How Come This Gorgeous House Isn’t Selling? Your Help is Needed!



This is from a kind reader Cyndi whose house isn’t selling.

It’s gorgeous home in Saint Simons Island.

Before, I get into the “dear Laurel” letter, I just want to say that her initial inquiry was extremely brief and she was not assuming that I would help her.

I very much appreciate that. Therefore, I took a look at her home.

For starters, I had no idea where Saint Simons island is. It is located in south-eastern GA about half-way between Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, GA.

Saint Simons Island - Georgia - Google mapsSweet!

After looking, at the house, I decided that I would love to do a post about this and Cyndi was game.


I am actually taking a little vacation this week. And I know that you guys enjoy helping now and again. So, this is what we’re doing this week.


***But, there’s a big BUT. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, be sensitive adults and only offer constructive help. While 99.% of you do, there are always a couple who go overboard with bossy and/or snarky comments.***

Of course, we will have none of that. Thank you for your understanding.

Unlike most weeks, the comments will be published immediately. I may not answer them as I usually do.


First, let’s first go over some reasons why a house might not be selling.

  • It’s over-priced
  • The house is in a not-so-great-location.
  • The property needs a lot of work. Buyers love and WANT move-in ready.
  • The house shows poorly. Here are some tips that worked for us when we sold our home five years ago.
  • The style of the home is not in keeping with buyer’s current tastes
  • There is a glut of houses in the house’s price range. In other words, it’s a “buyer’s market.”


Taking all of this into consideration, I looked at the comps on Saint Simons Island and I feel that the first four are not an issue at all. However, after chatting with the homeowner, Cyndi, the last two might be problems.

Still, IMO, this is one of the loveliest homes I have seen when doing a search. And by far, they have the best outdoor space as it borders a golf course.

Let’s see dig deeper, to see if we can figure out why this lovely piece of real estate isn’t selling.


Oh my God. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone reading this post becomes interested in the home or knows someone who is?


Here’s what Cyndi has to say in the way of background information about her beautiful home in Saint Simons island, GA:


Dear Laurel,

My husband and I, both in our 50s moved to this smaller town on the southeastern Georgia coast. The idea was that we would stay here year-round and “semi-retire.” However, that is not happening.

I have a position that requires a moderate amount of travel and my husband was just offered a dream job, elsewhere. So, move, we must.

We bought this home 18 months ago and did a large facelift.

And I am so unbelievably flattered that you think that it is professionally decorated! However, please look closely, Laurel…

Do you notice the seagrass rugs, some layered with beautiful Oriental rugs? Plus, the color scheme, wall colors and the Van Deusen Blue upstairs? The Blue and White Chinoiserie pieces…?


If I had a decorator, it was YOU! As an avid rabid follower, of your blog for quite some time, all I did was follow your advice. I don’t think you realize the power that you wield over so many of your readers.


I’ve never used a designer, but always try to buy quality furnishings where it matters most. However, I also have dumpster pieces, along with some finds on Chairish, with a sprinkle of thrift shop.


Okay, let’s take a look at the home and property. I will interject a few opinions of my own and more info from Cyndi.


19 gorgeous property - house isnAn overview of the exquisite property adjacent to a golf course. That’s a huge plus in real estate. They are very close, as you can see to the ocean. Or maybe that’s a bay.

Gorgeous property! Cyndi said that they did a number on the landscaping and it shows!

exquisite property - house isn


best view of house - house isn

Love the Chinese Chippendale railing!

The front of the home built in 1984.  I think that it falls under the umbrella of a classic-contemporary-southern-coastal in style.

patio - house - house isnLovely patio area.

patio living area - golf course- house isn

How gorgeous is this!!!  The property is enchanting! I can see why they purchased this place.


The only thing I don’t see is a pool.


Now, I know that might be a deal breaker for some. But for others, a deal maker as they don’t want a pool. My guess is that more want a pool, since many of these residences are used as vacation homes.


Let’s go inside the house.

elegant entry - house isn

We walk into an elegant entrance. Love the mouldings which they added in their facelift. The creamy wall color is pleasing. Lovely taste, they have. The ceiling looks to be about nine feet.


The only thing that’s bugging me are the photos.


I can’t stand most “real estate photos” and disagree with their propensity for distorting the home to make it look like something it’s not. Here they’ve made it look like it’s about 50 feet to the back wall. Based on other photos, it’s probably closer to 25 feet. This distortion is actually making this area look strangely long, and it’s not.

Another thing about real estate photos is that they take the images with all of the lights on. If you notice, interiors in magazines, rarely have the lights on.

Having the lights on gives the rooms a “brochure feel,” IMO. And by that, I mean a somewhat plastic feel. And, I know that is not the case, in real life.


Let’s go into the living room area


open concept living room - house isn
looking at fireplace - house isn
elegant classic contemporary living room - house isn
A long sofa table behind the sofa would be lovely. And I’d love to see some greenery. Here are some ideas for house plants. And there are some beautiful house plants here too.


Turning around, we will see the dining area and kitchen.

dining - kitchen - stairs - house isn
The stunning chandelier is just the ticket!

kitchen - dining area - house isn

kitchen - house isnThe kitchen is on the small side. Plus, it being so open with the fridge as a focal point of sorts, may not sit well with some buyers. On the other hand, more casual people who enjoy entertaining, may love it the way it is.


Here are a few ideas that I have.


I think that a drape on both sides of the entrance going into the living room would give a sense of separation and wouldn’t be an expensive fix. They could be simple white linen drapes.

elegant entry - house isnI would put them on this side of the entrance, right underneath the crown moulding. Yes, it’s a little close to the doorway on the right, but I think that it’ll be okay. Ugh. There’s so much distortion in this image. That’s not their fault.

Adas interior design room divider curtainsvia Ada’s Interior Design

Something like this.

Cyndi said that they have had four sets of photography done! This house is IMPOSSIBLE to capture!

I believe it!


Here are some more comments Cyndi made about the decorative details of the home.

  • We painted the kitchen cabinets ( copied from you)
  • marble countertops,
  • interior, exterior painting,
  • seagrass wall to wall in bedrooms,
  • entry hallway moulding- not my proudest project- architecturally incorrect on a business trip.

[Laurel comment. Nothing jumps out at me as being incorrect. Okay, yes, the bottom panel should probably be lower, but since it is not really wainscoting, I think that it’s fine.]

  • We did Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan HC 81 (one of your Laurel Home colors!) on all walls -matte HC 81  @1/2 strength on Ceilings and HC 81 semi gloss on trim and doors.


As you can see, the first floor living, dining and kitchen are very open.


This is something that buyers will either love or hate. If they watch a lot of HGTV, it will probably be the former.

And, honestly, I did think that they had professional decorating help with this home.  It shows beautifully. Lovely colors, furnishings, not cluttered, but not devoid of all personality.

family room - house isnAn adjacent family room. This, I think, could use some big fiddle leaf palms by the windows. Ideally, I’d like to see end tables flanking the sofa. But none of this is stopping the house from selling! This is a very pretty room!


Let’s look at some more photos of this stunning coastal home in Georgia.


master bedroom - house isn
Master. Looks like Phoebe Howard did this room!

master bathroom - house isn

Master Bath

guest bedroom - house isn

I think that this is a guest bedroom. Cyndi confessed that she’s not crazy about this room. It’s not terrible and maybe some people would love an upstairs retreat that doubles as a guest bedroom.

Bedroom - house isnFabulous bedroom. Have to say that all of the furniture looks like stuff I’ve put on my hot sales and blog post widgets.

I LOVE the wall-to-wall seagrass in the bedrooms!

small bathroom - house isnGorgeous bathroom with blue and white toile wallpaper. And I do believe that is the Kohler Memoirs toilet and pedestal sink.

office hangout room - house isnAnother terrific room off the balcony that serves as a multi-function space.

bonus room - house isn

There are more photos on the main real estate listing with their broker Banker Real Estate.



Cyndi offered some other information about local preferences for homes:



Another detail that is specific to this area is that people LOVE very high ceilings— like 12 to 20 feet high. Ours are a mere 9 to 10 feet in places.

In addition, most buyers prefer five or six bedrooms so large amounts of people can vacation.


By the way a broker came to an open house yesterday.  Rave reviews. I’ve begged for any criticism- Nothing????

Well, Cyndi, this is why I’m posting your home. :] There is nothing wrong with anything that you’ve done. It is pulled together, move-in ready, tastefully and stylishly decorated.


Sure, there are a few possible sticking points. But, these are relatively minor, I think, in the scheme of things.

  • The very open concept layout on the first floor.
  • Smallish, and too open kitchen.
  • Lack of entrance into the living room. (easy fix)
  • No pool. Fine. They can put one in!
  • Higher ceilings? Well, we can’t change that.
  • more sleeping space? How about turning the bonus room into the kid’s space? Air mattresses, cots, whatever. They don’t care.

I would add more greenery in the rooms.

If possible, better more intimate photos that don’t try to get more than the eye can see at one time. The distorted wide-angle shots and the lights blazing are what give these photos an unnatural look. Of course, this is only my opinion. And despite, that, I think that your home shows very well.

Okay, I’m officially on vacation. Can I tell you how fabulous it is to spend some q-time with my adorable son?


I’m throwing this out to y’all, if you can think of any quick fixes that would help this house sell, please share. But, actually, my sense is what this house needs is more eyes on it. After all, it only takes one set to fall in love.

Therefore, please pin these images to your pinterest boards, share on facebook and twitter.

There are buttons if you don’t realize, a the bottom of the post.


And again, the official real estate listing is here.


Thanks so much for your help!




***It is Thursday evening 8.9.2018. I’m having a lovely vacation and it would be even lovelier if I didn’t have to write this. As you can see, I’m not commenting, however, I am reading.  And while the majority of the comments are fine to amazing, unfortunately, there are a few that I needed to delete.***


If you don’t see your comment, it means that it crossed the line into insulting.


And a few more are borderline, but I let them go. Please put yourself in Cyndi’s shoes. She kindly let me use her home for a post and it wasn’t to trash her decorating choices.

That means no more about her taste, her style, etc.

It’s Irrelevant and totally not helpful.

I just stayed in a “beach home” on the tip of Cape Cod– 500 feet FROM the beach in Provincetown. The house is an 1840 Greek Revival beauty that’s decorated with two dark brown Chesterfield tufted sofas in the front parlor. And while it wasn’t what I would have done, I appreciated it because they look great in the room.

There is more than one way to decorate a beach home. How sad it would be if everyone’s home looked exactly the same! I looked at a dozen or so homes in this price range on Saint Simons Island and none of them were decorated nearly as nicely as Cyndi’s.

The exercise is to work with what is there. Sorry, if I didn’t make that clear. They are not making any major changes. Yes, it’s fine to talk about removing some of the rugs or painting the ceilings, or adding more color, greenery and changing color of the towels, etc.; that sort of thing.


However, there are NO musts in decor. And, I don’t care if a home is by the ocean, above the Arctic Circle, in the dessert or the middle of a swamp.


That is the premise of this entire volume of over 550 blog posts.

I still feel that the biggest problem is the photos/artificial lighting. The photos are making this home look far more formal and stiff than it is. I repeat. It is the photos. And I agree that the shadows are creepy, particularly outside. That has nothing to do with the house. The exterior shots should be done on a cloudy or mostly cloudy day.

And the second biggest problem might be marketing. Not sure because I have no idea what’s been done and neither does anyone else!

Thank you for your understanding and thank you to the many who took the time to give some truly helpful and in some cases absolutely genius suggestions.

  • Phyllis E - August 17, 2018 - 12:10 AM

    Wow- what great and interesting comments and suggestions! I love hearing from the professional stagers, realtors, and the locals who know the market!

    As a real estate agent, one suggestion I would like to make, that I don’t think has already been said, is to highlight your property’s unique and especially desirable lot size and location by including a “satellite map” type of image in the listing that shows and labels, (with arrows) its relation to the downtown area and any other desirable locations or features. It should also outline the property boundaries, water access, docks, or trails to the water, any other trails nearby, or whatever. Someone looking at your listing who is from outside the area wouldn’t appreciate this unless you show them!

    In my local area, a realtor did just that for a similar type of high-end property, and it sold amazingly fast! It was in a “water-access” community, and the realtor drew in the trails through the woods to the water, showed arrows to the community dock, park, showed how big the lot was, etc, all on the satellite map. I thought it was very clever of that realtor, who was not from our area and probably did not take for granted (like us locals do) that outsiders would understand what the neighborhood and particular property offered unless she showed them!

    Some other thoughts: What struck me when I first looked at the photos of the exterior was 1. Where is the front door? Is it behind what looks like well-maintained, but overgrown, shrubs in the second photo (maybe your listing has a photo of the front door though.)

    2. The stucco or whatever it is (someone called it tabby shell?) looks like OSB (oriented strand,aka fiberboard board) to my non-island eyes at first glance. -Perhaps better photos or sun-angle (or corrective lighting done in photo-shop–not faking it of course) could make it look better? Maybe a better trim color?
    3.) You can tell the owner was influenced by Laurel’s high-end New York style of interior design, as she said she was. It is nicely done and very pretty, but perhaps toning it down to be a bit more relaxed and more “southern coastal style” might help, as many have said-though even poorly decorated homes sell every day, so that isn’t probably the major issue.

    More expensive homes do take longer to sell, however, in general. Best wishes!ReplyCancel

  • Kat - August 13, 2018 - 9:52 PM

    Cyndi, you have a lovely home – your hard work is visible everywhere. I agree – as a previous professional video writer/producer – the photos are an issue. The house reads cold because the light reads cold – this is a white balance/color temperature issue. A pro photographer can do much better and it’s worth it to fly one in if necessary.
    You’ve been inundated with suggestions, so I’ll leave be except this one.
    I would evaluate replacing the black four poster bed in the master – it makes the ceiling actually look low and the room look too small – the high contrast to the room tones makes that piece look massive. It does not invite you in and say “Come rest here and renew in this peaceful master by the sea.”
    Good luck and I know you’re tired of “getting it ready to sell,” but dig deep for one more round and get new photos and select just the advice that rings true for you.
    And your realtor needs to re-write your listing copy – it’s bland and vague.
    For example, “nicely-proportioned guest rooms” tells a prospective buyer nothing…ReplyCancel

  • Liz - August 12, 2018 - 1:22 PM

    I am a real estate investor with an interior design and staging background. I own and invest in properties around the country in varying price ranges. These are my immediate impressions of this home: It’s beautiful. The goal is to capture interested buyers who are likely from all over the country, as this property is in a vacation home area. The home, as beautiful as it is, reads very formal. I feel strongly that you are missing out on a buyer who prefers less formality. I do not think you have to make major changes, whoever. I would recommend adding more warmth in accessory items, which would invoke a stronger emotional response from a cross section of potential buyers. These are my recommendations, in order of pictures in Laurel’s post:
    1) Replace the artwork in the entry with art that is more contemporary and has p color relating to the items in the living room. Keep it clean and unfussy.
    2) Living Room – replace the fireplace screen with one that has cleaner, less detailed appearance. The eye is pulled too much to the fireplace screen and not the qualities of the room. It will also bring a more contemporary feel to the space.
    3) Kitchen – replace the vase on the counter with a warmed colored wood bowl filled with oranges or fresh herbs. It will add some desired warmth to the space.
    4) Add a sofa table and at least one lamp behind the blue sofa in the family room. Or add end tables with reading lamps. This space doesn’t look like it functions like a family room. It reads like a formal sitting room. Perhaps change out the upholstered ottomans for a hard surface table. Do not add glass tables. This spaces need the warmth and functionality of wood to capture a buyers interest.
    5) The master bedroom. I’m assuming the photo was taken from the entry way of the room. If this is so, I would move the bed to the other wall to the left. The eye is immediately drawn there in this photo ( and will in person) , versus where the bed is currently placed. It would provide the room with a more balanced and powerful master statement. Once the furniture is moved, if there is a blank space where the bed and right night stand used to be, I’d recommend a chair and small table for reading, putting on shoes, etc.
    6) Master Bath – replace the artwork above the tub with something more contemporary, again with pops of color that connect with the master or decorative item made of warm wood. It’s a beautiful bath. It appears to read a little cold and dated from the accessories for a large segment of buyers.
    7) The bedroom with the day bed and strong turquoise drapery. This is room is lovely. The drapery, is rather heavy and overpowering. I would replace the drapery with something more neutral and flow-y.
    8) I can’t tell from the listing what the front door looks like. Actually where is it? I would have your photography remedy that. Buyers want a clear shot of the front entry. It appears the front entry (making lots of assumptions based upon the photos in the listing) has no warm wood and blues and oranges as you do throughout the home and in the back patio area. If you don’t have this at the front entry, I would recommend adding some interest at the entry. Color is extremely powerful. I personally use blues and oranges a great deal when I sell my properties, as buyers from broad backgrounds and ages find it current and appealing.
    My apologies if some of my comments are overly direct. It’s not my intent to be indelicate. In the end, you have a beautiful home. If I were the owners’ agent, these are the minor adjustments I would recommend. It’s funny how seemingly simple adjustments can invoke strong responses in buyers. Best of luck to the owners!ReplyCancel

  • Sheila Ghiglieri - August 12, 2018 - 12:34 PM

    As a number of people have mentioned, a room with multiple sleeping options is a great idea. As a professional stager, if a room has another (popular) possibility, rather that go to the expense of doing it, I will put a design board on an easel with photos of the possibilities. Often, buyers just need to shown what they can do. It gets them past the obstacle and able to embrace all the good the home has to offer.ReplyCancel

  • Kim Doyle - August 12, 2018 - 11:15 AM

    I’m not sure there is much left to say , but that won’t stop me! The house is great. I think the pricing may be a little high, which is probably why it isn’t selling. However, some minor tweaks might get people coming back for 2nd and third visits. For example, you could warm up the kitchen a little (stacked wood cutting boards or cook books against the backsplash, a pretty vase of hydrangeas, a nice dish towel – see Studio McGee for kitchen staging ideas). Maybe play around with putting some furniture on an angle so it isn’t so square. A basket at the end of the couch, a throw here or there. Make the table feel a little less formal with a linen throw tossed across it? Like the idea of the bunk room too. Its a great house and will sell. Wish you luck!ReplyCancel

  • Susan McLaughlin - August 12, 2018 - 3:26 AM

    I am a Realtor of 24 years in a high-end beach area and I totally agree with your dislike of real estate photos. Every time I’m at a photo shoot, I emphasize that I do NOT want the distorted photos. Time and again, I get these. I have searched for a photographer who can give me an editorial view of the house, like in a magazine, with vignettes, views and details. So far, no luck.

