’s not just room porn and boobs on the ceiling.

There are currently 658 blog posts. This one is going to be 659. However, I’ve published well over 700. Some of the current posts, maybe about 30 are do-overs. And, then when I was young and dumb about five years ago, I deleted maybe another 15 or so.


For you bloggers out there, this one is important.


You’re not supposed to do that. Ever. You’re supposed to do something called a “301 redirect.” A 301 redirect is easy to do and what it does is redirects the deleted post to a new post or page.

I explain dozens terms like that and how to do them in a blogging guide I wrote and updated last spring.

For more information on all of my rockin’ digital (PDF files) products such as Laurel’s Rolodex and the Paint and Palette Collection click here.

As another aside for all of you who were just reminded that you have NO IDEA where your download is.

Thank you.


I appreciate that many of you are clueless about computers.


I was too, once upon a time. However, one day back in ’06, someone left some things on my laptop that I wasn’t supposed to see. And THEN, I began to learn a LOT about computers. lol (Of course, it wasn’t humorous back then)

Funny, how things work out.

And, then I discovered that most of this stuff is really easy to do. Of course, I was never intending to have an internet business, but alas, here we are.

But, here’s the sitch. There are a lot of you now.


Therefore, if you can’t find your download link(s) please do a search of your EMAIL that you used to pay for your products. That would really help me out a lot!


Do not search for “laurel” because you’ll get 100s of hits, but rather SENDOWL. Sendowl is my shopping cart who sent you your DOWNLOAD LINK.

Your download link for any given product never changes. Any changes to the guides happen on my end.

Some of you are probably wondering if you have the latest version of Laurel’s Rolodex. There is an update that happens every November. So, yes, you do currently have the latest version.


This is the first time that there will not be a price increase.


There will be new content, however. And, as always, if you’ve purchased Laurel’s Rolodex, you are privy to these annual lifetime updates. You will be sent your download link AGAIN when it comes out, I believe November 13th, 2019. As stated earlier, you can use any download link to download the new version when it comes out.


Okay, this part is mostly for people who are considering purchasing these products from now through the end of November.


You will be getting a free guide of information not yet published– automatically, but not until November 13th. It is a rule of thumb guide that includes information that is published about living room rules of thumb. But, this free guide for those purchasing anything from now through November 30th includes information for dining rooms and bedrooms.


If you purchased Laurel’s Rolodex at any time this year, you will also be sent a free guide.


All others will have to cough up $30.00 if you’d like one. But, you’ll only be able to purchase it during the period from November 13th – 30th. After that, this product will not be for sale. At least not in the immediate future.

Alright, end of the business/news part of this blog post.


The rest of this post is effectively a FREE quick-start interior design guide that is based on the best content which currently exists here on the blog.


I’m very excited about putting this together for you, so let’s jump in.

I am dividing this quick-start interior design guide into categories.


  • Best Paint Colors (but there’s tons more info in my curated paint collection)
  • Furniture and Home Furnishings (and also tons more information in Laurel’s Rolodex)
  • Kitchens and Baths
  • Space planning interior design info and styling
  • Interior Architecture
  • Exterior Architecture/gardens
  • Blogging and interior Design Business (including client and decorator from hell posts)
  • Learn From My Mistakes (and other people’s too)
  • Miscellaneous / humorous


Now, you may ask: Aren’t these 100+ posts in this quick-start interior design guide already categorized in your categories, on the blog, Laurel?


You know, that is a very good question. And, the answer is: UGH. Some are and some aren’t. If I knew in 2012 what I know now, things would be different. Last year, we were going to update all of the categories, but then I realized that in so doing, could actually disrupt the delicate “eco-system” I’ve worked so hard to build.

And, that could very easily make google vewwwy angwwwy at me. And, we do not want to make Googs angwwwy. He has been known to give google swap as in a swap in the face.

But, do not fear. There is a really nifty work-around which I’ll get to in a sec.

