Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018!



PAGE UPDATED 7.13.2018


This is “ground zero” for the HOTTEST SALE of the summer AND year!
I will be updating this page through the weeks to come, through August 5th.


EARLY ACCESS for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 is on right now.


Early Access Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018




There’s always a but, isn’t there? You have to get a Nordstrom Credit Card. I know.


However, they couldn’t make it easier for you.


Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018 Early Access

Just click here and then click where it says Apply Now


I did it this morning, so that I could have early access, too.
The entire process from start to finish took me max – five minutes.


But, here’s the real reason for the urgency.


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale IS the hottest sale of the year.


Last year, however, since I was a clueless newbie, I didn’t know that. And what happened is that I casually mentioned that there was early access and then the next week when it was public access, guess what?


Dozens of the coolest items were SOLD OUT BEFORE the main sale even started!


But, in the meantime, a little taste. They have thousands of items in their home furnishings on presale and some incredibly lovely things from some of my favorite vendors including:

Dash and Albert
Pom Pom at Home
Ted Baker
Lili Alessandra

(those links go to posts where I’ve featured those products in the past.)

To be clear, everything on the Anniversary Sale is NOT end of season write-offs. Nosirreee… It is new items for summer and fall and when the sale is over come August 6th, the prices WILL be going up.


And please know that this is a store-wide sale for everything including clothing, shoes, accessories, for men, women and children, cosmetics and home-wares. And if you’re longing for some expensive designer clothing, the price cuts are a lot of money.

***Super important*** If you live near a Nordie’s, you can partake of their Buy Online & Pick Up In Store service, which allows you to reserve an item online and then pick it up in an hour or so at your local Nordstrom location. How cool is that?


Please enjoy the widget below with some of my favorites for early Access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018.


However, if you are not logged into the site, when you click on the images, you will not be able to see the sale prices until the 20th of July. And you can only log on, if you get their card.


The first grouping is from the home furnishings section. This is a tiny sampling of what they have.



Next are the clothes and you’ll see the reason that I’ve separated them out from the rest of the hot clothes on sale.


The Nordstrom Anniversary sale clothes are largely fall into winter, but some things are good for year round.




And finally, below, is my first “beauty widget.” 



For now, this one will only before the Anniversary Sale. So far, there isn’t a lot on it. But if you get one thing, get the eyelash serum. Trust me. It works. My eye doctor thought I was wearing mascara.


And what I’m going to do is to turn the comments back on.


The reason is only IF you’d like to share of some terrific beauty product that you’re familiar with that’s on sale at Nordie’s at this time. If you tell us in the comments, I’ll add it to the widget. That’s easy to do.



In the meantime, there are a lot of new things in the regular hot sales page and a few in the hot clothes. Two new items in the regular hot clothes are early access, but they say so. Everything else is not early access. Again, the only items that are early access are everything shown on this page. When the early access period is over, the page will change again.





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