    My next comment is on availability for showings. Sometimes it boils down to this. I was showing homes yesterday and I ran into a real estate agent who consistently discourages OTHER agents showing “her” listings! It can be subtle or bold. Make sure all requests for showings come straight to you. Make sure the agent hasn’t put a notation in the “Realtor Only Comments” “Must have 24-48 hour notice” or something else that discourages showings. Be ready for showings with an hour’s notice. Good Luck, it’s a lovely home.ReplyCancel

  • Ellie - August 12, 2018 - 2:05 AM

    Hi Laurel,
    This home is fabulous! My parents live outside of Jacksonville in Sawgrass and this house reminds me of their neighborhood.
    The owners obviously have very good taste (IMO) and they’ve done a beautiful job of upgrading, designing and styling their home for market. Of course, we’re not seeing the surrounding area, the neighbors, etc…and perhaps there is a lot of inventory on Saint Simons currently.
    I like your idea about more interior greenery. This may sound silly but it looks like there is a painting or print of a clown on the back wall sort of across from the staircase but visible when entering the home and while in the living room. While many love clowns, there are also many who find them scary! Again perhaps silly but I would propose switching it out for something universally pleasant. The owner mentions that buyers prefer 5-6 bedrooms and as you said the upstairs bonus room could easily sleep several children. Though they don’t want to make major changes, that room could be transformed with the addition of two double size bunk beds with great looking linens! A friend of mine with a farm property on Orcas Island in the San Juan’s has a large room for children with three bunk beds and it’s everyone’s favorite room and sleeps six kids!!
    Anyway, great house! Wish I was in the market to buy right now.ReplyCancel

  • […] for weighing in on your thoughts about Cyndi’s lovely home in the beach community of Saint Simons Island, […]ReplyCancel

  • Cassie T - August 11, 2018 - 11:04 PM

    Stunning home, inside & out. We are buying a home on the coast further north. After look in a region for months, we zeroed in on one area with thriving industry & school districts that could eventually help with a resale. We also avoided golf communities as the HOA fees and general maintenance assessments tend to be higher for an activity that we are not involved in. Seems that in many areas that golfing communities are not as sought after as they once were. We also chose new(ish) construction In hoping that we’ll have less home maintenance & upkeep to deal with.ReplyCancel

  • Louise - August 11, 2018 - 4:15 PM

    I think it’s absolutely beautiful. Your decor may be a bit more formal than a typical home at the beach, but as someone else said in the comments (I only got so far reading), buyers at that price point should be savvy enough to recognize good taste & see where they can go with the bones of the home. The kitchen, while beautiful, looks a bit sterile with the empty countertops. I would put a few things out that look like someone is actively living there- a bowl of apples, tray with coffee, pedestal cake-dome thingy with a sliced pound cake in it.
    Two homes in my neighborhood recently went up for sale- one is absolutely beautiful & sold with a bidding war before it was even listed (1.25 million). The other is ugly as sin (but has a pool), has been listed for months, has been reduced from 1.3 to 1.1 and it has had no bites. Square footage-wise, they are comparable.
    All that to say I’m sure it’s the market. Just be patient! Best of luck to you!ReplyCancel

  • Beth - August 11, 2018 - 10:56 AM

    Please, please, Laurel, keep the comments on this going. I’ve already commented twice. This has been my favorite all-time comments to read ever. As a professional stager, it has been very enlightening to me to read about all the different opinions about this beautiful house. How we dwell is NOT how we sell. Design to dwell, stage to sell. Not much money needs to be spent on this house. Just removing some of the more formal items would go a long way. I have some similar formal pieces in my own house which I love. But for selling, I would store them to move to my next house. For instance, the formal dining table next to the kitchen needs a more informal table. Buyers with kids would not be able to visualize family meals there. The readers of this site are into decorating so most could visualize how they would change the house to suit themselves, but 90% of the people can’t do that. Some of the comments said that buyers were buying the house, not the decor. That is true, but many people need to see the house “staged” in a way that they could emotionally connect to it. My own house was on the market for 3 years before I bought it at a great price because the owners had to keep reducing the price. It is a beautiful house, but it was the decor that people couldn’t see past. It had flowery wallpaper, formal drapes, dark paint in some areas, aqua tile bathroom floor, HUGE sectional in the great room, etc. I changed all that, and now people love the house and some wish they had bought it. When selling, decor does matter unless you want to keep reducing the price. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. This is a fact that has been proven.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - August 11, 2018 - 9:36 AM

    Are there any noisy dogs nearby or neighbors? I passed on a house once because during the showing the house next door had dogs barking the entire time. I think your house is beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen Vuolo - August 11, 2018 - 4:39 AM

    Cyndi, it is a very nice home and it has not been on the market very long given all the homes for sale in that area.

    Every buyer will have their own perspective. I took the virtual tour and studied all the photos. I will note my thoughts with due respect and humbly because I am not a pro.

    The only major concern I saw as a buyer was the formal living room. I think it is the layout of the furniture that bothers me.
    It is really a nice big room but it is being treated like a room with 2 walkways. Here are my ideas that may or may not fit depending on the room dimensions.
    I would remove the long runner.
    I would rotate the main rug and move it more central between stairs and fireplace.
    Then I would rotate all of the furniture.
    That would move the sofa to where the 2 matching beige chairs are located, those 2 chairs would move to where the 2 orange chairs are and the orange chairs will be where the sofa originally sat. I would also slightly angle the chairs toward each other. I am trying to create a space that is larger and the traffic can flow next to or thru the space.
    One of my landscaping books pointed out that it is unnatural for us to walk in straight lines and make 90 degree turns. By eliminating the runners and softening the edges you may escape that feeling and gain another foot or so. With the curtains Laurel suggested, I think it would be very eye catching as folks make their way thru them and into a less delineated space.

    Also, you may have a piece of furniture that would fit nicely under the stairs. It would have to look nice on both sides but could provide storage for the kitchen.

    Minor changes that I thought of were:
    1. Take the TV out of the living room alcove.
    2. I would put a classy but casual blue/white/orange/green patterned tablecloth on the dining table to link the entire first level together.
    3.The storage piece in the family room highlights that storage is difficult in that room as well as hiding a main feature. Remove to upstairs blue suite?
    4. I love all of the bedrooms! The doors in the teal room were mentioned by other folks and I think putting glass knobs might soften the look and align it with the room’s flirty feel.
    5. The bathrooms are wonderful. Replacing the navy shower curtain in the narrow one with a more soft and airy light colored curtain may reduce emphasizing the narrow space.

    As mentioned, the real estate agent is key. I noticed you reduced the price rather quickly. The rule of thumb I was taught, was that if no one is making an offer it is not about the price. You just have to wait for the family that sees it fits their needs.

    I wish you the best and thank you for sharing your home with us. It has been quite an exercise for me. I was heading to bed 3 hours ago! I will be following your home on Zillow to see when it sells.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - August 10, 2018 - 8:12 PM

    I’ve not read every comment yet, BUT, interest rates are just inching up ever so slightly, consumer confidence has just dropped (the tiniest bit – it’s online for you to check monthly – see and all very high end properties will be affected, I believe. Expectations of the seller need to “be managed.” I think patience is all that is needed, it’s beautifulReplyCancel

  • Sheila A Ghiglieri - August 10, 2018 - 6:50 PM

    Hello, Wanted to chime in on some suggestions on getting this home “Sold” and getting top dollar well. J I’ve prepared a staging report, going room by room, too lengthy for this blog. I will mail t it to you or your Realtor. Fear not, my #1 goal is NOT to have a seller spend a lot of money to get top dollar. My report puts what you have to the best use to make your home “Wow.”

    I am a professional home stager & former real estate appraiser. My husband is a Realtor. We offer my staging consultation/services on the properties he lists. I cannot stress enough excellent results great staging delivers. My husband sold a neighboring home (they interviewed 3 neighbor Realtors before listing with him,) that sold for $100,000 over what the other Realtors wanted to list it for, because I knew what I could do to make the home WOW…even with the
    1980 mauve master bath, complete with a mauve soaking tub and 1pc fiberglass shower stall with a worn brass shower door. There were 3 bidders, not the norm happening in the market
    here, and the owners were speechless when the final offers came in. (As was my husband, a Realtor for over 40 years, who still grasping the magic of staging!!) The last home he listed, I only got it about 75% staged before it sold in 5 days, very close to asking price. Another surprised Seller.

    GENERAL NOTE TO SELLERS – DON”T TAKE ANYTHING PERSONAL, PLEASE. If you expect to sell your home with your personality, you are almost always leaving money on the table.

    Great staging isn’t just paring down to minimal furnishings and décor. It’s showing current décor that creates a warm, welcoming, comfortable home. It doesn’t have to be overdone, just bringing 1 or 2 current “WOW” factor/s to every room, or at the very least, the important rooms that will make buyers fall in love & connect with a home. Often it’s showing buyers how they can arrange furniture & decorate to make a home that feels “New.” So many people are lacking in the “how to” and imagining what they can do.

    There were so many fabulous suggestions from your “following.” However, many would be quite costly to do. I just don’t recommend putting a lot of money into “improvements.” It’s not necessary, and I’ve seen so many torn out by buyers, no matter how “on trend” it is.

    My #1 goal is NOT to have a seller need to spend a lot of money to get top dollar. I use all I can that they already have and update it for a current (dare I say, HGTV) look. ALSO,borrow from relatives, friends, (good) neighbors for items suggested! If you know you are going to update or buy décor for your new home, do it now. Let it help you sell (for a higher price and pay for itself!)

    My Impressions Overall:
    ~ The home, while lovely & very nicely decorated, for it’s location, setting & the type of buyers for the area, it is too formal, too vanilla, too bare bones in decor (un-inviting) and again, as Laurel pointed out, it is in need of some greenery (throughout.)

    ~ Homes today need elements of entertaining & fun! This home most certainly should, needing decorating elements that reflect the location & lifestyle. Coastal, Bahamas style décor always appeals.

    ~ They have beautiful lighting!! A huge plus, it being the jewelry in a room.

    ~ Do Not agree with removing rugs and showing more floor. Besides the floors being dark, which are buggers to keep clean, etc, it’s a very cold look not to have area rugs.
    With today’s indoor/outdoor rugs being so reasonable & great looking, they don’t have to break the bank to have the elements of warmth & even design with area rugs.

    My husband just sold a home where the homeowner put in new, expensive, dark woods; doing even more after saying how hard they are to keep clean. The new owner immediately tore them all out! If he wasn’t so positive he knew what buyers wanted, he would have listened to advice and saved a lot of money.

    ~ Throughout, you definitely need to add great pieces of art and to incorporate some bamboo, rattan, even today’s industrial style pieces. (Craigslist, yard sales –we have a facebook local yard sale site, letgo, etc. I get great pieces for $5 and $10, including large pieces of art. Many times I buy it for the frame and I switch out the art with poster versions of whatever type of art I’m going for, vintage art posters, Monet, modern art, etc.

    Here is a link to some desirable bird Audubon prints that you can download and order any size prints from Office Depot (sale 2 for 1), custom canvas prints, etc. My last order for (2) 24’x36” prints mounted on foam board came to a total of about $50. I had frames, but have also hung art on office clips (black one come in all sizes) hung on a thin nail or sturdy straight pin.) Some over $10 items are well worth buying when an item is a fraction of what new would be.

    ~ Key elements to marketing a home, ART, ART, ART. Greenery, Area rugs. These can overcome just about any dated design flaws.

    ~ Very Important – The exterior needs to reflect a vacation lifestyle. My report has many suggestions. At the very least, you need to stage an area in the yard with 2 lounge chairs, and an area with 2 Adirondack with tables between. Throw a couple of nice towel over the lounge chairs,

    ~ Yes, Yes, Yes Laurel is 100% correct about the professional photos. Get the photographer recommended in your area. I feel the common “trick” photography amounts to false advertising. And, I’d be aggravated as a buyer getting to a home that is no where near as spacious as was shown. It’s just wrong.

    ~ Do Not change Realtors so quickly. They also make an investment in your home marketing it, so please give them a fair, reasonable chance. Quite often the things that can be preventing a sale, aren’t their fault. Ads, not matter how fabulous, can’t make buyers connect with a home. As a matter of fact, they can be a let down after reading some ads (like the distorted photos.) Realtors are cautious about giving any advice on what to do, because sellers can take it SO personally, as already mentioned.

    ~ I’m on Pinterest – sghiglieri and have a Board titled “Summer House” with many pins that could give you great direction.

    In closing, you have a wonderful home that just needs some tweaks. It will be easy, and most of all, it will be fun!!

    Best, SheilaReplyCancel

    • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 10:50 PM

      Hello Sheila, I checked out your Pinterest link and in the essence of Staging, IMHO the “style looks” in those photos include WAY too much “stuff” and scream “Home Goods” which would be distracting to any potential Buyer.

      While clearly much of this will always be “subjective” to one’s personal taste, I think the home design now is sleek enough that virtually all buyers in that price range would be able to see around what is there. A few things are dated, yes. Nothing is offensive, it’s not new construction or a model home.

      The Seller can choose to change some or all of the dated things in the hopes of recouping more money or realize they may spend more than the extra sale price or cash saved in a quicker sale will bring. Only they can make that decision.

      Personally my vote goes with the CHERYL and especially SUSAN BATASTINI… either go as is or put some money where it’s really going to count, where you’ll get the maximum IMPACT. Play up the Southern Charm by replacing the dated patio sliders with French Doors that open out – that change alone would update the entire first floor and be appreciated from the moment of entry!

      And, put focus on that amazing SECOND FLOOR VERANDA! Set that up with a scene that shows it as a place to read, relax, have breakfast or an afternoon Sweet Tea or Lemonade! Who hasn’t at some point fantasized about having a home with that feature! Especially in the South.

      Switch out the dated louvered bi-fold doors in the Turquoise Bedroom and you just made minimal changes with some heavy impact that plays on the essence of Southern Style home in such a setting.

      OR, leave as is and price accordingly.ReplyCancel

      • Sheila Ghiglieri - August 10, 2018 - 11:30 PM

        Hello Jackie, Thank you for sharing your opinion! I don’t recommend that sellers copy everything in a designer room, and as stated the outcome of a sale can greatly benefit from some rooms having 1 or 2 wow or on-trend items. Just sharing my professional experience of what has consistenly delivered great results in getting homes sold at top dollar. I have no doubt your opinions would delReplyCancel

        • Sheila Ghiglieri - August 10, 2018 - 11:37 PM

          Jackie…As I was trying to finish with…I’m sure your opinions would deliver successful results as well. How wonderful that you and so many are offering your thoughts and help. Cheers!!

  • Pat from Wisconsin - August 10, 2018 - 5:07 PM

    What a fun assignment! I hope you’ll abstract the best ideas in a future post! Laurel, I am so happy for you that you are taking some time off.
    My first reaction to the homeowner’s dilemma was that the potential buyers must be nuts–great house! But I did look closer and checked the listing. I have some thoughts.
    1–Everything is pretty squared off, almost like someone took a tape measure or snapped a chalkline to center every stick of furniture. I only see a few circles–in the lamps and starburst mirror. I get it that the famous designers do this symmetrical, squared off thing, but my impulse would be to go in and budge some things around. The right angles and predictability make it seem static, I feel. Consider putting some things on an angle, or adding rounded or softer items.
    2–Living room–I agree with the person who suggested getting rid of the runner, moving the other rug away from the fireplace, and spreading the furniture out. It’s okay to cover that floor plug, since you’re not using it. I’d think about angling either the rug or the furniture to give the room more life, and maybe getting rid of or repositioning one of the pairs of chairs. Everything seems so safe.
    3–Sunroom–The sofa is the focal point as the room currently is, and this is probably not what you want. I’d put it elsewhere in the house and maybe just spread the two chairs and ottomans apart a little. I agree with the people who didn’t care for the credenza being up against the window.
    4–Patio–The photo with the view toward the house shows that that side of the house is not so exciting. My suggestion is to put either the orange table with the fern or the other table with the lantern over by the house, to kind of draw attention to them rather than to the house itself right there. I would place the furniture or the rug on an angle. It looks kind of static.
    5–Outdoor views–Only a few of them show the house off well. Some of them make it look tiny.
    6–The room with the big white table and the yellow chairs–angle the chairs and put a game or something on the little table. Find a piece of yellow and blue fabric and put it in there somewhere, maybe draped over the table.
    7–Realtor–We attempted to sell a higher end home about 10 years ago. It was the nicest home in the area with a great view of river and rocks, but in a flood plain. We did some price reductions, but what really did the trick was changing realtors. The house sold three days after we changed realtors.
    I have found all these comments fascinating, as is the dilemma you presented. Good luck to the homeowner!ReplyCancel

  • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 3:55 PM

    I love CYNDIA’s comments on switching the living room with the family room furniture so won’t go into detail about that other than to say that I too felt a “surprise” from the timeless foyer to the stylish but dated feeling living room. The sad part is that people today think every home needs to be staged and there is so much subjectivity out there about what style it should be.
    I feel if a property is clean, tasteful and decluttered without bizarre wall colors, and no musty smells, you’re good to go. Buyers need to look at the bones of a house, what will remain after the Seller’s furniture is out – look at the kitchens, baths, storage, check for mustiness and functionality of the important stuff (plumbing, electric, heating, roofing, etc.) Barring something offensive, change what you’ve got and you could miss the sale of the person who would have loved it as it is.

    What we don’t know is: Are there any air fresheners, potpourri or offensive “Yankee Candles” burning? Or dominant cooking smells? I would guess not, the home looks pristine, but we don’t have smell-a-vision yet, so, just saying. Keep in mind one person’s idea of a nice scent may be another’s allergy trigger or sense of covering up something instead of a fresh clean neutral scent. I have literally exited at the foyer of some homes with dominant scents, potential buyers can feel that will never go away and it’s so “of the past occupant!”.