Another question you might be wondering is: If I don’t link to the post does that mean that it sucks? No, it does not. And, there’s a very good chance that another post that I do link to will link to other posts not on my list.


In addition, this Quick-Start Interior Design Guide 2019 will serve as a reminder for topics available on this blog.


Therefore, another option always available to you, is to do a search via the little box in the blog sidebar. Of course, you cannot do this on a mobile device.

HOWEVER, there is another option if you are on a mobile device or, any device which I alluded to above.


And, that is to do an “old-fashioned” lol google search.


For example: Let’s say that you are looking for “the best sofa”

Go to your google search box and type in:



You don’t need to use caps, I just did so to differentiate it. You can try the search with and without quotes.

I just did that and I came up with an entire page of blog posts AND images.

Here ya go. This is an image, so nothing to click here.

google - best sofa - laurel home - search results October 2019 - interior design guide 2019

In addition, for you bloggers out there, Google gives you suggestions for popular searches. (see above)

hint, hint. Looking for something to write about?

You’re welcome. ;]


My blogging guide is chock full of incredibly helpful advice like this.


Okay, we need to dive in for real.


Best Paint Colors/ Color Schemes


Quick- Start Interior Design Guide 2019 GLASS SLIPPER 1632 - Alexa Hampton blue on blue bedroom - Hickory Chair - best pale blue paint colors

Alexa Hampton


20 Favorite Shades of White Paint

The Only Six White Trim Colors You’ll Need

One Favorite Shade of White Paint

Best Warm Gray Paint Colors

Favorite Cool Grays

When is This Horrid Gray Trend Going To End?

Mistake When Choosing A Pale Blue

Medium Blues

Dark Blues

Best Reds

Favorite Shades of Orange. (Oh, and I fabulous ballet image and link to an exquisite four minute excerpt. I highly recommend as I’ve watched it about 20 times in the last two days!

Best Yellows. Poor misunderstood Yellow

Are Green and White Rooms Coming Back?

Pink, It’s Not Just For Millennials

12 of the Best Paint Colors to go with Red Brick

16 of My Favorite Paint Colors

Beige Decor

16 Color Ready For Spring Paint Palette

60 Paint Palettes Based on Downton Abbey

My North Facing Wall Color is Driving Me Bonkers

How To Select The Perfect Color Scheme For Your Home

Farrow and Ball Colors Matched To Benjamin Moore Paint Colors

Palette For No-Fail Paint Colors


Best Furniture and Home Furnishings Info


@jamestfarmer on instagram - persimmon sofa - Quick-Start Interior Design Guide 2019

James T Farmer


This does not get into great detail in terms of vendors. That you will find in Laurel’s Rolodex. But it does talk a lot about specific pieces and


My Top 100 Timeless Furniture Pieces

Is It Classic Furniture or a Fad I Will Get Tired of?

Number One Sofa That Designers Specify Most Often

Ten Best Sofas

15 Favorite Classic Sofas

Does A Non Barf-Worthy Recliner Chair Exist?

24 Cheap Sofas and Chairs That Look High-End

Window Treatments Like You See in Magazines

Roman Shades

Throw Pillows- Everything You Need To Know

Are Dining Rooms Dead?

Cheap Lamps that don’t look Cheap

How To Style A Coffee Table

20 fabulous coffee table and sofa pairings

Dining Room Lighting

How To Avoid The Clash of Formal And Casual Furnishings

Cohesive Colors and Furnishings

The Trick To Mixing Modern and Traditional Furnishings

How To Work With Inherited Furniture

I just Inherited My Granny’s Dated Furniture

Sophisticated Twin Beds

Curtain And Drapery Hardware

Casual And Timeless Dining Room Furniture

How To Mix Dining Room Chairs Like a Pro

Must Have a Ceiling Fan (and by the way, for my southern flowers. I FULLY GET IT NOW. There was a glorious big fan in my room at Deborah Main’s Airbnb and man, oh, man it was positively delicious and no need for air-conditioning!