    As for the PHOTOGRAPHS! OY!!!
    Disclosure: I am a professional Photographer, ASMP, specializing in Architectural Interiors. These photos are an example of why I stopped shooting for REALTORS!!!! The deceptive photos are a huge pet peeve of mine and that is how most RE Photogs are shooting.
    If I decide to look at a home after hours of “screening” on the internet, I don’t want to THINK I’m seeing a 50 foot deep space and get there and see a 20 foot space! Why can’t Realtors realize this deception ticks people off!!? I don’t have that time to waste and I think it’s insulting to the general public that realtors continue to allow their photographers to shoot that way. And shame on the photographers that lure the stupid Realtors into this way of deceptive representation!
    It’s like a photo that looks good then you meet the guy and find the pic was from 20 yrs ago or photoshopped to the nines! What were they thinking, what are Realtors thinking!?
    The right way of shooting a home is to start at the front of the home with all of the pics in order which is better than any video tour, giving an indication of what each room leads to and connects to.
    The proper lens and lighting should always be used. As for lighting, Laurel is correct that many of the Interiors magazines show spaces shot with the lights off. With the right natural light entering the room this can produce a beautiful pleasant image. However I see many where turning on the lights would have enhanced the scene and in Architectural photography except where there is exceptional natural light streaming in the windows, lights SHOULD be turned on in an interior space even during the day.
    My philosophy is that a space should be photographed to ACCURATELY reflect how it looks so one can imagine themselves there along with the CORRECT LIGHTING that shows the actual colors and ambiance one actually feels when standing in the space. No on-camera flash or fake over exposures for brightness!
    If a room is dark on the other hand, a photographer’s job is to make it show at its best, so maximize the natural light (open blinds/shades/drapes), turn on the lights and use professional off camera flash and if needed, reflectors/soft boxes/umbrellas to show the room as it would look properly lit.
    The huge “no no” in any case are CFL bulbs! Be sure if you are going with these energy saving bulbs that you purchase those producing warm light K settings, otherwise entering your space will look dull, dreary (like the cast of fluorescent lighting) and to prove that, snap a pic even on your phone… you’ll see a greenish cast – not appealing for resale.
    That being said, bulbs look fine in this home and it looks shaded enough outdoors that the indoor lights ON are likely a necessary enhancement – especially the beautiful kitchen fixture. Being lit showcases it, turned off, not so much.
    While cloudy days are great for photography because of the soft light they create – with no harsh shadows cast, I don’t see that home shooting well on a cloudy day with all the surrounding trees. It could make the setting look quite dreary and not inviting. Skies would have to be switched out via photoshop with a blue sky sunny day to make it work, HOWEVER, the result can be fake looking.
    That being said, the TIME of DAY could greatly help with the exterior shadows. On a bright blue sky day, shooting early in the morning, around 8:00 AM, there would be beautiful light but very soft shadows. The worst time to shoot Architecture (anything really) is around mid day and most of the afternoon. The other good time to shoot is late day about an hour before sunset, also known as “Golden Hour.” But depending on a home’s location (N/S/E/W) there might still be too much shade. A good Photographer will scope out the lighting at various times of day (some use an app, yes, “there’s an app for that.” I still prefer the in person approach.) Addressing these details takes time and we know time equals money, but in all things, we get what we pay for. And attention to detail pays off in the end. So it’s good “ROI!”

    One more PHOTOGRAPHY THING and I think someone else mentioned this as well. I agree on skipping the aerial shot. While nice to see the adjoining golf course, my first impression was gee, this home is in a desolate spot…. so much woods there must be…. (let’s just say “some scary critters!”). OY!

    As for the decor, very tasteful and anything of minor critique is just that. Simple appealing changes like a few plants, fine. But this home is beautiful enough that IMO, it is what it is (quite nice!!) and people need to stop expecting a model home for every pre existing property on the market! It is very easy to see beyond the furnishings here to picture one’s own. BUYERS: You’re NOT buying the Furniture and Decor!! Look beyond! Check the “bones!”

    I find it sad that if people see a home with two rooms used as a bedroom and one as an office or sitting room, they act like it can only be a two bedroom home! Or a Dining Room space set up as an Art Studio, the Buyers would move on and say “we need a real dining room!” That’s the reality of today’s Buyers and it stinks! Most people for some strange reason cannot think beyond the purpose the Sellers already have for a space! It’s crazy. I could go on…..

    In any case, IMO this is a beautiful and tasteful home, any changes would be of personal items moving with the client anyway. In fact, I’d want her to leave some of her beautiful things!

    Best of luck Cyndi with your home sale, it’s all about timing. When you least expect it you may wind up with several offers! I’ll fly down and shoot your home right if that’s what it comes to! ( 😉

    And as always, great Post Laurel!ReplyCancel

    • Roseanne - August 11, 2018 - 1:46 PM

      Jackie – Excellent post on professional photography! I have a question – What is the best light bulb to buy for a home? I am very confused. I still have some older incandescent bulbs. Their glow is warm and pleasant. Light from new bulbs looks very harsh in caparison. I checked out your website. Beautiful! Especially love the Cape May photos. A favorite place of mine!ReplyCancel

  • Laurie - August 10, 2018 - 12:55 PM

    I’ve already shared my suggestions and read through many/most of the others. There is one from another SSI resident that stands out. It’s THE MOST IMPORTANT!!! I commented just that below. So, dear homeowner, read through, and see what you can do without spending a penny, editing your accessories and moving furniture. The next least expensive fix is to paint. I don’t think I would do any major renovation. You could supply plans for some changes that are exactly what you think the home needs. Your real estate agent should be updated about the responses to the photos and marketing. That’s their job. And lastly, please share your own photos as you make changes. Good Luck!ReplyCancel

  • Vallee Bubak - August 10, 2018 - 8:15 AM

    You have done a great job of decorating your home — the challenge is that it’s not “staged” for a buyer in the lowcountry. That style is more relaxed and beach. You are close to where you need to be, but I think that the beige and too warm paint color is throwing people off. You don’t need to repaint your entire home, but maybe just the kitchen and living area to something a lot lighter — such as Benjamin Moore White Dove, BM Cloud White or BM Simply White. I feel White Dove or Cloud White are the safest since Simply White can turn green if there’s a lot of greenery reflecting outside.

    The other comments about removing some rugs are spot on. I would go for a casual yet elegant Tommy Bahama/West Indies look. To do this you add more greenery, some bird prints, and a few baskets to make it less formal.

    Over the kitchen counter you need a couple of somewhat modern pendant lights — such as lanterns like the Darla Visual Comfort lanterns, or Ballard Designs has nice lanterns.

    I live a couple of hours from you near Hilton Head, about your age, and our homes have been in this price range. As a buyer, I would hesitate a bit because of all the Edgecomb Grey and the formality of the house for a casual setting. If you just repaint the kitchen and great room to something lighter and more current, add the pendants, a wood-stained ceiling fan in the family room, remove some rugs and drapery to open it up and be more casual, I think you can sell this. I wouldn’t have more than 12 of your favorite photos. And they can be close up of just one area or one seating area.

    Laurel is welcome to give you my contact information if you would like me to meet you at your house to give you more detailed ideas that won’t be hard to implement. I marketed and staged my last home and it sold in four days with two full-price offers.

    Wishing you much success with your home sale!ReplyCancel

  • Roseanne - August 10, 2018 - 6:33 AM

    The interior photos are beautiful. The house is bright, clean and clutter-free. Do not add any accessories or furnishings. The only condition issue I see are some dark spots on the exterior.

    Problems could be the location within the neighborhood and the listing presentation. The lot looks huge and possibly overgrown, isolated and lonely. Delete the aerial photo and substitute a welcoming picture of the front entrance. Also picture #1 should be the front entrance, not the back patio. The listing (Zillow and pictures should follow a buyer’s natural walk through the house. Front entrance, foyer, living room, etc.

    45 photos is too many; 25 should be the max. Eliminate the close-in shot of the kitchen. Maybe show two different views of the major rooms. One photo per bedroom and bath.

    Possible other issues. The price started too high. At over $1M, buyers may expect new kitchen cabinets, not painted over. Perhaps highway noise from Kings Way? Golf course proximity can be tricky with balls in the yard and loss of privacy. Competition from newer, lower priced homes. Popularity of vacation locations can be fickle. The only factor in the sellers’ control now is the price.ReplyCancel

  • Cyndia - August 10, 2018 - 2:36 AM

    Wow, what a gorgeous house! Everything is simply lovely. I had a bit of a jarring moment going from the traditional foyer into a very modern living room though. Everything in there is beautiful, but I think an easier transition of styles would be nice. I agree with the commenter who suggested removing the seagrass rug behind the living room sofa. And I would actually swap the furniture on the sun porch with the living room furniture. Move the blue sofa and cream club chairs into the living room, and completely remove the orange chairs. Keep the orange print accent pillows for the chairs, and use the cream and orange pillows on the blue sofa. The coffee table would stay. Move those large blue ginger jars from the sun porch and put them on that large credenza in the living room. In fact, I’d be tempted to swap the credenza in the living room with the whitewashed piece in the sunroom, and put the modern lamps in the sunroom. .

    Now, in the sun porch, use the more modern cream sofa and chairs, keeping the ottomans, but arrange all in a less formal way. I’d remove the two chairs in the bay window as well, replacing them with some beautiful plants.

    Finally, I would stage the turquoise room and the bonus room as bedrooms. The bonus room would be a great bunk area for a bunch of kids.

    Now get some new photos done by a professional photographer, and find a selling agent that knows how to write a good description and market well.

    Best of luck to you selling your home, Cyndi! Can’t wait to see what you do in your next home!ReplyCancel

  • Briar - August 9, 2018 - 11:24 PM

    Lovely home! My sister-in-law has two homes in St. Simons so I have visited. I am from the West coast now so don’t know the vibe for the more Southern formality when living in a vacation environment. I have helped people stage their homes and you get to a point where you just have to say that if a buyer cannot visualize a different scenario, then tough. This is where a good realtor should be helping the buyer visualize.

    This decorating has connected all the dots. Now it needs some more warmth and life. So just for the sake of tweaking what you have but not necessarily thinking it will ‘make the sale’:

    1. Take out the rug that divides the living and dining spaces.

    2. Get a top rug in the living area that has a bit more color to it for differentiation.

    3. Move the living room rug, if it works, to line up with the edge of the cabinet to the right of the fireplace (or split the difference) and then spread your living room furniture farther apart. It is cramped into a pod. Too much space left on the right side. I like to feel like I can walk into the conversation pod and not have to squeeze my way in. Space = luxury!

    4. Many hard surfaces. Painted wood, ceramics, photographs in rigid frames, metal, etc. Baskets are a cheap and plentiful way of softening — and there are some more tightly woven ones that can blend with your more formal style. Use a basket tray on the kitchen counter or a wooden bowl with some fruit. Basket trays are great anywhere in my opinion. Use one on under a group of your blue pottery in the guest bedroom. Pottery Barn has some nice ones. Use some pillar candles on coffee tables or side tables in their natural state (not in containers) on one of your nice ceramic plates or group different sizes on a platter. Use BIG baskets by the blue couch in your casual room (cheaper for now than side tables) and roll up some blankets in them or if they are smaller put some magazines. This will tone down the rigidity of that couch. Stack books under the very tiny plants you have used. Get BIGGER plants and have them fill space with greenery. Yin and yang. Counter all the ‘hardness’ with some softness and natural materials. Look in your closets and think about how to use what you have in different ways! Let’s get a nubby throw drapes over that blue couch to relax it some!
    5. Yes, sofa table behind the living room sofa and a table or an antique chair on the wall across from it. Get a basket with a big ole plant in it for one of them. A lamp with a fabric shade that is textural.
    6. Think of getting a outdoor rug for under your conversation pod on the patio. The floor of the patio is the same color as the walls of the house and it looks anemic. Ikea has decent looking ones for cheap. maybe a cluster of pots with plants where the side of the house meets the patio surface.
    7. Big ole basket at the foot of the guest bedroom bed for some texture and naturalness.
    8. I would evaluate everything you have a plant in for size and for a different option than ceramic. And think of things for the wall that are possibly not a framed piece of art. Could be an oil painting with no frame, a painting on wood, a basket, a wall vessel with dried or real flowers on the wall or fiber art/small rug to hang.

    So think of adding some natural and textural elements to breath some life into a nicely decorated home that got just a little one dimensional. The base is there, now breathe some life into it!ReplyCancel

  • Lorri - August 9, 2018 - 4:44 PM

    I’m going to comment before reading the other comments, so as to not be too influenced. 😉

    1) The main problem is the wide-angle lens is distorting the room proportions and making the rooms look too wide and the ceiling too low. Re-photograph with a normal lens.

    2) Too many rugs – looks like a runway.

    3) Paint all the ceilings downstairs a pale blue. Not only it that a southern tradition, but I think it might lift the ceilings visually. So the same for some of the upstairs rooms too.

    4) I think the exterior should be white instead of a sandy color.

    That’s all I’ve got. It’s a beautiful house and already well decorated. I don’t think the open kitchen bothers people in vacation areas.ReplyCancel

  • Hollie @ Stuck on Hue Pillows - August 9, 2018 - 3:39 PM

    Beautifully decorated home, Cyndi! I would reorganize the photos, as I don’t believe they explain the flow of the home. I would start with your best one or two photos of the front of the home, then the entry and the downstairs common rooms. There is no photo showing where the microwave area connects to. I assume it’s under the stairs, but a wider shot of the kitchen showing that area as well will make the kitchen look larger. Then the master bedroom and bathroom. Delete the photo of just the tub, but where is the shower? Then the other bedrooms and bathroom on the first floor. Next, show the stairway up to the second master, then show that bedroom, bathroom, and the balcony. Lastly, rear exterior photos.

    I can’t tell from the listing photos or written description whether you actually back up to the golf course, or whether it’s just in the neighborhood. How far from the beach/other amenities (by golf cart ride or walking or whatever)? Is the second master suite the only thing upstairs? If so, call it a second master suite and say it has a PRIVATE screened balcony/porch. That would appeal more to people wanting more privacy for adult children or other adult relatives who visit. I would stage the turquoise bedroom with more beds (at least two twins, or maybe a bunk and a twin), and ditch the seating and desk (or use the desk as a nightstand in between the beds). I would stage the upstairs bedroom as a master bedroom. You’ve already got two different living/family room areas downstairs as it is, so a third is overkill because you want to show how many people the home can sleep. In the description, play up the indoor/outdoor living and the amazing outdoor spaces you have. The description can do a lot more to show off the features that make buyers get excited about a property.

    I agree with other suggestions to ditch a couple of the rugs, and maybe some of the orange accents, but I really think it’s more about staging the home to maximize its assets and describing it in a way that draws people in to make that appointment to see it. Best of luck in your sale and your new adventure!ReplyCancel

    • Lorri - August 9, 2018 - 4:47 PM

      GOOD POINT!!!

      The order of the photos is not drawing people in. Need to see the front of the house first, and then the flow of the floor plan.ReplyCancel

  • Pinkie Crabtree - August 9, 2018 - 1:55 PM

    I love it. I would move in a minute. Yes, I would put in a pool.ReplyCancel

  • susie - August 9, 2018 - 1:50 PM

    the seagrass rugs are a little too bland for me. Also putting something on the back side of the sofas. I think the house is gorgeous, must be overpriced, who knows. some people probably need to be closer to civilization.
    Just got back from a 18-day trip through wildfire country. Please keep those folks in your prayers.ReplyCancel

  • eileen lonergan - August 9, 2018 - 9:34 AM

    I would love a house on St. Simons and think this is lovely. How about sending the photos to Linda Holt for editing? She has a great eye and so pleasant to work with. Happy vacation Laurel, you deserve a little time away!ReplyCancel

    • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 4:04 PM

      Editing isn’t going to change the perspective distortion in these images.ReplyCancel

  • MJ - August 9, 2018 - 9:00 AM

    With all these great ideas, this house will sell as soon as the suggestions are put into play. What a fabulous audience Laurel has!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Parnassus - August 9, 2018 - 2:15 AM

    Hello Laurel, Interesting how many basic points come out repeated in several comments, so I don’t have to harp on them too much. The distorted photos not only make the house look peculiar, they would probably cause distrust and confusion in those who have looked at many houses. I also agree about the open staircase, especially if that is supposed to be the main one. The door at the top is a psychological nightmare, Edith Wharton notwithstanding.

    This post has made me realize something about many of the interior photos I have been seeing recently. In large open spaces, rooms are indicated by islands of rugs with no relation to the walls, which surround these impenetrable islands across their moats of wood or stone flooring.* This looks bad and makes me feel constrained, as though no comfortable activities could go on in that room. I would get rid of some of the rugs (as others have suggested) and relate the room stage-sets to the walls and to the entire floor plan. These seem like quibbles, but I guess when people are spending that much, small defects loom large.

  • don - August 8, 2018 - 10:10 PM

    This is going to sound weird to most readers, I fear, but looking at the exterior, my impression was of a house pinned under blazing sun, and the spidery shadows of the trees shading the house only heightened that impression. I’d hoped that the interior of the home would contrast, would be a respite from that mottled exterior, a cool, visually simple, aesthetically “clean” break from that outside visual. So, looking at the interior, I was dismayed that the otherwise impeccable surroundings were again disturbed by shadows…this time of the lamps, which cast very explicit lines onto what would otherwise be unbroken areas of light on ceilings and walls. I’ve worked in film and comics and now paint, and this was the only “flaw” I could see (other than lack of a pool, which is easily remedied) to account for why this nice crib hasn’t moved.
    If you look at film noir, or Hitchcock, or Rorschachs, you know that lines/shadows like that are used to induce a psychological tension, a sense of movement and at the same time, entrapment, and looking from room to room, almost every lamp casts those type of lined shadows. I say, change out those lamps; opt for lamps that cast “clean,” open shadows or no shadows at all, so that the interior of this lovely home in what is indisputably a sun-drenched climate can seem cool and calm. People make judgments very, very quickly, and, often, do so on an unconscious level, and I think that a quick, easy, inexpensive change (one electrician spends one day changing out lamps) might enable you to see this otherwise beautiful home quickly. I applaud your bravery–and Laurel’s openness to input and ideas– in putting this out there for people to say their piece. The people who’ve weighed in already were a pleasure to read…thanks for letting me put my two cents in!ReplyCancel

  • Caryl Stuart - August 8, 2018 - 9:16 PM

    If you look at the price history for this property, you see that it was purchased ( I assume by the current owners) on 3/7/17 for $1,050,000. Unless the market on St. Simon’s is really hot, it seems unrealistic to put the house back on the market a little over a year later (4/2/18) with an asking price that is 20.9% higher ($1,269,900). I see that the price has been lowered 9.4%, but I think the market is telling these sellers that the price is still too high. They are not selling decorating. They are selling square footage, which in many rooms seems hidden by rugs and carpets. They are also selling cubic feet and are at a disadvantage because of the low ceilings that are shown in so many of the photos. A majority of buyers do their browsing online and won’t even make an appointment to see this lovely home because the photos show the low ceilings. Maybe once in the rooms, the views distract you from the ceiling height or there are other nice features.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy - August 8, 2018 - 8:13 PM

    It’s a very pretty house in the pictures. There are a lot of very good comments and I agree with many of them.
    – Too many rugs as you enter. Remove the 2nd one in the living room that you see from the front hall.
    – Replace the clown painting with something else – clowns creep me out.
    – The front hall mirror is beautiful, but too ornate and doesn’t fit with the rest of the house. Go to Lowes, Target, Home Goods and get a more contemporary/transitional cheap replacement.
    – The staircase is my biggest “offender”. I’m sure it contributes a great deal to the openness of the floor plan – but the open risers just seem like an accident waiting to happen and the closed door at the top is not inviting/enticing anyone to go upstairs.
    – I think of family rooms as casual gathering places. This family room is not that. I like the idea of replacing the chandelier with a ceiling fan. Lose the blue velvet sofa. And, where do you put a TV?
    – Why is there a TV in the living room? Looks odd in such a structured formal room.(but big enough for the cook to see from the kitchen, I suspect)
    – yes -maybe more bedrooms/sleeping space is desired in this region – but this house backs up to a golf course. It’s NOT, IMHO, a year-round, live-in family house. Maybe the family comes to visit, but children, being children and making noise in the backyard is probably frowned upon by the adjacent golfers. So you are not marketing to families – you are marketing to empty-nesters who want their grandchildren to come visit twice a year. Take out the furniture in the upstairs open space and let buyers imagination run wild.

    There are other little things (bifold doors in the bedroom, wall to wall sisal?)

    At the end – there are buyers who have vision and buyers who don’t. If you get sucked into making a lot of changes to accommodate the buyers without vision, you are still going to lose money. Take all the great comments here, make a few minor changes and lower the price. There was a house down the street at 5 Kings Lane, built in 1997 – 4 bdrms, 4..5 baths, 3,442 SF that sold for $1.03M on 6/2017. BUT IT HAS A POOL. Another house nearly next door – 16 Kings Lane is on the market for a whopping $1.725M built in 1989 with 4 bdrms, 5 baths, 4850 SF,AND it has a pool, but its a flip. Last sold 5/2017 for $725,000.

    Save your money, fire the realtor and get one who can write an enticing description (just look at the description for the homes referenced), lower the price and get on with all the opportunities of your exciting new life.ReplyCancel

    • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 4:15 PM

      Ah, subjectivity…. one’s junk is another’s treasure. I think that ornate gold framed mirror, the console below and blue and white chinoiserie pieces are some of the most attractive things in the house, making for a classic entry, island home or elsewhere. These are all Timeless Elements of Design.

      To change out such beautiful quality items by going “to Lowes, Target, Home Goods and get a more contemporary/transitional cheap replacement.” IMO is a step in the wrong direction. Change out quality for inferior trendy cheap pieces??

      As I said in my comments, people need to look at the important things, that which will remain and what one person thinks should be changed, could be another person’s favorite thing. When something is of such quality, my decision would be, get over it, you’re not buying my furniture/accessories anyway. I think the foyer is stunning and it is Timeless. Very reflective of many of Laurel’s Design posts.ReplyCancel

    • Lorri - August 9, 2018 - 9:22 PM

      It’s not sisal. The LW said it’s wall-to-wall seagrass.ReplyCancel

  • Deborah Bethay - August 8, 2018 - 6:29 PM

    Cyndi, your house is beautiful and you have done a fabulous job decorating it. Hubby and I are 59 and are looking for a retirement home. I don’t know about your area but if I was looking there then the house is my only issue. I don’t care how many rugs you have, what color flowers etc. Here are my problems. I want my out of town kids and their families to come visit me. How do I make your house work for that? The idea of a huge dining room in the sun room appeals to me for big family dinners, especially with all those windows as the sun goes down. The other dining table looks great as a breakfast room. At my age I love the master bedroom on the first floor and the bathroom is wonderful. Love the walk in shower. I would like to see the third bedroom on the first floor as another bedroom for adults. That way two adult kids and spouses can come at the same time. I would like to see the 4th bedroom upstairs painted a more neutral color and staged as some kind of bunk room for the 4 plus grandkids. Cheers!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - August 8, 2018 - 6:21 PM

    This is a pretty home, in a great area and what a lifestyle you can have here! The copy and photos in the listing need to work a LOT harder to get this across!!

    Starting with the copy: REWRITE IT so the reader really gets this idea. The house is perfect for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle: play golf, go to the beach, go boating. Or, hang out at home: multilevel living with plenty of room for entertaining family and friends. At the end add more tactical items.

    EDIT THE PHOTOS: less is more! For the exterior pictures: you only need 4:
    1. the last photo in the listing is the prettiest!
    2. the one that looks up at the house and shows the symmetry (central 2 story flanked by two wings) and lush landscaping
    3. Aerial that shows how close it is to the water.
    4. Outdoor patio, only use the one, I like the one that looks away from the house

    Again, EDIT the interior photos, no need to show master bathtub twice, when it is so prominent in the first photo. Turquoise room, use the one looking towards the window, much prettier view of the room. Great room, use the photo that shows that bank of windows.

    I think this would go a long ways towards amping up the marketing and getting this home some attention.ReplyCancel

  • Ana - August 8, 2018 - 6:14 PM

    First of all, this is a gorgeous house and I’m sure the right buyer will come along soon. I agree with Laurel about the photography and turning the lights on. I think that for magazine shoots, the photographer brings a photography lamp, which you might consider if you redo the photos. Here are a few suggestions:

    I would eliminate the runner in the living room. As to the rug in the foyer, I would consider replacing it with an Oriental carpet that is a little shorter than the existing rug. The existing rug extends past an entrance on the right. Having a small carpet will help define the foyer a little better. The colors of an Oriental carpet would help warm up the foyer even more.

    The vignette on the mantel in the living room could benefit from non-electrified gold sconces or gold candelabra, or something gold that will complement the gold metal of the cover of the fireplace. It will help bring the eyes up. I also agree that adding a sofa table behind the sofa would be great. That would be a good place to place two lamps and eliminate the lamp from the end table next to the sofa. That end table, by the way, could be replaced by a slightly shorter, squarish table because the round table does not seem grounded to me.

    Regarding the photo of the kitchen and dining room, the wall that is visible behind the stairs could use a large painting or something with some color.

    The furniture arrangement in the family room could be reoriented so that the back of the sofa faces the entry to the room from the adjacent room. And perhaps the upholstered chairs can face each other rather than being side by side, in order to give the arrangement a more casual feel. I think the color of the sofa is too strong and could be softened with a nice blanket, scarf, whatever, draped over the back. There’s probably a name for what I am trying to say, but I can’t think of it at the moment. Yes, as to palm trees or some other plant in that room.

    The master bedroom is lovely. I would retake the photo with the pendant lights turned off. The shadows on the ceiling are too distracting for such a beautiful room.

    The upstairs room that Cyndi is not crazy about could use some artwork on the wall to the right of the closets. I am not sure what the curtain rods look like, but I wonder if the can be hung without the valance. Or perhaps do away with the curtains altogether and add a Fiddle Leaf for interest. Also, retake photo with lights off.

    I love the powder room. I think it can use a pendant light with more pizzazz. A red pagoda type lamp? I know this is silly, but if you retake the photo, replace the roll of toilet paper with a fuller one. Haha.

    In the listing, there is a photo of the balcony that shows two chairs and a table. I would remove the table and replace it with a garden stool (or something like the orange block in the garden) with the chairs facing out.

    That’s all I can think of. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Wendy - August 8, 2018 - 4:54 PM

    My two cents: It’s a gorgeous property and a lot of thought and good taste has gone into the furnishing.


    The furniture is formal for the look of the look of what would a relaxed vacation house. Starting with the entry chest and gold mirror, which are a little intimidating.

    The living room has a lot of legs and hard edges- legs on the couch, the chairs, the side tables and the consoles. I imagine that softer, beachier furniture, that is more casual and inviting to sink into might align better with the house and appeal to buyers.

    In the dining room, I would consider taking down the drapes – a print on the chairs and the drapes distracts from the room.

    Likewise, the blue couch in the family room demands attention away from the wall of windows and the view that should sell the house in an instant.

    I would consider renting some soft, neutral casual furniture, take down some of the showier pieces so that the house itself stands out more. And put in more beds to show off the number of bedrooms.ReplyCancel

  • Nicole - August 8, 2018 - 4:43 PM

    What about staging the multi-function space as more of a sleeping porch/bunkroom with conversation areas to catch the breeze post dinner over a bottle of wine? Southern Living has had a few examples over the spring and summer issues. Also agree about covering so much of the beautiful floors downstairs. Lovely home!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - August 8, 2018 - 4:22 PM

    First I love the house and most of its furnishings! The bathroom wallpaper is beautiful. But I agree with most about the middle rug. It hides the lovely floors. If she added a table behind the couch, I noticed plugs for a pair of lamps. And the clown picture I find scary.

    The kitchen is small, for me anyway. Not much you can do about that.

    I thought people’s ideas about getting more beds in the house a good one as this area is a holiday destination.

    I have recently been searching houses in Florida myself and I noticed many have either a screened pool or Lanai. It’s hot and buggy in SC so I would check to see if this is a standard thing for this area…

    I wish them the best of luck in selling. It’s a lovely house, they just need the right buyers.ReplyCancel

  • Susan - August 8, 2018 - 3:26 PM

    The pictures seem to highlight the fact that there is a lot of space used only as walkways. Either new pictures are required or some slight furniture adjustments should be made – as has been mentioned in other comments. As an fii, I love the orange and blue. Also even though the washroom wallpaper is beautiful, it restricts the color schemes of others. I love your house! Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Henderson - August 8, 2018 - 1:57 PM

    The first thought I had when reading Laurel’s description was that it was a beach house. But when I saw the photos it looked like a formal city house for an retired couple. If people expect a beach house vacation rental then I’d stage as such.ReplyCancel

    • Wendy - August 8, 2018 - 4:56 PM

      My sentiments exactly. Needs to staged to feel more relaxed like a vacation rental.ReplyCancel

    • Beth - August 8, 2018 - 2:12 PM

      Lisa, I agree. I love the house and everything in it for a semi-retired couple. It is perfect for them. But now that they want to sell it, it needs to appeal to all ages. I am a certified stager and previously listed things that I thought could be changed with very little money.ReplyCancel

      • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 4:32 PM

        In all due respect, IMHO, no home will ever appeal to all ages – period! There are (some) much older people who are used to dated things, (some) boomers who prefer Classic Design, most younger people who think HGTV is the be all and end all and that the likes of Pottery Barn and Home Goods reflect the ultimate in an interior! There are those who think trends equal quality Design and others who understand the difference in Timeless Style.
        Identifying the MOST likely target market for a home is key, but with a home as tasteful as this, I’d like to think buyers in that financial category would be savvy enough to realize they are NOT buying the Seller’s personal furnishings and accessories and can visualize a space as their own along with its many possibilities. Sure, one should make that visualizing as easy as possible, but where does it stop!?
        To say (as I read above) some of the basically neutral wall colors should be repainted in essentially other neutral wall colors?? To change the gorgeous blue and white chinoiserie powder room paper because it might not go with someone’s style?? What about the many people who may be thrilled that the powder room has a finished look and love that wall paper? I would love it! And given that it is not offensive, better to allow someone to make their own change than to destroy something timeless and tasteful in the event that the new home owner may love it! There is nothing offensive in this home. Anything can be tweaked to death but no one will never please all of the people all of the time and this is not a home with issues that are screaming to be changed.ReplyCancel

  • megan - August 8, 2018 - 1:32 PM

    Not a deal-breaker but those open stairs with the white metal railing look very dated.ReplyCancel

  • Genie - August 8, 2018 - 1:21 PM

    I LOVE what a woman named Cheryl adviced in an earlier post on this thread, and I want to say your home is divine and thankfully you are leaving for a dream job and other opportunities, because you would have to remove me from your property kicking and screaming. The decor is lovely and I do believe when the right buyer comes along they will snatch it up. But in the words of my often wise husband “Be patient young Jedi”. Your buyer will come. Say some prayers over that house!! Your in a higher price point, with a higher end property….it may take some time. I’m in the same boat and feel your pain, and it’s enormously frustrating. I know you got a lot of advice on here, and a lot of it involved spending more time and money that I’m sure you don’t want to spend, and frankly, I think it would be ludicrous to do that. My realtor told me anything above half a million or so is a tough market right now and I live in the south also. 😘❤️👍🏻 Hang in there, make sure you have an awesome realtor and that property will be gone soon enough.ReplyCancel

    • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 4:36 PM

      Well said!! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Valerie - August 8, 2018 - 7:40 PM

      I also feel that your realtor has let you down. I’d look for someone with more experience who is motivated to get the house sold and knows how to go about it! This house should have sold long ago!!ReplyCancel

    • Diane - August 8, 2018 - 1:44 PM

      I agree with Genie and Susan! Best responses so far!ReplyCancel

  • Susan - August 8, 2018 - 12:41 PM

    Oye!… Do nothing..add plants if you wish..the home is wonderful and you are waiting for the right buyer… I have been in this exact situation. You just need to be patient… there is NO perfect home. i owned a stunner… took me a year to sell it and when i did…wait for it… the offer was 10K more than asking with a bidding war…and it was on for a YEAR. Make sure your RE is keeping it on the market… hate them but do open houses.. good luck and stay strongReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - August 8, 2018 - 12:36 PM

    What a beautiful house! The toile bathroom is perfect. Makes me wish I wasn’t in Canada : ) .

    Staging for selling makes me sad, so many buyers have no imagination. But so many good ideas here: new photos and addition of floor plan (plus there is a typo in the first sentence of the listing, and a few others throughout), and why is the first photos in the listing not of the front of the house? And yes, some containers with flowers to add some color. Also, does the house need a/c?, a more beachy/casual entrance to set the tone for the rest of the house (different mirror, chest, chairs, art — think more bamboo/rattan and painted furniture, less gilt etc.), remove the rugs in kitchen and btw kitchen and living room, replace orange touches with green, remove clown picture, staging the multi-function room as a bunk room with two sets of bunk beds and a games table with a board game set up (or coloring books and crayons etc). Maybe some pale green or blue towels instead of the white monogrammed ones. I can see where some might find the turquoise room off-putting — either add a set of bunkbeds, or at the least remove the valences and llama art, and replace with something like a large vintage area map.ReplyCancel

  • Anne Baker - August 8, 2018 - 12:08 PM

    A beautiful home for sure. I agree with many of the comments. As a regular person (not a realtor or designer) of retirement age I’ll offer my humble opinion. I am into horticulture and your yard screams for flowers and water. The large trees are wonderful and would be complemented by smaller native flowering trees. Many beautiful flowering shrubs available, containers of flowers on the patio, flowers in the beds, fountain on the patio, koi pond out further with seating area. Inside have some plants- not fiddle leafs, they are hard to grow and go downhill quickly. Some more color on the walls, show the floors with some small colorful rugs. Although beautiful it does not seem relaxing. I would want an island retreat to be relaxing and surrounded by nature. Add some ahhh. Of things out of your control I’d view potential flooding as the biggest concern, maybe specific data from previous hurricanes, etc not getting close to house ? Good luck, it is lovely in a formal way.ReplyCancel

  • Anne Lynn Jarman - August 8, 2018 - 12:04 PM

    Sorry mrs ben it was Dee dee who was unaware of how heat pumps worked my deepest apologies.
    Dee dee—> the heat pump lesson is for you!!!!ReplyCancel

    • mrsben - August 8, 2018 - 1:34 PM

      @Anne: An honest mistake with so many comments and apology accepted. ☺ -Brenda-ReplyCancel

  • Anne Lynn Jarman - August 8, 2018 - 12:00 PM

    @mrs ben
    A heat pump is not a swamp cooler or analogous to one. It is a method of heat exchange which is super efficient above 32deg Fahrenheit for both heating and cooling. It is the preferred method if you cannot or choose not to have natural gas heating and heat pump AC. Natural gas heating would kicking in during the rare instance that the temperature went below 32-34 deg. Otherwise the heat pump depends on auxiliary heating which is electric and very expensive.ReplyCancel

    • Dee-Dee - August 9, 2018 - 1:11 AM

      Thanks for the lesson, Anne! Not something I’ve ever seen here in LA.ReplyCancel

  • Libby - August 8, 2018 - 11:55 AM

    Another comment: Cyndi you have done a beautiful job decorating and of course it and all the renovations were done with a plan to remain in a full-time home. I hope that restaging, new photos, re-written listing and additional listing exposure in other markets will sell it without major additional work.
    It’s not in the post but perhaps you’ve already moved or your husband has already relocated for that dream job. So you have my sympathy.ReplyCancel

  • Morgan - August 8, 2018 - 11:45 AM

    I disagree with most of the above. I love the orange, the gorgeous art and the “ Chinese “ accents. I’d cut you a check today if the funds were available! I would however remove the rug behind the sofa in the main living room, and have the listing description reworked. Better photos with all the natural light you can muster. You have a lovely home, the right buyer is surely coming!ReplyCancel

  • Beth - August 8, 2018 - 11:44 AM

    First of all, I love this house and all of the decorations for living there!! It’s perfect. But as a certified and professional stager, I would do some different things for selling. Decor for living and decor for staging are two very different things.
    -Love the landscaping. It’s relaxing and beautiful.
    -Main entrance- Replace everything there to more casual furniture. The chest, mirror, and art are too formal looking for the area. The rug is also too big. First impressions are very important.
    -Living room- Remove all the orange color and replace with neutral or blue color. Remove the clown picture. Remove the rug on top of the sisal (you don’t need a rug on top of a rug). Remove the rug behind the sofa. Love the sofa and coffee table. Replace the table next to the sofa with a table that is more like the coffee table. Change the blue lamp and jars to simplier accessories. There are too many jars in the house. Add a large plant or two. I love the jars, but not everyone will.
    -Kitchen- Put a plant on the counter. Put a tray with 2 small coffee mugs, bag of coffee, and small coffee pot in the tray for lifestyle look. Remove the rug.
    -Dining table – Love the light fixture. Remove everything on the table except the plant.
    Sunroom – Replace the two ottmans with a glass top coffee table. Change the orange lampshade to white. Remove everything on top of the chest except the plant. Raise the shades all the way up.
    Master bedroom – I love this room and the bathroom. I would only remove the orange pillow.
    Aqua room- Take all the drapes down. Change the aqua color accents to the blue being used in the other rooms. Change this to a kid’s room. Use twin beds with the white night table between them. Love, love, love the ceiling fixture, white chairs, and ottaman.
    Upstairs bath – Replace the mirror with a simpler one. Use a white or navy towel and put a plant on the counter.
    Upstairs navy bedroom – Love the navy color and night tables! Change the lamps on the night tables to white. Remove the jar from the dresser. Remove the orange frames. Maybe change the wall picture.
    Bathroom with wallpaper – Remove the wallpaper!
    Balcony room – Love this room. It looks big enough to maybe add a game table and large tv. This is a great family entertainment room.ReplyCancel

    • Joanne - August 10, 2018 - 6:55 AM

      My absolute favorite thing in this house are the pops of orange seen throughout!ReplyCancel

    • Robin - August 9, 2018 - 4:46 PM

      Beth, I think you’re on point with your suggestions, and they’re all easy fixes that will make this beautiful home look approachable & fresh.ReplyCancel

    • Louise - August 8, 2018 - 2:04 PM

      Great analysis! I reviewed the frames one by one to check out your suggestions. You put a lot of work into it! Funny how you fixate on the orange stuff. But I see your point.ReplyCancel

      • Beth - August 8, 2018 - 2:40 PM

        Louise, blue is appealing to just about everyone. Some people love orange and others don’t like it at all. Many people can’t see past the decor when looking to buy a house so it needs to be “staged” to appeal to a lot of buyers of different ages. I personally love the house the way it is; but for selling, many will think the house looks dated when all it really needs is updated decor. I tried to suggest easy things to do that wouldn’t cost a lot to change.ReplyCancel

  • Libby - August 8, 2018 - 11:39 AM

    There are mentions of moving the sink to the window. There isn’t room for a centered sink and a dishwasher next to it in the layout. Unless the fisheye photography has distorted that area to look narrower than it is.