Iconic Designer Fabrics That Will Make Your Rooms Sizzle

How To Mix Fabrics Like a Pro

Designer’s Secret For Mixing Fabric Patterns

Rugs and Carpets

Stair Runners

Handsome Bedrooms Both Men and Women Will Like

12 Gorgeous Bedrooms

Art Wall Templates

Great Ways To Hide and/or Decorate Around The TV

Hard To Find Casegoods

Faux Fireplace, Great Idea or Not?

How To Achieve Furniture and Color Balance


Kitchens and Baths


Studio Peregalli - Timeless Kitchen - encaustic cement floor - antique table #unkitchen - Quick-Start Interior Design Guide 2019Studio Peregalli


20 Timeless Kitchens

The New Unkitchen Trend, Is it Here To Stay?

Farrow and Ball Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Current Kitchen Trends, Yes or No

Most Common Kitchen Design Mistake

He Likes the Phony French Kitchens

Backsplash Ideas

Durable kitchen Cabinet Paint Finishes

Non-Tacky Kitchen Floor

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Storage for a Small Bathroom

Should You Do Brass in a Bathroom?


Space planning interior design info and styling


One living room - six different room layouts - furniture layouts


The 12-Step Decorating Plan That Works Every Time

50 Living Room Decorating Rules You Need To Know

Little Known Insider Tips For Getting Expensive Looking Decor

Cost Saving Home Decor Tricks and When To Splurge

Living Room Space Planning Templates

Fear Not The Big Living Room Wall

The 40 Best Etsy Shops For Home Furnishings

Fireplace Mantel Styling Made Easy

Affordable Chinoiserie Wall Panels and Murals


Interior Architecture


panel moulding and wainscoting of a renovated Paris apartment - Best shades of white paint - original source unknown - Quick-Start Interior Design Guide 2019

Classical Interior Architecture, The Most Important Element

Our Starter Home Might Be Our Forever Home

All About Hardwood Floors

Best Proportions For Interior Trim and Why You’re Confused

Perfect Architectural Proportions, the No-Fail Trick

Everything You Need To Know About Wainscoting

Help For A Boxy, Boring Home

Best Fireplace Mantel Proportions

Fabulous Ceilings

Hallway issues


Exterior Architecture/gardens


Southern Living House remodel before and after_Daniel Keeley - Quick-Start Interior Design Guide 2019

Daniel Keeley


Best Exterior House Colors

Before and After Make-overs

Help for Ranch and Raised Ranch Homes

Ranch Home Mistakes

30 Fabulous Front Door Colors


Blogging and interior Design Business (including client and decorator from hell posts)


patricia-neal-decorator - from Breakfast at Tiffanys

Decorator From Hell

I Think My Interior Designer Might Be Ripping Me Off

Interior Designer Fired Me

Interior Design Client is Giving Me Sleepless Nights

The Shameful Way Design Bloggers Make Money

Interior Design Practices That Erode Trust


Learn From My Mistakes (and other people’s too)


I've made a lot of mistakes; I just try not to make the same ones twice.


The Granny Decor Mistakes You Might Be Making

15+ Hideous Mistakes I made with fabric.

A Disturbing Bathroom Renovation Mistake

40 Outdated Home Trends

Ranch House Decor Mistakes


The last grouping for the interior design guide are Humorous Posts


awful headshot 1983


Your Home Office Might Be Dangerous To Your Health

Interior Decorators Who Got Arrested

12 Things You Don’t Know About Me

The Dangers Of Buying Furniture on the Internet

Mistakes Guys Make When Decorating To Impress Women

An Apartment Renovation Gone Seriously Wrong

The Ultimate Guide To Fireplace Mantel Decorating

Winter’s Little Known Myth (aka: The Snirt Post)


I guess that should keep you busy for a while. haha!

Please let me know if I left any of your favorite posts out of this Quick-Start Interior Design Guide 2019 – The Best of the Laurel Home Blog.



PS: Please Check Out the Newly Updated Hot Sales!