    Many excellent and interesting suggestions about staging and the listing.

    Interestingly, Laurel’s recent post about the older home update, showcased a similar beamed ceiling treatment (with a beadboard ceiling). I think the SSI photos are highlighting the ceiling detail but as mentioned the photos make the 9-10’ ceilings look lower than they are!
    Also, the upper cabinets do “go all the way” to the ceiling! To the ceiling beam! Whether you like that is taste again.ReplyCancel

  • LINDA - August 8, 2018 - 11:24 AM

    You’ve gotten plenty of good advice but to put it simply– It is a dated look and too busy and too much work for someone to do to make it their own (wallpaper/paint, etc). I think currently buyers want fresh and neutral, less is more look. Good luck with this beautiful home and property!ReplyCancel

  • Cynthia Lambert - August 8, 2018 - 10:55 AM

    The clown picture would absolutely send me screaming out the front door. Big, BIG no-no. Puts people off immediately. I would be so creeped out by it that I wouldn’t even finish viewing the house. Love the turquoise room, but the daybed needs to go under the llama picture. Furniture should never go in front of windows. Same for the sideboard in front of the windows in the family room. No leather seating! Not in the heat of Georgia. The Mies van der Rohe chairs in the turquoise room look terribly uncomfortable and are too modern. There should be wicker or white rattan chairs there. And the gold leather chairs need to go also. The entry is gorgeous. But, much as it pains me, it is too formal (never thought those words would come out of my mouth, because I am Miss Formal), and sets the wrong expectation for the house. The long rugs in the entry and living room should go, and the sofa and chairs “expanded” into the room more. It’s a large room, but it is cut in half visually by the rug and furniture placement. The risers on the stairs should be closed off, and the space under the stairs utilized for storage, or made into part of the kitchen. Hard to understand why the kitchen sink is there. It must always go under the window. The multipurpose room is actually a master suite and should be shown as such. It’s a huge plus, and it is doing nothing for the house the way it is being shown now. It’s very “officey” and one should remember that this is supposed to be a vacation/retirement house. Realtors tell me that what people are looking for these days is TWO master suites, so there you have it. And the black table and chairs on the balcony need to go away, replaced by a few wicker chairs. The blue and white bathroom is the prettiest in the house, and should remain exactly as it is. The master bath is screaming for colour. The fresh flowers are white and disappear in that interior, so a colourful bouquet would add a nice splash. Some blue towels would go a long way here, much as I love the monogrammed ones. The “family room” should be shown as a sunroom/enclosed porch, and lose the long blue sofa. All of the shades should be pulled completely up for the pictures, and there should be very casual, slipcovered furniture in there, and lots of wicker. Think of it as a porch, even though it is inside the house. It should visually join with the outside with lots of plants and open windows and should be photographed during the time of day when the outside light equals the inside light levels, so it all merges together. Colour accent walls are out, so the dark blue wall needs to go, and any other dark walls in the house, like the multipurpose room. The description in the listing is not too bad, but the mention of previous renovations is superfluous and negative. More should be made of the location. Location, location, location! It is private, has a long circular drive, and in the best part of the island. Sliding doors are a negative, and should be replaced with French doors. The photos have too much ceiling showing, and pot lights are out, so not showing the recessed lighting is a good thing. The hanging fixtures are all fine, but photos should be made with them off. Chinoiserie is the hot thing, so all of it should stay. And the pops of orange – genius! Keep them all. Add some light blues to the bathroom with the seagrass walls. The interior shutters are all rather unfortunate. Even though they are shown with louvers open, they visually close in the space. If they could be opened out for photos, it should be done. There is another type of interior louvered shutter that folds in half vertically, and is what should have been used. Kitchen needs more soft furnishings – maybe a valance at the window, and some colourful dish towels and a few cooking tchatchkes. It’s too spare right now. Exterior photos are fine, and the golf shots = great! It’s a lovely home, with a lot of pluses. On Zillow, there is a section called, “What I love about the home”, where the owner talks about the great aspects of living there. Something like that should be incorporated into the listing description. This house has too much going for it which is not mentioned in the description. And the owners may have to be a bit more patient, if listings are taking 12 months to sell. And get rid of that awful clown! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • DL - August 8, 2018 - 10:37 AM

    Are the newer homes on stilts? Price, flood insurance and most people can’t see what’s in front of them. What a pretty home. It definitely is a retirees home. On a golf course,quiet setting. Still you can change up a few things. The sun room seems very heavy with the blue sofa. Try one of the outdoor wicker sofas and see how that looks. Take out the orange chairs in the living room . Take out the clown pic, and I think all the art in the living room while beautiful might just block others ability to see the space. The bonus space is a waste of space. Take out the mustard chairs, you could try the wicker in there. Put another umbrella outside to make the view fuller. Get rid of the orange. Use green or pink. The fan over the stove could be replaced( along with the cabinet )with something sleek to give it a bit of shine. And I love the pantry with the dishwashers! More pics and if the laundry is nice pics of that too. DLReplyCancel

  • Emily Sandelin - August 8, 2018 - 10:28 AM

    I agree on staging the house for a more “beachy, vacation-style look”. The decorating is lovely but makes it hard to imagine my furniture/design style in the home. Four things stood out as visually jarring:
    1) the orange chairs/accents. Many folks don’t like orange—replace with green.
    2) open stairs with transition from brown floor to white wall with light underneath. Looks very jarring. Perhaps a cheaper way to give more cohesiveness would be to paint the treads white and the wall behind brown to match the floor or tan to match the sea grass and put a sea grass rug over the floor to create a visual sense of treads. Ground the area with a large plant. Turn off that light!! Open the door at the top of the landing with a plant to make that space seems more welcoming.
    3) the heavy formal valence in the spare room—Take it down.
    4) massive refrigerator. At minimum, stage with a lush green plant or large flower arrangement on the peninsula corner. Set the table to draw the eye there.ReplyCancel

  • Marilyn Gilak - August 8, 2018 - 10:15 AM

    What a lovely home! The only thing that I see that I’m not crazy about are the neutral rugs in the main area, they kind of take over and you can’t see those beautiful floors as well.ReplyCancel

  • mrsben - August 8, 2018 - 10:13 AM

    To begin; took a virtual tour and agree with you Laurel when comparing it to the photos the latter are terribly distorted and to a point, misleading. To conclude and being brief as possible; IMHO it appears to be a lovely home with a location that no doubt appeals to a certain market however to be honest ‘personally’ I couldn’t care less how it is decorated or staged. That being said my main concern would be the home’s main features itself as to its structure, location, fixed elements and general layout. i.e.: Is the structure sound and is it located in a flood zone or built on swamp land? Due to the golf course, are there current privacy issues or is it possibly slated for future sale to make way for the redevelopment of a mega mall or housing community? What would I want to change (the open staircase for sure) and the additional costs involved? In summary; do wish Cyndi success in selling her home and hopefully there will soon be a buyer who has vision that appreciates it for its bones/location and will soon snap it up to make it their own.

  • Dee-Dee - August 8, 2018 - 10:11 AM

    I agree with many of the suggestions above- too many rugs (makes people think you are hiding wood floor flaws), more beachy (maybe whiter paint), plants, flowers. But the one thing that jumped out at me on the listing was that the heating and cooling is by ‘ heat pump’. Unfamiliar with this on the west coast so i looked it up. This is apparently just an air transfer kind of thing like a swamp cooler. So no AC! This would be a problem for me in a house in this price range! It can be very hot and humid there. And the thought of putting it in- ducting, etc.- would be very daunting. If you are showingthis house in August it would be noticed as soon as someone walked in the door. And that’s pretty much when most people decide about a new home- in the first few minutes. If I got this wrong just disregard! 🙂
    Beyond this, this is a beautiful home! The decorating is lovely- so sorry you have to leave it- it looks like a labor of love.ReplyCancel

    • Sharon - August 9, 2018 - 5:49 PM


      I don’t know what you read about a heat pump but it’s definitely not like a swamp cooler! Heat pumps are used extensively in warm climates because they offer both air conditioning and heating in one unit. I’ve had three heat pumps with the most recent one installed last summer. While the unit we choose was more expensive than most it’s quietly and efficiently cooling my home to 74 degrees even when it’s 110 degrees outside (I live in Tucson, AZ).ReplyCancel

  • Susan - August 8, 2018 - 10:05 AM

    Cyndi, your home is beautiful. I agree with Laurel about adding more greenery and possibly new photos. As a former realtor, something that stuck out are the amount of rugs. Your floors are beautiful so I would remove a couple, say behind the sofa and in the kitchen. The three principles of home sales never change: location, condition, and price. All three have to align. Best of luck to you!ReplyCancel

  • Elaine Peterson - August 8, 2018 - 9:40 AM

    Beautiful home…..gorgeous. 3 months is not a long time in that price range I am thinking. A royal pain, of course, but not that long in the grand scheme of things. We have just built a home in a resort / retirement community and one of the most popular features with our builder has been a walk-in pantry with closed in lower cabinets, a counter with electrical outlets for small appliances and painted wooden open shelving up to the ceiling, hidden behind tall cabinet doors. Perhaps that is something that can be put under the stairway for minimal expense to counter the smaller kitchen size while adding some wow factor.
    Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Nikki - August 8, 2018 - 9:37 AM

    This place is gorgeous! I’d snatch it up in a heartbeat if I lived nearby. Some thoughts:
    -more plants
    -remove rugs where you want the flooring to show
    -inject some color on the first floor with easy accessories
    -get new photos taken per Laurels suggestion.
    -A really good book I’ve read on the subject is “home staging that works” by Star Osborne. The author goes into how home staging is different than decorating. You’re basically targeting a certain demographic. So for instance, an older baby boomer would prefer some type of library or office, a young couple would want a child’s bedroom, and so on.

    All that being said, the housing market is insane right now. Just hang in there and give it time.ReplyCancel

  • Merri - August 8, 2018 - 9:20 AM

    A beautiful home but what kind of home is it?
    A second retirement home?
    A home for possible rental?
    An empty nester full time home?
    A full time family home?
    For the first two, a pool is a must. Preferably with a lanai due to all the critters who will also make themselves at home in a pool. It is very hot, humid, and buggy in that area so while an outdoor area for sitting is nice, it might not be used very much.
    If it is in a flood plain, I as a potential buyer might just look for something else not in a flood plain.
    Is this home on a golf course? A good and bad thing depending how you feel about golf.
    I like the privacy, but what is this a good house for a family? Where is the neighborhood? What are the schools like?
    My point in this is seller and realtor need to decide what KIND of home they want to market.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - August 8, 2018 - 9:20 AM

    Your home is gorgeous! And in my favorite place – St. Simons.

    Have you looked at what IS selling that’s comparable to your house? That might offer clues. If you really want to move it, try a price drop and see if that brings in new buyers. Also, I agree with Laurel about getting new photos.

    Good luck! Wish I could buy it.ReplyCancel

  • GGG - August 8, 2018 - 8:59 AM

    Tons of great comments. Seems to be some confusion on whether the master is on main floor or up. According to listing, master is on main, first floor. So that is a plus in a retirement area.

    I agree about the staircase. Perhaps could add more pantry storage under the staircase to block it in. Maybe update the railing to the staircase or paint it? Although that would mean spending money, of all the “fixes” the stairs would be my priority, as I think the majority of buyers do not like open stairs, especially in retirement area.

    The entry seems to set the stage for the house being a little more formal than many people like for the coastal area. An easy fix might be to move the gorgeous wood chest into another room and put one of the more beachy consoles or chests that I see in the pictures into the entry way. How about the painted one in the room with the blue velvet couch? and speaking of the blue velvet couch–maybe get an inexpensive white cotton duck slipcover? (If no-one will be sitting on it, it may stay on!)

    One more suggestion, move the formal looking dining table from being the kitchen table–get a big informal table in pine or something sturdy and beachy! Don’t know if there is another area that could be double purpose as a dining area.

    Finally, wallpaper doesn’t bother me–it is cute and fits blue scheme.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - August 8, 2018 - 8:29 AM

    Ok, I’ll put in my two cents and that is exactly what it’s worth. I am your target market. I just sold an expensive home in a southern tourist area (Charleston) and am building a home in a southern beach area, after looking at many homes for sale. Your home is lovely, everyone has different tastes, and you cannot chase around potential buyers. I think a pool is a turn off to many people, so I would not worry about that. I doubt there is anything you can do re decor to make this happen. Your house is clean and mostly neutral. Anyone who can afford that price should be able to mentally add beds or impose their own decor. My guess is it is a function of price, and competition and the number of potential buyers. Look closely at your competition at this price point and try to determine if you are competitive. It only takes one, and your decor will appeal to some and not to others. You cannot appeal to everyone. It may just take time.ReplyCancel

    • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 4:57 PM

      Exactly! It’s not like this home looks offensive. If anything I think the living room looks very dated, the furnishings, fireplace screen, etc. Looks like a well designed modern space straight out of the late 50’s early 60’s – Think set of “Mad Men.” (And yes, remove the Clown picture, LOL, dated and some people have a thing about clowns, LOL!)
      But again, people are NOT buying the furniture! There are a lot of plusses and it’s all out there for Buyers to see upon touring the home, it is what it is and there has to be enough buyers that can visualize out there.
      There are some great suggestions here, but there are some others that if I was buying the home and they changed, I’d be disappointed…. like that gorgeous timeless blue and white Chinoiserie paper in the powder room! Leave it! If someone doesn’t like it they can change it! But many people would love it. The turquoise in the upstairs bedroom, some may dislike, others may love it. People comment about making it have more of a beachy, island home look, well turquoise works. I personally think it’s a great beach color and it’s already there, so leave it for those who may love it, don’t destroy it. If someone doesn’t like it they can take it down. I love the idea of switching out living room furnishings with the family room, that’s using items already in the home with no additional expense and would give a better transition from the foyer to the living room. A Stager here recommended putting the shades in the family room all the way up…. WHY!? Perhaps to maximize the light but the space is quite bright. Shades all the way up just look wrong. Those shades allow light to come through and for all those saying the place should have an island feel, those shades have it. They are fairly high up but down enough to add their own bit of island style to the room.
      Suggestions to substitute quality items for “cheaper Home Goods” pieces!?!? Switch out a chandelier for a ceiling fan!? Seriously? This is a home in a million dollar market. OY!
      To Cyndi, fear not, your home will sell. Great suggestions here but some are in fantasy land where money is no object, others want you to change out your timeless classics for junk from Home Goods or the like! OY! Who knew what you were getting into here! LOL!! Great to get all perspectives though.
      Good Luck, you’ll be fine! Keep us posted!ReplyCancel

    • Valerie - August 9, 2018 - 6:57 AM

      Very much agree with all you said! Can’t keep redecorating to please everybody!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Lopez - August 8, 2018 - 8:23 AM

    Great decorating job! She should be very proud to have pulled off such a professional looking redecoration project all on her own (with advice from Laurel-of course.)

    I agree with a great many points made here-some from professional stagers like Lorrie.

    Though beautifully designed as a family home perhaps she should consider focusing on her target market. I would discuss with the realtor what kind of property the home’s visitors eventually purchased—were they looking for a leisure, golf, or beach property? As Lorrie so well stated “you’re selling a lifestyle”. Perhaps a few changes or the assistance of a home stager would be of some help. This way she wouldn’t have to purchase any new pieces that wouldn’t go with her new home. Changing out a few pieces and adding different artwork and repurposing some rooms using the staging company might be a good idea.

    I agree with you Laurel, that many of the homes in the area have a pool and well developed outdoor area to better enjoy the stellar garden. Maybe this is something she might consider undertaking in order to sell in the next year.

    It also seemed from the photos and video that the rooms on the ground level appear a bit dark and oppressive (this could also be the photographer) but if this is the case perhaps lighting issues should be examined and corrected.

    Finally, it appears from Zillow that many of the properties of similar size in the same area have been on the market for over a year to 18 months. Prices have dropped considerably in the area but it still seems her’s is well priced so lowering may not be as well received as creating a better impression for buyers.

    In any case, best wishes on your new home and a quick sale of this one.ReplyCancel

  • Bobbie - August 8, 2018 - 8:11 AM

    I think Deb has made some great points. I live “up the road” from Cyndi on Skidaway Island outside of Savannah. We purchased a home last year built in the 1980s (don’t get me started on how bad much of the architecture was back then) and spent six figures renovating the 80s out of the home.
    Cyndi, I think you’ve done a lovely job decorating – I agree it needs more warmth and greenery. It looks overly staged to me. I don’t agree all homes down here should be “beachy” in decor. Who wants to look the same as everyone else? I took a British colonial approach to decorating our home. There are many wonderful alternatives to blues and greens and oranges and blues are lovely!
    You’re not in that 300-500,000 dollar sweet spot, so I think you need more time on the market, you will probably need to lower the price and perhaps do a bit more adjusting to the interior. Good luck and thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

  • Myra Byrd - August 8, 2018 - 8:03 AM

    It’s a gorgeous home and decorated beautifully! Keep in mind though, it’s a vacation home market and people are buying The Dream. (I sold a fully furnished beach home I built and decorated that was 4 times that price a few years ago) The furnishings and decor, especially with 2 work/office spaces, don’t say “laid back vacation home.” Professional staging with more casual white slipcovered pieces and new photos without the wide angle lens would help. Some “rustic” pieces like coffee tables, baskets added. Pictures sell houses, especially in a market where buyers aren’t local. I agree with all the comments about the time on market. My only other thought is that the lovely seagrass rugs, especially in the hallways, cover up too much hardwood. Someone will want this beauty!ReplyCancel

  • Emmy Bronson - August 8, 2018 - 7:26 AM

    What a gorgeous home! Who couldn’t love this beauty? I couldn’t see any problem until I read the listing.

    Perhaps people may be frightened off because its in a flood zone and the homeowner requires flood insurance.

    Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • anaimal jam - August 8, 2018 - 4:26 AM

    The home is beautiful in every way. I think it is perfect. The kitchen is lovely. Maybe it just needs to be advertised in more areas. On an international site maybe. Someone who wants an amazing very livable home will jump on it.REPLYReplyCancel

  • Mistral - August 8, 2018 - 3:47 AM

    I’m Australian so can’t comment on local preferences and price points but would like to share an outsider’s impression. Your real estate people are your biggest handicap. ‘Overhaul’. Really?!? What horrendous calamity required not one, but two, complete overhauls? Overhauls are what you need when you’re broken down and in bad shape. The presenters have limited vocabulary; according to them everything is ‘amazing’ or ‘great’. Is it a common practice to have real estate agents performing? I found them off putting and kept wondering why the house needed overhauling.

    Your home is beautiful. There are aspects I find very appealing and some I don’t care for but that’s simply personal taste. You can’t please everyone and you really only need to appeal to the right one… the family with money to spend. Different real estate agents may do a better job of describing the assets of your home and its location. They may also make more sense of the layout and flow of your home. I hope you find your buyer soon.ReplyCancel

  • Debra Van Dyke - August 8, 2018 - 3:18 AM

    Laurel you asked for simple fixes so here they are.
    Rugs gone.
    Orange anything gone.
    Don’t repaint the house Gray inside or out.( begging you!)
    Taste specific art gone.
    Add soft blue green abstract art.. in place of anything that isn’t.
    Chinese style anything gone exception ginger jar.
    Remove the small accessories, if you feel you want some small items use some blue green glass floats.
    I’d strip the busy blue and white bathroom wallpaper and just have that room painted.
    That’s it.
    Gorgeous home Cyndi, you did a great job!ReplyCancel

    • Karen - August 8, 2018 - 9:05 AM

      Pretty much agree with Debra here! Might keep the Master Bedroom rug, for instance, but the ones lining the entry have to go!! You are selling the hardwood, not your rugs, and you’ll be surprised how much better the entry will photograph.
      Also, while the orange is gorgeous in decor, when photographed, it takes over the photo — that is why you remove it.
      Best of luck!ReplyCancel

  • Morgana - August 8, 2018 - 2:35 AM

    Honestly, I looked at the real estate available there and I think it’s primarily that at your price point houses are taking a year to sell. And that’s normal all across the US. This is a community of second homes and retirees. There are no jobs here, and that is why you are moving. The available pool of buyers is small. That’s just the way it is. You’ve only been on the market for 3 months.

    But the second issue is that you have a lot of competition. For $300k less a buyer could have a pool, or at your price point they could have waterfront. And there’s a house set at half your price that has a pool and a lot of “wow” factor. I suggest that you look at the houses that have sold in the last 3 months. If most of them were waterfront or had a pool then your price might be 100K too high because you don’t have those features.

    I know this is frustrating because you loved that house and bought it, and your price isn’t much higher than what you paid. But if you’re in any house for only a year you’re going to lose money when you sell. You haven’t been in that house long enough for appreciation to defray the sales costs. You have set the price $100k higher than what you paid for the house. I know that you’ll have sales costs but the market might not agree that it’s worth more now than it was a year ago.

    I would recommend (just my opinion) that you give it 3 more months. If it hasn’t sold by then, pull it from the market and be the first to market in March at the same price point. It will be received better and won’t be “stale”. If you must sell immediately then drop the price $50K and then 25K every 2 months until it sells. Taking a loss on a house is small potatoes compared to a dream job.ReplyCancel

    • Ana Pflueger - August 10, 2018 - 5:49 AM

      Spot on. Buyers are saavy and have done their comparison shopping. Do your research, what’s sold in the last 6 months and compare your amenities to theirs. A well staged home can tantalize a buyer but ultimately Buyers want to know they’re making a smart buy.ReplyCancel

    • Alice - August 8, 2018 - 8:28 AM

      I agree with everything you said, especially the price being too high. According to Zillow, in April the house was listed at 1,269,900 and the last time the price was dropped was 4/25 to 1,150,000. I’d drop the price by $10-$30k to drum up some new interest in the house.

      The house is decorated very nicely–aside from adding some plants/flowers I don’t see much that could be done to improve it on that front.ReplyCancel

    • Alexandra - August 8, 2018 - 7:06 AM

      Morgana has hit on the most salient points about this house: no waterfront, no pool, limited market of buyers, and stiff competition at this price point. I should know- it took me four years to sell an architecturally significant beautiful waterfront home in a retirement area. The problem was that it was Bauhaus style in an area where homes were either Colonial or Coastal Plantation style. The exterior was stucco which scared off many buyers and while situated on four acres of protected marsh with a dock, there was no deep water for a big boat, only kayaks, and canoes. We had to drop the price quite a bit until we found the “sweet spot” where all of a sudden everyone wanted the house. Cyndi’s house has only been on the market three months which is no time at all in this particular market. At the current listing price, people will expect a much more architecturally distinctive house. While beautifully landscaped, the house itself has no particular style. As others have pointed out, the interior design is too formal and stiff- people want that Coastal Southern look, with soft blues, aqua, grays and white and lots of wicker and rattan. I would suggest removing much of your large upholstered furniture and anything that’s too formal and have the house professionally staged for that Sea Island/Hilton Head look. The lovely blue and white wallpaper needs to go as do the blue walls and then you paint the whole interior white (see Laurel’s white paint selections). The kitchen is too small and open and the stairs are odd but it isn’t worth doing anything about those things at this point. What you need to do is drop your price so that buyers will feel that they have gotten such a great deal that they can tackle those issues themselves. Your personal taste is lovely but you will need to steel yourself to the fact that people want to be able to see themselves living in the house, not you. I sold a house in one day which was filled with $$$$ wallpaper but which I removed and then painted everything white. It killed me to see all that gorgeous wallpaper go but it wasn’t going to be my house anymore! Good luck- there is a ton of great advice in the comments for this post!ReplyCancel

    • Sarah - August 8, 2018 - 7:05 AM

      Living for the 2nd time in the Glynn County area I am shocked at real estate prices. As Morgana stated, the home owners are primarily 2nd homes and retirees. The area depends upon the FLETC and most permanent staff can’t afford the price point, especially if they will be transferring out with their agencies in 3-5 years. As many agencies rely on TDY staff, homeowners on SSI are commanding federal per diem rates but this administration has already threatened to shut down the government in the fall so that well may dry up. After two hurricanes/tropical storms in two years there is some trepidation when it comes to purchasing. I think the market is slowly correcting itself, the past several years in Georgia (2014 to present) houses in the $400+ price point were selling quickly and for a pretty penny but now its settling to a realistic point. All that aside, if I could afford it I’d buy it! Beautifully decorated.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - August 8, 2018 - 2:28 AM

    Your house is lovely. You’ve given me some great ideas! That said, I think you need a new realtor. The listing descriptions vary from site to site, and all need work. For example, “Home has had two major renovations.” That only serves to emphasize the non-updated (and non-updatable) features and, to me, reads as “this house is so old it’s been renovated multiple times.” Something more like “beautifully maintained and tastefully updated” would be better. In terms of house details, the wall to wall seagrass rugs in the bedrooms would be an issue for me (wall to wall of any type would be). As mentioned, the kitchen is quite small. I read there is a pantry. More attention needs to be drawn to that. Maybe some outdoor rugs to break up all the beige on the outside spaces? The mixing of door styles (paneled and louvered) would bother me. The kitchen would be the deal breaker for me. I don’t know the market, but a quick look online makes it seem the price per square foot it a little high. Maybe that, combined with the kitchen, is the issue? If the lot is as unique as others have posted, that should be the first line in the listing. “One of the most beautiful, private lots in highly desirable….” The realtor needs to be able to explain how you have worked around the small kitchen (the pantry, is there other storage? A second fridge nearby?). Good luck.ReplyCancel

  • Maryanne - August 8, 2018 - 2:23 AM

    A lovely home for sure, and as great as the decor is, it works for the home that it is for Cyndi and her hubs. I agree that it needs to be staged in a more “beachy” way…watery blues, greens and sand/gray with white mouldings. Yes to french doors to extend the living space to outside. Having purchased a home in the last two years, though, and not buying a new build, we needed a house that was move in ready. The staircase and toile wallpaper, along with the dark paint colors in the master and the entertainment rooms would have been deal breakers for me. Yes it’s just paint, but…the dark color needs a pro to get rid of, as does the staircase. Kitchen is small, so I’d want a counter that could be used for seating. These are not easy or cheap fixes for the seller at this point, so maybe the list price needs to be adjusted to leave the buyer some funds to personalize the house. The photos as is would not keep me from looking at the house, nor would adding plants or draperies in the hallway bring me in. The staging is okay, it’s the things that the buyer would need to change that are making this slow going. Just my two cents…ReplyCancel

  • Korina Trew - August 8, 2018 - 2:13 AM

    The first thing I would do is paint the exterior trim a lighter color. I think the tan and beige is too much. Beach house should be light and breezy. I would also paint a few interior rooms on main level a lighter color, maybe a cream or something that goes with the current color so you don’t have to paint all of it. House feels heavy and serious which is not what I would want for a beach house. I think the mirror in the entry is amazing, but it does not fit in the space well. Maybe group the artwork over dresser instead. Patio -I would also do a couple large matching potted trees or shrubs and some kind of nice lighting (twinkle lights in trees maybe) and get a pic of the patio area at sunset. Really though I think if the house was brighter it would look cheerful and beachy. You just need some happy colors in there. There is so much of the beige that it makes it appear flat in the pics. Better pics with different lighting and way less ceiling showing. Beautiful house… I think if you got the lighting and paint done that all the staging won’t matter. Sell the house and the feeling people want for that kind of home.ReplyCancel

  • Gail Caryn - August 8, 2018 - 1:47 AM

    Cyndi, thank you for sharing your home and proving that Laurel’s advice really works. You’ve done such a beautiful job!
    There are some staging suggestions I agree with – especially rolling up the rugs to showcase the floors. But really, it comes down to price and the listing, which falls flat. Saying it’s had two major renovations makes it sound like there was (is)something wrong with the house. The seller needs to sell it. Write the description yourself to capture the magic of the place and get photos done by a magazine photographer, not the realtor’s firm. The hardest thing for home sellers is to look at the asking price from a completely subjective, market-based perspective. Are you trying to get back what you put into it and is that more than the market will bear? If so, you’ll narrow the audience and the listing will languish.
    Congrats on the job and all the best. Thanks for inviting us in.ReplyCancel

  • Phyllis - August 8, 2018 - 1:05 AM

    The only thing that bothers me about the house is the open stair case. I do not like it. I would close the side to the living room up and do as someone suggested and move the frig under there. That would solve two problems. Also, I do not know what color the walls are, but they do look drab. I would paint everything a soft gray with white trim. It is a beautiful house, but as someone said, lacks a wow factor to grab your attention. I think at this price, something must be done about the stairs.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen - August 8, 2018 - 1:03 AM

    Gorgeous! Maybe try a new realtor?!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - August 8, 2018 - 1:02 AM

    I’ve bought and sold several homes including vacation homes & I agree with others that since this is in a beach area, it needs to look like a beach house. Even if it’s not going to be a vacation home, people move there because of the lifestyle- the house needs to reflect that. There’s a beautiful traditional house in my mountain town that has been on the market for five years, with a 200k price drop, because it’s a brick house that looks like it belongs in a tony Chicago suburb, not a ski town in the Rockies. Cyndi’s house has an exterior that’s fine for the area, but the interior needs to support/reflect the wonderful outdoor-oriented lifestyle there. Given the traditional exterior, I’d go with an upscale but casual Key West vibe or even a fancy Palm Beach feel (i.e.. the guest rooms at The Breakers), as opposed to Miami modern.
    Having said all that, this is a great house and it doesn’t take much imagination to get past decor, especially given buyers who are likely somewhat experienced- this is not a starter home. There may be something else afoot here that staging can’t fix. So I’d think strongly about the price and any bigger issues that there might be. Is it the flood zone issue? A lot of desirable homes are in flood zones, but insurance for that is changing (for the worst). Is something up with the neighborhood, like outrageous HOAs or nearby development?ReplyCancel

  • Emily - August 8, 2018 - 1:00 AM

    Let me also add, now that I’ve been through the other comments and have seen that there are no other posters from SSI – there is stiff competition in your price range. (Every house I wanted and couldn’t afford before we decided to build was right at that point, and there were plenty!) What you have that other, newer/flashier construction in that range generally doesn’t is a private, spacious, yet south-island setting. [Note to anyone else reading – the island is only about 12 miles long, but few roads/low speed limits/traffic make it a production getting around. “Downtown,” as it were, is on the southern tip of the island. LW is on a wooded .59 of an acre, which is large for the bottom 2/3 of the island and downright huge for how close she is to the main attractions].

    The other houses I see at $1.1-1.4m or so generally much feel larger and newer. Yours is beautifully done, but the restrictions put on you by the architecture have you at a major disadvantage. However, I would KILL to be so close to the village/mid-island without being crammed in on both sides. There are plenty of houses for sale on the south end, at a number of price points, but VERY few with any seclusion. The drone picture shows this a little bit, but your listing is doing you absolutely no favors in highlighting the main thing justifying that price bracket, which is its location and lot size/privacy.

    I’ve lived here for years, was so excited to see Laurel post about SSI, and then immediately assumed your house was in Sea Palms [golf community 5 miles further from the beach with mostly dated 80s homes, where the few updated ones are out of place and sell for less than $1m] when I saw the pictures. You need a realtor who appreciates and can play up the value of your unique location if you want to get anything close to the current asking price. We’ve used three different realtors here and have had wildly varying experiences – let me know if you want me to put you in contact with the one we’ve vowed to use exclusively from here on out. She is a force of nature.

    Sorry to bore everyone else with the intricacies of SSI real estate – it’s a special little bubble down here! In summary, my recommendations are 1) new pictures from Chris Moncus that will make things look brighter and more accurate; 2) new realtor who understands and appreciates that if your house goes for $1.1m it will be because of location/lot size; 3) (and I hope it doesn’t come to this) price drop. Sending good vibes from the north end!ReplyCancel

    • Cyndi - August 27, 2018 - 8:00 AM

      Thanks so much for your very informative comments, please make me privy to your specific recommendations and your experience with various agents. I am currently making some tweaks to the house and will contact Chris- the photographer you mentioned.
      Kind Regards,

    • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 5:09 PM

      Excellent post with real substance and value!!ReplyCancel

    • Laurie Thomas - August 10, 2018 - 12:45 PM


    • Lorri - August 9, 2018 - 6:29 PM

      After spending some time on listings for Saint Simons Island, I agree with you! The lot is the big draw for this listing.

      There is a lot of competition and some beautiful homes from an architectural and design standpoint. It’s the lot that sets this one apart.

      I also realize from looking at other listing on SSI, that the kitchen is small, even compared to much lower price points. It is also more exposed than most of the competition. I think these factors might be a sticking point for a lot of buyers.

      Since that is the case, I think the people advising a more casual vibe might be right, because it would make the living room – dining area – kitchen seem to flow together as one large casual space.ReplyCancel

  • Myra Ephross - August 8, 2018 - 12:53 AM

    The house is beautifully decorated and most of the rooms appear to be a good size. I believe the main issue is the small size of the kitchen, there does not seem to be enough cabinet space. Could you add a wall of cabinets on the wall in back of the staircase? It might work well as an area for some floor to ceiling cabinets and a pantry. Also, the long drapes on either side of the bay window seem to close off the pretty view and the architectural interest of the window. I think that you could give visitors the feeling that the dining area is part of the kitchenm making the kitchen seem larger, if you make some simple changes. If you do want window coverings, perhaps the bay window would benefit from wood shutters. Does it get too much glare from the sun? If the sunlight and privacy are not an issue I would leave it uncovered. If the top of the cabinet (is that an AC return?) under the bay window were covered with a counter top that matched the kitchen counter tops, it would make a nice serving area and would give the impression of being part of the kitchen, making it seem larger. one or two small recessed lights would be nice over that counter. I would also upgrade the pulls and knobs in the kitchen.
    If you could have the risers on the staircase closed by a trim carpenter, most people would prefer a closed staircase. I find that people tend to trip on staircases with open risers and they are not comfortable to use. I have been both a designer and realtor for over 35 years. Kitchens and baths sell homes. The master bath is nice but needs a bit of “drama”, how about some color or contrast in the towels.
    A pretty rug and some candles around the tub would help in staging for new photos. I would, as others have mentioned remove the rub behind the sofa in the family room…Show off those hardwood floors, they are an important feature of your home! I agree with Laurel 1000%, Add some plants to give the house some life and have some new photos taken with the lighting corrected. Some photos take at dusk with some table lamps on and some candles will add a lot of warmth and appeal
    to potential buyers. Add some fresh flowers to the entry table and the dining room, and coffee table. Stage the home as if it were ready for a party. Set the dining room table with your prettiest dishes. These are some great tricks I have learned over the years and have used on my listings. If buyers don’t love the photos, they will not take the time to tour your home. I am sure that you do not want to put a great deal of money into a home that you are trying to sell, but perhaps some of these ideas will help. All the best to you!ReplyCancel

  • Judy - August 8, 2018 - 12:51 AM

    There are 21 pictures of the exterior! I have never seen so many. One in particular makes the house look very small. New, better pictures of the interior need to be taken of alllll the rooms. Most of the area rugs need to go as they chop up the pictures horribly. Let the floors show off. The house looks dark! Put the shades all the way up in the sunroom. Get rid of the turquoise valance and put a real bed or beds in there. The gold mirror in the hallway is overkill for a beach house and so are the pictures Where is the huge laundry room for all that company? The pictures make the house look like a two person household rather than a vacation house. Redo and have Laura post again. You are trying to market to a much wider audience-mostly 2nd homeowners.ReplyCancel

  • Susan Batastini - August 8, 2018 - 12:50 AM

    What in the world kind of realtor is not beating a path to your door with prospective buyers? I question their sanity at best and work ethic at least. This is a jewel. Love love love the tabby exterior. And the Bahama shutters. Understated Sophisticated Low Country. Boy that photographer missed many opportunities to showcase the location of your lovely home. (Sunset over the marshes?) View from screened porch? Show me some golfers!! How far is the beach? I can see the Atlantic in photos but I have a bit of context and know the island but maybe others might just feel lost without a landmark or two to give a sense of place
    The listing photos would not be enough to keep me from having a fit to see it if I was in the market for a home. It is too beautiful and with a million possibilities as far as how the spaces can be used.
    I am an “old” Georgia girl. Have spent many many many days nights months and weekends with friends and loved ones on St Simons and on Sea Island since I was too little to remember not going. As the island changed and grew I’ve heard everyone’s mother, aunt, grandmama and friend discuss renovations and new builds, the topics that come up often, and what people “rather have”’than “rather not” in a home so I couldn’t help but throw in my 2 cents . Southerners entertain at home and you have just the right kinds of spaces to accommodate a crowd but not feel cavernous with just a few.
    All my intel comes from cocktail parties, bridge lunches, tennis games, game day parties, 6 dozen weddings on St Simon’s or on Sea Island because folks love to talk about their houses, and contractors and decorators.
    Now If someone was not in the market to buy, they would be gushing about your lovely home. So I’ve changed my mindset to channel the “pickiest buyer ever” We know when it comes to pulling out the checkbook perspectives
    will shift to zoom in on detractors and two things stick out to me.