17 Responses

  1. Hi Laurel,
    This must have taken you a long time to put this together. And don’t think it’s not appreciated.
    We are currently planning a doing a kitchen renovation in the next year or so. I will be reading & re-reading anything & everything pertaining to kitchens.
    Hopefully my preparedness & new-found knowledge will get me through the stress of it all.

  2. Oh my gosh. I could easily spend a month reading and studying this post. It’s so comprehensive and full of information.

    Re-reading your posts about colors, I am reminded that recently I read a post from Coastal Living’s website. They pictured what was apparently a new paint color by Benjamin Moore, (I believe it was BM), called “First Light”. Of course, it was a photograph of the color which was painted on a wall, not a paint chip, and not the same as viewing the color in real life. I know you are not especially a fan of pinks, but I thought it was just beautiful.

  3. I’m so predictable, love reading anything about mistakes, decorator from hell, clients from hell. But all your content is very informative and amazing. Most of all I really appreciate your honesty, not easy thing to do especially with such big audience.

  4. Hi Laurel, I love, love, love your posts but I must admit I also have a love/hate relationship with them. When I see one appear in my email it feels like Christmas. On the other hand (since I apparently have no self discipline) I have to stop or postpone everything I *should* be doing in order to stop and read and try to digest the 6 course meal you’ve so graciously served us. Inquiring minds want to know and we want to know NOW. Dont even get me started on the links…
    I have what I hope will be a simple question that you could address. I would have put it on your ceiling fan post but it’s an old post and I couldnt find a place for adding comments.

    I have the ugliest ceiling fan known to man
    A cheap builder grade circa 1999. I was promised by my very expensive, top of the line new window people I wouldn’t need it after window install and I could finally get my beautiful chandelier. They lied. I still need a fan (they better be right about my furniture not fading…)
    SO, my dilemma is which color? My ceilings are white so I’d think white may fade out of view, but to me, white is either very modern or more for Southern homes. We live in Colorado. My other light fixtures are (for now) oil rubbed bronze. Should I stick with a sleek, wood color fan and just pretend I dont see it?
    Dont think too hard about this (I’m sure you dont have to), just say white or wood and consider it done.
    I now at your feet.
    Thank you.

  5. OMG, the mirrors in that Alexa Hampton bedroom! So great.

    Thanks for putting this together, Laurel. It is super helpful. I’m surprised there are some blogs I haven’t read yet!

    And if anyone is considering purchasing your paint guide, trust me, it more than pays for itself. The Rolodex is equally great and fun.

    BTW, the hyperlink for “Help for a Boring, Boxy Home” didn’t catch.

    Cheers, Tsippi

  6. I was wondering how to find an easy way to work through all this delicious information … thanks to Connie Fowler above for mentioning saving to Favorites!

    Laurel, thanks for putting all this together! Gonna have to pace myself so I’m not sitting for days immersed in this. Oh what the heck …. maybe I will … lol

  7. Laurel,
    I can spend hours and hours reading through each link, thank you! Any chance you can update your chandelier post since so many lights are sold out? I am paralyzed in choosing a front door foyer chandelier.

  8. Have you ever considered publishing your blogs into an actual book? I would love to be able to flip back and forth through all the pages. You’ve already done the hard part of doing all the writing. I think it would be a best seller because this is the kind of information that most everyone is hoping to get when they buy interior design books, but the information is rarely there. But keep on writing your blogs so you can publish another book in a couple of more years. You’re amazing!!!!

  9. Just finished reading and my first thought was , “that woman is amazing.” Thank you Laurel!!! Look forward to using this guide!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS POST! Amazing resources! Thank you so much! I have a quick question. What is the proper height to hang a shower curtain. I’ve been using tension rods for years and I want to get something more reliable. I need to get rods that I can screw into the tile. What are your favorites as well as curtain length and rod height?

  11. What a great post, Laurel. I am saving this to my favorite and will be reading and clicking on links for weeks to come. It’s a great collection of your best work, IMO.

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