    The sliding glass doors. They should be replaced with French doors (anything with panes) panes and panes and more panes.
    Doors that open out onto the outside will make your entertaining space expand exponentially.
    The floating staircase looks makeshift ( it could be the photos). Perhaps there is an architecturally appealing /authentic way to augment the banister, add risers, etc and make it look and feel more traditional and substantial. People with children or grandchildren will see it as “danger danger” ) with no risers.
    Leave the rugs.
    The sisal is essential in a beach home. Even though you do want to show off the gorgeous floors, do it somewhere that will not get traffic. If your buyer is someone who knows how children and pets track in sand , the thought of maintaining hardwoods at the beach might scare the living daylights out of them ( oh yes those sandy wet feet )
    The screened in porch is such a plus. Positioned perfectly to catch the evening breezes.
    However, The way it is photographed I can only see “narrow”. The table and chairs are an obstacle. Remove and replace
    with chairs lined up facing out to catch those breezes. I can see a row of Brumby rockers with an over stuffed pillow in each and a garden stool or 2 or 3 for drinks and a magazine or book.
    If you are thinking of staging the upstairs so it looks like it will sleep the grands and great grands there is nothing more wonderful or “island-Ish” and practical than a sleeping porch. Would two hanging swinging twin beds fit if installed side by side? Then I would swing those new French doors into the room.
    Ive also been wrestling with the TV in the living room. It is absolutely necessary to have a television somewhere in that kitchen/dining/living space ( think parties when everyone comes to the island for the Georgia/Florida) but somehow it needs to be disguised. Maybe if it is hung on the wall in the alcove where it is and find a way to mascarade the black rectangle? Just so that it disappears when turned off. The a/v technology and its positioning with the peripherals and plugs and wires have to be seamless and deliberate and planned and plug and play.
    What an amazing job you’ve done, you have such an eye!! Your home is beautiful. I can feel the serenity and lushness of the home and grounds. Wonderful location in a lovely part of the island. With excellent neighbors I’m sure.
    I’m running to buy lottery tickets right now and if I win I’ll race across the state and sweep that precious love right out from under you before you could say “Go Dawgs” ……and surely sending good wishes for a quick sale.ReplyCancel

    • Jackie Kane - August 10, 2018 - 5:15 PM

      Wow! You nailed it! Better than any staging advice on here. A sleeping porch, FRENCH DOORS replacing the large dated sliders, doing something about the staircase. They are expensive things that I believe WOULD significantly change the appeal of this already great home to a delightful Southern Charmed home! I believe these changes would pay for themselves in a quicker sale and help the buyers get their price!ReplyCancel

  • Lulu - August 8, 2018 - 12:42 AM

    Beautiful home and property!

    * Clown painting is a turn-off for me. (Sorry) Remove and replace with something more neutral
    * Add some greenery to kitchen counters
    * In the family room, there is a large console blocking what looks like sliding door. Relocate the console.
    * Beautiful light fixtures throughout but casting distracting shadows on the ceiling. Re-photograph with lights turned off.
    * Patio is nice but needs an outdoor kitchen.
    * Stage upstairs as the kids hangout; add lots of bunk beds.
    * Stage two guest suites downstairs for adults.ReplyCancel

  • Emily - August 8, 2018 - 12:29 AM

    Checking in from SSI – we’re currently building in Marsh Point. Your house was out of our price range, but is lovely – just a recommendation to try Chris Moncus for your photography! He did a clean, bright, completely non-distorted job on our listing pics. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Laurie Thomas - August 8, 2018 - 12:24 AM

    My 2 cents…tried not to repeat anything already suggested
    Repurpose the family room as a spacious dining room. The current dining area and kitchen feel small for the house and not elegant enough for the living space. The family room furniture is too stuffy.
    Relocate the fridge under the open stairs, close them up. Remove the upper kitchen cabinets…see recent posts about unkitchens. Create storage under the stairs next to the fridge.
    Navy bedroom wall too dark.
    Multi purpose space feels like you didn’t know what to do with it. I would use it as a great room, with several areas for everyone to hang our together. Again, the navy is too dark here. Perhaps you can take some of the white furniture from the turquoise bedroom and use it with the mustard.
    Show the turquoise bedroom with two charming single beds, or bunk beds, if that works. But the house needs a kid’s room.
    I need to see some book cases, because even if I’m not reading, they make me want to sit and relax. Perhaps in the formal living room over left nook. Or in the multipurpose room.
    EDIT! Put your things in storage.
    Have information readily available about flood insurance, cost, and measures in place which keep the house intact during storms.ReplyCancel

  • Martha Foss - August 8, 2018 - 12:12 AM

    I think this house is stunning. I love the exterior, and the fact that it doesn’t have a pool would be a draw for me. The first floor master bedroom is always a plus, especially for all the baby boomers that are moving. The fact that the turquoise bedroom closets have louvered doors, is probably because it is so much more humid down in Georgia, probably allows more airflow in the closets. Probably the only thing I would change would be to add twin beds to the turquoise room, I wouldn’t go to the expense of building in custom bunkbeds. Oh, I would probably change the clown painting. A lot of people don’t like clowns. But overall, I think your home is beautiful and the yard is stunning. I would re-sign with another agency if this agent can’t sell your home.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Yourig - August 8, 2018 - 12:02 AM

    Around here, the walls have to be a gray or white. Tan, yellow shades look dated. I love the warmer linen whites and creams but when you look at houses, you compare to the crisper cooler shades now in vogue. I think they play up the blues in the house better too.
    My first impression was drab and dated looking at picturesReplyCancel

  • Deb - August 7, 2018 - 11:54 PM

    I am not familiar with this exact market, but I know a bit about the Plantation in Amelia Island, Florida, an exclusive gated golf/beach community located just a little further south along the same chain of barrier islands as St. Simon’s.

    My biggest reservations with this house have nothing to do with how it is decorated, or the lack of a pool (there is more than likely access to a pool within the community). I see two primary drawbacks at this general price point (over 1 million): lack of a 3 car garage, which is nearly a standard in an area where houses are built on a slab and lack a basement, and the tabby shell stucco exterior. In the 1980s through early 1990s tabby was fairly commonly used in the area as a more affordable option to smooth stucco, but it soon fell out of favor. I’ve learned from speaking to contractors that replacing tabby shell on a house is labor intensive and very expensive.

    I would analyze the price of this home versus not only existing comps, but new construction as well. At this general price point it could be an option to build custom on a vacant golf course lot. New construction is often preferred by buyers, even with its inherent hassles.ReplyCancel

  • Diane - August 7, 2018 - 11:32 PM

    This is a beautiful home and exquisitely decorated. My only criticism is that I thought the realtor’s listing was rather generic. The description of the house doesn’t capture one’s imagination. The video is nice, but again, lacked pizzazz. The realtor should figure out what sets this home apart from the others that are for sale and emphasize that feature.ReplyCancel

  • valerie vrettos - August 7, 2018 - 11:16 PM

    Your home is truly lovely!

    As a realtor, I can imagine that it is a delight to show.

    If I may, I would suggest a few staging changes. Mind you this is only for staging purposes.

    RUGS –
    1…I agree with others that the rug behind the sofa is cutting up the space and not showcasing your wood floors.
    2…The same thing with the kitchen rug, I agree that it visually cuts up the space.
    3…I would remove the oriental in the living room and simply have the seagrass rug ground the space. I think having them both is fine for decorating but for staging it complicates the space.

    1…I agree that the hardware seems a bit mismatched and perhaps a bit dated. I would like to see brass hardware which I think would coordinate nicely with the chandelier over the dining table
    2…it also seems to me that the kitchen sink would be well placed under the windows and this is distracting to me. Perhaps a couple of nice topiaries in front of the windows would give the space a sense of purpose.
    3…I think that the Blue and white vase looks great. I would add a couple more and then on the outer end of the peninsula a blue and white planter with a pretty orchid.

    !…As someone else pointed out it would be best to remove 2 of the chairs in order to create more flow for multiple people to walk around and through at one time.

    1…In my market, this would be a tremendous asset to have 2 full suites and I would suggest staging it as such.

    2…While the table and chairs are a nice addition to the attached porch, in the photos it looks as though it is a tight squeeze to get past them. If this is true then I would suggest a couple of wicker chairs instead.

    1…I suggest placing fresh flowers in several places to add color and fragrance. I especially like them on a desk.

    1… Some colorful annuals – I was once told by a professional stager that when folks are touring several houses at a time they will remember the house with pops of color.

    Lastly, if possible, I would update the staircase to better flow with all the lovely mouldings and trim. Open treads seem to turn away some buyers.

    All the Best to you and your husband in your new endeavors!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - August 7, 2018 - 11:11 PM

    Others have made great suggestions, and I’d especially agree with those regarding removing rugs and art. I would also work to reduce the number of accessories – it’s beautiful as a house to live in, but perhaps too much for a house staged to show. The upstairs room is about right to me. In the entry I’d remove the chinoiserie jars, pick a simpler mirror, and remove the pictures from the wall; in the living room, remove the chinoiserie jars (keep the lamps) as well as whatever that is on the sideboard – it’s just looking like clutter in the photos, even though I’m sure it’s lovely in person. In the dining room, remove the pagodas; in the kitchen either remove the chinoiserie object, or add something so it doesn’t look so lonesome on the counter. In the family room remove the fox and the chinoiserie jars. I think the master bedroom looks great as is, but in the bathroom I’d remove the art and replace the monogramed towels with some nice fluffy white towels. In the navy bedroom, keep the chinoiserie lamps but remove the other chinoiserie items, and consider keeping the orange picture frame but removing the other orange objects. Basically, keep it as is but pared down quite a bit. It will definitely translate better in photos, and likely in person as well.ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Stieff - August 7, 2018 - 10:57 PM

    I looked at the actual listing and it’s difficult to understand the floor plan. Get your realtor to add a floor plan, even though it means loosing a photo.
    Indeed decor for living vs staging is very different. I was very shocked by how we had to radically ‘redecorate’ our house when we listed it. I’m about to loose my mind over the ‘ farmhouse ‘ look/ pottery barn aesthetic. Maybe you need some shiplap 😜🤣. No seriously, your house seems well decorated but not overly cluttered, and it seems to show well.
    I agree, make every possible room a bedroom. Couples like to sleep in kings, but queens make a room look larger. Maybe make the turquoise bedroom specifically a kids room,as mentioned above.
    Also show the laundry area, for some odd reason,buyers get seriously hung up on laundry location.
    If no one is around to water plants, consider some preserved boxwood.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - August 7, 2018 - 10:53 PM

    This is a beautifully decorated house, and I would love to move several things from this house directly into my house. However, this is a beach house, and there is a disconnect between the formality of some of the decor (a full-time house in a traditional style), and the structure, which is much more contemporary. This is especially apparent looking at the exterior vs the interior. I have a feeling that most of the comments others have left regarding what people are looking for when they look for a house on an island are on the spot. Look at the decor of other houses that have sold more quickly. Do they look more like your multi-purpose room and less like your entry/living room? Some of your rooms are hip (almost mid-century) and some are preppy. As pretty as it is, maybe tone down the preppy? Beyond that, some of the photos are making some of the ceilings look claustrophobically low. The ideas regarding including a floor plan, and a plan for a pool placement are great. Beyond that, add some plants and then adjust price as needed. Comments about redoing showers or kitchens (or my own thought of upgrading sliding doors to french doors) are not practical – you wont get the money back out. I sold my own house with architectural drawings to redo the second floor. It was a lovely home, supposedly priced appropriately according to viewers’ agents, in a desirable area, but the upstairs layout was wrong. I accepted an offer that was $70k below my asking price, and the new owner did the work. The house went to the one couple willing to do that job. They bought the house in October….ReplyCancel

  • J.malouf - August 7, 2018 - 10:53 PM

    Could the pics be cropped so not as much of the ceilings are visible? Seems like I see a lot of ceilings in these room pics.ReplyCancel

  • jenny - August 7, 2018 - 10:50 PM

    Two things were off to me when I looked at this house 1. the space above the cabinets I dated. The lights there draw attention to that. great paint colors and marble, though. I think there is not enough contrast between the patio floor and the exterior walls. nothing you can do about that now. Love the yard, the shutters, the tropical look. that house would look right in any warm place, Georgia, Louisiana, Singapore . by the time I hit post, this house will be sold.ReplyCancel

  • Lorrie Card - August 7, 2018 - 10:48 PM

    “You are not just selling your home, you are selling a lifestyle.” Since you mentioned the “proximity to a golf course” is desirable, perhaps you could strategically add a few “golf” props. Maybe replace the foyer art work with a few nicely framed pictures of the golf course “they will be able to play at!” Also, if you have a golf cart why not add a picture of that ? Maybe include with purchase of home?
    Separately, I agree in limiting the number of rugs. I feel that the fireplace room actually looks quite cramped. If you were to remove the hall rug, I would suggest to reposition the furniture on the rug and try placing just the front feet of the furniture on the rug (I believe that it would allow more visual space to be realized .)
    Definitely stage any additional rooms you can as bedrooms. Since you know that the lack of bedrooms is an objection, I would try to present an alternative!
    Best of luck !
    Lorrie Card “The Best Dressed House “ staging & designReplyCancel

  • Gayle Morgan - August 7, 2018 - 10:37 PM

    Your home is lovely. You can’t go wrong following Laurel’s sense of beauty as a guide. I am a Realtor in Birmingham, AL. A common theme of my friends that have second homes at the Gulf or at the lake or mountains is to ramp up the number of beds that properties can carry. The next buyer might want the place to rent part of the time and the more beds the more rent they can charge. Another suggestion is to indicate the layout in some way so that we know how many bedrooms/bathrooms are on each floor. Your listing may have covered it and I missed it. Good luck.ReplyCancel

  • MJ - August 7, 2018 - 10:33 PM

    it now occurs to me that the abundance of sea grass and other rugs is an attempt to keep the floor nicely clean and shiny when visitors traipse over it. Sigh.

    And that stairway to nowhere in the kitchen area bothers me. But no idea what to do about it. If that’s the access to second floor, I’d at least take off the door and have something interesting and appealing beyond the doorway to incite a little interest. But its still an odd place for a stairway, IMO.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen Frazier - August 7, 2018 - 10:29 PM

    Home is lovely. Too too many rugs in all areas of home. Think about removing them and let the flooring show. Perhaps take the price down to something that would allow a future buyer to put in a pool?ReplyCancel

  • Kristen - August 7, 2018 - 10:28 PM

    I think this home is lovely but to me it looks like a home, and not a beach house. How far is it from the beach? I would suggest having it staged to look more like a “beach” home. Your furnishings are lovely but I can’t envision my family in this house for a beach trip. I could see us “living” here but I don’t know if buyers in your area are looking for “homes” or “beach houses”? I hope that helps. I wish y’all the best!!ReplyCancel

  • Kathy - August 7, 2018 - 10:24 PM

    Have you considered having it filmed by a drone camera. That’s what they’re doing for properties such as this in our area. It would be a wonderful way for buyers from out of state to really get a better feel for the grounds and the close surrounding area. I’m guessing most would want a pool but really if someone is spending that much having a pool installed would not be a deal breaker.ReplyCancel

    • Kristin - August 7, 2018 - 10:50 PM

      If you look at the listing, the virtual tour appears to start with drone footage.ReplyCancel

  • MJ - August 7, 2018 - 10:20 PM

    It is in a flood plain. If I had a luxe house like this, that would bother me.

    Does the seller make available a list of potential local employees to do the usual household cleaning, gardening, and chores? Might make a difference to some potential buyers.

    I just don’t care for a dining area practically in the open kitchen. Not formal enough for fancy house parties. And I don’t want my guests seeing the kitchen unless the food has been brought in from outside and every inch of the kitchen is spotless.

    Or perhaps, the guests can help prep the food and drink wine around the kitchen counter, but it still will not look , IMO, like a +million dollar house.

    Is there a bathroom for the help? Where is the shower in the master bath?

    The ceiling lighting is harsh, IMO, and the rugs under the furniture look like islands, which makes the rooms look too big or the furniture too small. I’m not keen on the furnishings. I’m a Sister Parrish kinda gal.

    I agree with Laurel that showing the place as ready for houseguests/visiting grandchildren is a really good idea.

    Laurel, your suggestion of soft draperies also flies with me. Im all for making rooms look soft and welcoming and the right draperies at that spot is just right, IMHO.

    Every other issue i might have has been covered by other readers.

    Wishing Cindi all good luck in finding just the right person for her house.

    Oh, has she buried a statue of St, Joseph in the yard? Friend of mine laughed as she buried the statue another friend sent her and the house sold in three weeks. It was, of course, just the right house for the right person who came along…but did St.Joseph help? We’ll never know. LOLReplyCancel

  • Diana - August 7, 2018 - 10:13 PM

    Beautiful home! I checked out the broker listing and I came away craving a floor plan. Even the video showcases individual features – it left me confused as to how the house actually flows. Why not use at least a portion of that medium for a “walk thru” as I see on many other listings.

    Maybe 1st floor masters are common in that area, but it’s a feature many like me look for and I’d highlight it.

    There are a few things I would change in the kitchen, but that’s personal preference and not a factor in whether I would purchase.

    So don’t change a thing – your home is gorgeous. And I must find that ceiling light fixture in the main room upstairs.ReplyCancel

    • Courtney - August 8, 2018 - 4:19 PM

      I agree, adding a floor plan with the listing would be very helpful.ReplyCancel

    • Kristin - August 7, 2018 - 10:52 PM

      I thought the same about the floor plan. I think that would help a lot.ReplyCancel

      • Alice - August 8, 2018 - 9:37 AM

        A third voice in the “floor plan” choir!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Blakely - August 7, 2018 - 10:10 PM

    Basically, I think the home is lovely and can’t understand why it’s not attracting buyers. However, in looking at each picture TWICE and trying to find issues, this is what I think. 1) What is the surface on the outside walls. Is it stucco? It looks sort of patchy. Is this a popular exterior wall finish? 2) I think the kitchen looks sort of apartmenty. I wouldn’t like having to keep the kitchen spotless when having guests over for dinner. Also don’t care for the prominent feature of the refrigerator. Could several columns be placed carefully to give the impression that the kitchen is its on room? Could a counter depth refrigerator be built in with cabinetry trim on the doors? I like each room to be its own room, but then again, there are most likely just as many folks that like the open look. 3) I agree with the owner about the “turquoise” room, it doesn’t look as high quality as the rest of the rooms. However, that wouldn’t be a deal-killer for me at all. Everyone has their own particular taste – easily changed by the buyer. 4)The dark blue room? I think in a colder climate I would love that room, but down on this island, to me, it just looks sort of out of character. All in all, though I think the house and most of the decor is lovely. 5) Don’t think the entry goes with the living room. I love the traditional, elegant entry, but suddenly it turns contemporary when you enter the LR. I would STILL buy this house – I really see nothing wrong with it, in fact, it’s lovely!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa D. - August 7, 2018 - 10:08 PM

    To me, the house looks terrific – really clean, attractive, everything looks pulled together and move-in ready. I should disclose that I am no professional designer or realtor. I am however, a Californian, where real estate – even what I would consider dreadful looking real estate – is currently selling at an outrageous price, so perhaps I do not have an accurate perception of real estate in the rest of the country. I did not check the listing to see how many square feet the house is, or any of the details, but I am wondering if it may be prices a little high?ReplyCancel

  • Rosemary - August 7, 2018 - 10:07 PM

    There is nothing wrong per se about this house, the issue I see is that there is also no “wow factor”. I think vacation home buyers want something that has some drama: a great view, soaring ceilings, a dramatic fireplace, a fabulous outdoor entertaining area with a fire pit, great pool.and a wonderful summer kitchen and outdoor living room. This home is a very traditional, it may actually be too similar to the primary residences of the prospective buyers. It’s also a little dated in terms of the kitchen and bathrooms-again no wow factor from either. If the buyers are millennials, this house is going to feel like it’s Mom and Dad’s houseReplyCancel

  • Julie Shuchman - August 7, 2018 - 10:06 PM

    I agree there are too many rugs in the first interior shot. Why cover up those floors and give buyers the idea that you are hiding something? The drapes in the guest room may prevent buyers from visualizing its potential. It needs to be a more neutral space. Loved Laurel’s ideas of adding plants and perhaps transforming the multi- use space into a bedroom. This house should sell as it is not too tailored to one style or taste nor is it cluttered.ReplyCancel

  • Jane O'Donnell - August 7, 2018 - 10:04 PM

    This home is gorgeous! Maybe a tad over decorated? I think it may simply come down to (ahem) paint color. Too beige for an “island, beachy” feel? Maybe paint the walls a light gray. I am a fan of white trim. The art work may need to be removed – art is extremely personal (kind of like personal photos). I am not an art critic, but some art work can turn people off. Also, I am a huge Zillow lurker, and there is a huge inventory for sale on this island. Check out the other homes for sale and look for decorating ideas. See what has sold and how the home was decorated. I had a look and most of the homes that sold (in their price range) had pools. Maybe they need to have plans and permits in place for a pool (if they don’t want to put one in). The kitchen is small (but quite nice). Most people want an island. Unfortunately, their kitchen only has one way in. The fridge might need to be replaced with one that is “panel ready”? Again, lovely home, beautifully decorated. May need to simplify and “beach” it up a bit. Wishing the very best of luck for a sale (plant St. Joseph in the front of the house). Yes, I am superstitious!ReplyCancel

  • Robin Alley - August 7, 2018 - 9:58 PM

    This home and yard is absolutely gorgeous and I’m not sure why it isn’t selling. As someone mentioned, maybe it needs more advertising?
    I am a Home Stager and Interior Decorator (have had my own business here in southeast Michigan for almost 10 years) and I could only dream that my clients’ homes would ever look like this!
    As a decorator, this home is perfection – 10/10. As a Home Stager, I can see a few things I would tweak, but they would not make or break a deal. I always tell my staging clients that less is more and that we are trying to sell your home, not your things. So the following list I came up with are very minor tweaks, but I’m looking at the home with my Home Stager hat on and not my Decorator hat.

    * I would remove the seagrass rug in the entrance. You want to show off the beautiful hard wood floors and the photos look cleaner and the area/rooms look bigger with area rugs removed.
    *I would remove the seagrass rug behind the sofa for the same reason as above – show off floors and open up space.
    *Remove Clown Painting on wall above chair (next to door wall windows). Some people are freaked out about clowns and this could give off a ‘bad vibe’ to some potential buyers. Replace with a more ‘neutral’ type painting like landscape, florals, etc…
    *Remove the area rug under the kitchen/dining table. Again, this helps to show off the floors (which is what you are selling).
    *I would add a few more decorative accessories to the kitchen counters, along with a plant or vase of flowers.
    *Remove area rug between range/refrigerator and counters.
    *Remove faux fox sitting on floor in sunroom (adjacent family room).
    *Maybe add a pop of color on bathroom counters with a fuchsia orchid or bright orange roses.
    *Remove exercise bike from upstairs office.

    If you were to do the above, I would have the realtor take new professional photos for the listing. I think it would make your listing an 11/10. Again, I don’t think they would make or break a deal.

    I wish you all the best for a quick sale! Please keep us posted here.

    Robin Alley
    Robin Sets The StageReplyCancel

  • A.A.Csizinszky - August 7, 2018 - 9:51 PM

    So great editing furnishings comments by all the posters. However, what is your realtor doing to market your property????? Atlanta, DC, NorthEast and Midwest Chicago, Cincinnati etc. many would love a home like this in the South to get away from Winters….ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - August 7, 2018 - 9:49 PM

    Great job with the house. A couple of observations – if you’re selling to a vacation market, ensure you have as many beds/possible bedrooms as possible so people can envision themselves and their families there. Eg. In room with yellow chairs – add pull out couch(es) or beds. In guest room with turquoise accents, add bunks beds or at least one double/queen bed (or two, if they’ll fit). Aim to sleep 8-10 when selling. Add some chairs on that gorgeous front porch for idling away the hours. And finally, the rugs in many rooms are undersized (e.g. living room) which leaves the furniture looking as if it’s an island in a big room. Remove the wide runner and push the furniture back so the front legs are on rug and back aren’t (or larger rug). Ditto for master bedroom where rug needs to be turned 90 degrees. Then add a bit of personal stuff to the kitchen so it looks less sparse (tea towel, jar of kitchen tools, jazzy kettle) and you’ll turn this into the perfect “I need this vacation home” sale!ReplyCancel

  • Joanne Haynes - August 7, 2018 - 9:46 PM

    Although this home is nicely done I do not see any continuity of design concept throughout. There are traditional spaces, more transitional and almost contemporary. The rooms are not warm and inviting but look almost”staged”. I think a buyer needs to come into a space and be able to see themselves living in the space. There isn’t a lot of character. Accessories?? Plants?? books?? Something??

    The master bath looks dated and the kitchen, with the U shape is not at all functional – walk around that U for everything outside of it. Creating an island and getting rid of the “U” would be a huge improvement.

    Is the guest room just that twin day bed? Impractical?

    Although I think the decor might affect the sale of the house it is always a floor plan that really does sell it. If the interiors are fabulous and loaded with character, which these aren’t that certainly can entice a buyer to envision themselves in this charming space. Can you help her warm it up???ReplyCancel

  • Susie - August 7, 2018 - 9:42 PM

    I love this home. It’s fabulous! So how do we show it off?? Well, some good photos of outdoor views might help. I LOVE homes with great views and it might help golfers get drawn to the beautiful course. And maybe shoot photos of the kitchen with some food out and fresh flowers. You know, like a party is going on. And I’d add a few pots with varying heights of greenery in front of the kitchen window. Give the eye somewhere to go so the frig isn’t so noticeable. Honestly, I like the kitchen just fine, but it’s a bit plain without “life” happening. Let’s just add some of your beautiful style in that kitchen and the lookers will say, “What frig”… and “What a great kitchen for entertaining! “. Cyndi, you’ve got this! Hope these humble ideas are helpful. ❤️❤️ReplyCancel

  • Liz - August 7, 2018 - 9:35 PM

    The house is lovely, but I agree with Laurel, it needs plants. Something to show some life. I also question the older windows and doors. It’s a mix. Some nice shutters, but then 1980’s louver closet doors. Also the windows in the kitchen and den look dated. It’s a chunk of change to replace the old ones. Does the price reflect that?ReplyCancel

  • Terry - August 7, 2018 - 9:32 PM

    Was just in St. Simons a few days ago! LOVE, love, LUV! I seriously can not imagine this property NOT being on someone’s list. Curious as to the price point??

    Anyway – seriously GOOD LUCK – I think it is gorgeous:)ReplyCancel

  • Ramona - August 7, 2018 - 9:32 PM

    I agree: more plants, more bedrooms. Show the bedrooms by renting a ton of beds. Put a queen or king in the aqua bedroom. Remove all but one working space.

    Agree with drapes also.

    Even with a zillion pictures, I still don’t have a feel for the layout of the home from these pics or the video, so if I am looking, I might just skip it even if I could afford the price.

    Realtor is to blame for not showing the layout of the home.ReplyCancel

  • Susan - August 7, 2018 - 9:32 PM

    Beautiful home. Ideas: Put a pot of yellow flowers on front porch and yellow flowers on breakfast table. Yellow is proven color to help sell homes. It would take money and time, but if you took the bonus room and put in bunk beds along one wall (like the cute sets you see on HGTV dream homes), it would show the buyers that they could sleep all of their grandkids there (include bunkbeds in home sale). Eliminate 2nd seagrass rug (the one that goes behind sofa). It’s kind of a “sea of seagrass rugs” – show off more of that beautiful floor. I agree on idea to have more green plants/trees. Smaller rug or eliminate rug in kitchen – it makes kitchen seem smaller. If still on market mid-September, add some seasonal fall touches and scents. When showing home – soft music, vanilla or cookie scented candles lit (and blown out), coffee/cookies in kitchen, consider setting table. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline - August 7, 2018 - 9:31 PM

    I see no mention of a second full bath–only a 1/2 bath. A house should always have a second full bath for the other bedrooms. Also a full bath on the upper level would really make the house flexible.ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - August 7, 2018 - 9:31 PM

    I agree Laurel, this home is lovely and all of the suggestions you made were spot on.
    The thing I would add is to remove the large rug behind the sofa. It is covering up the pretty floors, doesn’t need to be there to define any space, and just feels “too much” IMO.
    And you’re so right about the photography! It makes the house feel dark. Could photos be done using only natural light? Or maybe the existing photos could be edited and lightened??
    Best of luck!!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle - August 7, 2018 - 9:27 PM

    This home is just lovely! My suggestion would be to maybe add some twin beds or tastefully done bunk beds in the guest bedroom. Only for the sake of giving the potential buyer the chance to envision room for grandchildren or children.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - August 7, 2018 - 9:25 PM

    Beautiful home! I used to sell real estate in Texas before becoming a full time decorator and know how frustrating it can be for both the homeowner and the agent when a beautiful house doesn’t sell. And when you receive feedback that isn’t helpful it is beyond frustrating. But the goodness is that summer is almost over and after Labor Day I feel as though things usually start to pick up, or at least it always did for us. One thing you could try and do regarding the lack of pool is have someone draw pool plans for you. You could then add the drawing to the pictures online and have the rendering at the house during showings. This helps those who cannot visualize, see what it would look like and you could get a bid to help those who have no clue how much a pool costs realize that it might actually be in their budget. Does the multi-function room/space have access to a bathroom or have room to add a bathroom with a toilet and maybe a standing shower? If so you could draw plans for that as well. You could also draw built-in bunk beds and mention in the comments/public description the possibility of making this room a flex room with sleeping quarters for those times when you have extra guests. Just a thought. It’s a beautiful home, you just have to stay patient and trust your agent. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Ksl - August 7, 2018 - 9:24 PM

    The house is beautiful and I would think it would have sold, also. I have two issues. The first is what is going on in the master shower? It looks like a rain shower head over a bench, which might be odd.
    Second, it looks like they went cheap in the kitchen, which is a hug turn off for me. The upper cabinet doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the backsplash on the side wall and why did they not go for a counter depth refrigerator, with wood panels? The knobs and pulls, on my screen, don’t look like they match.
    Why would you not position the sink to take in the outdoor view and remove it from being exactly opposite the cooktop, meaning more than one person can work in the space. A last thing. If the sink is moved, you can have a huge countertop work space, and I would fudge it in order to have an overhang for a second eating area. In short, you have a kitchen for one, with one eating area in a fairly large home where people want to entertain crowds
    Hard to see, but would probably change out the stair railing. If all that sounds harsh, I’m sorry. I am sure the home worked well for you and in the main, it is lovely.ReplyCancel

  • Donna Purdy - Purdy Realty - August 7, 2018 - 9:23 PM

    As a licensed real estate agent I was (am?) quite interested in this post. I am not familiar with the market in Georgia but up here in NY it’s a sellers market. The only houses not selling are the overpriced ones. Any house in our area that goes on the market properly priced usually has multiple offers on it within a few days. One as nicely maintained and decorated as this one would have been snapped up, that is if it was priced properly. The sellers next conversation should be with their realtor about pricing.ReplyCancel

  • Brooke - August 7, 2018 - 9:22 PM

    I love this house. Nothing at all bothered me. I love minimalist dislike traditional. This is a house that would appeal to any style because the fixed features are lovely. I would not add curtains to the entry. If I were to see that I’d wonder what they were hiding. The turquoise curtains in one of the bedrooms would be the only thing that stopped my eye. I didn’t notice much else in the room but I wouldn’t take them down. Someone may love them and anyone who doesn’t can take them down. Sometimes you have to wait for the right buyer, frustrating. We’ve moved 15 times in 30 years and I can tell you to be careful that you don’t lower the price too low. Ppl will miss it in the search and they’ll wonder why it’s so low. Is something wrong with it etc. You’ve done a great job. Good luck!ReplyCancel

  • Lizzy Leff - August 7, 2018 - 9:21 PM

    The two rugs in the first interior photo have to go. Why cover up so much of the floors?ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Feinstein - August 7, 2018 - 9:20 PM

    Hey Cyndi, want to come decorate my home? Hahaha, but really it’s beautiful. I love the house, and I love Laurel’s suggestion to make the upstairs room a kids room–I’m even thinking it could be turned into a rumpus room–could you rent a pool table or game table and throw in a set of bunk beds? Just to show families the possibilities? Also, Laurel didn’t mention this so maybe it’s not a good idea but I was thinking you could remove the extra rug between the living room and the stairs–the one behind the couch with no furniture on it. Without it you would be showing off more beautiful floor and if you add a table like Lauren suggested it would fill in the area. Also maybe lose the rug in the kitchen? And it’s hard to tell from the pics, but how much space is under the stairs? Is it a walk-through or just a look through area? Depending on the space maybe put something bar-related there? Like a wine rack or a bar cart?ReplyCancel

  • Lou Ann Clifton - August 7, 2018 - 9:19 PM

    What a beautiful home, with the views of the water, I could only imagine living in such a place, I would not change a thing. Are you sure you want to leave this Paradise?ReplyCancel

  • Bridget - August 7, 2018 - 9:19 PM

    The house is gorgeous! Where can I get those white nightstands in the bedroom with the blue grass cloth wallpaper????ReplyCancel

  • Lotte Meister - August 7, 2018 - 9:13 PM

    I suggest getting rid of sisal rugs on first floor. They cover up the beautiful wood floors and chop up the space, making it look smaller in photos. I am a real estate stager and often tell my clients that decorating and real estate staging are very different things.ReplyCancel

  • Meghan - August 7, 2018 - 9:10 PM

    You have absolutely impeccable taste
    So please, it’s not you, it’s them.
    With that said, possible changes/revisions not for living sake but for selling sake:
    1. It appears it may be difficult to readily navigate the living room, eg walking a figure eight through the sitting area. Edit it to an almost spare degree. Just to sell. Get rid of anything looking too leggy. Pare it all down.
    2. Store that navy high backed couch in the multi windowed room. Too high. Too rich. Too blue. And move the pair of chairs at the window in its stead. Then or instead purchase a very inexpensive and light colored upholstered bench to either replace the couch or the pair of chairs.
    This will serve to let the view do the “speaking.”
    Place large accessory eg ginger jar at kitchen counter end as a focal, to read “luxe.”
    Good luck. And please consider how many people utilize home listings as fee free house tours. Our people did. Made us nuts. Require your own realtor present for all showings.
    If you do not respect yourself neither shall the local real estate community.
    Beautiful home………..congrats for your taste. Never take that for granted.
    …..omt for reasons of basic human nature, people wish to insert themselves in the environment. So maybe ironically they cannot relate (?) Some buyers need a house to need them. Yours doesn’t. You may be outclassing your audience.ReplyCancel

    • Caroline - August 7, 2018 - 10:22 PM

      I also thought that the dark blue sofa in the many-windowed room should go. It doesn’t really suit the style of the rest of the room and stops my eye. Also, I’m distracted by the partway-lowered blinds on all of those windows–could they be raised further?
      I also agree that this home is GORGEOUS. And that they may be “outclassing” their audience. Add the sofa table in the main living room, add beds and/or bunkbeds, get rid of the louvered closet doors in the turquoise/white room, add some easy plants, and maybe add “fun” family-oriented items to the large bonus room.
      But it is truly a lovely home, so well decorated. I only wish I could live there!ReplyCancel

  • barbara - August 7, 2018 - 9:09 PM

    maybe they are asking too much??ReplyCancel

  • Chris - August 7, 2018 - 9:09 PM

    Very nicely furnished! Depends on how long houses stay on the market in that area. This one is on market over 100 days…normal or not? I also think the price is too high perhaps, as there is no pool and I see a lot of VERY nice houses for under 1 m with a great pool. Most folks down there want a pool and guest quarters for visitors and family. Also vacation or retirement spots like these islands, with high end homes dont sell as fast as urban areas.ReplyCancel

  • Karen Smithson - August 7, 2018 - 9:03 PM

    The home is beautiful in every way. I think it is perfect. The kitchen is lovely. Maybe it just needs to be advertised in more areas. On an international site maybe. Someone who wants an amazing very livable home will jump on it.ReplyCancel

  • Erin - August 7, 2018 - 8:59 PM

    St. Simons Island is one of my favorite places on earths. Headed there in a few weeks to celebrate our fifth anniversary. I wish we were at a point where we could purchase this property because it’s just wonderful and who needs a pool with you have the ICW and ocean so near!?ReplyCancel