Color Of The Year 2018 – And The Winner Is…

Well, guys, this is it. The last two weeks of 2017 and that means it’s time to discuss..

The Color of the year 2018


Did you ever notice that the word discuss is made of these two words?





How fitting. And that’s because anyone who’s read my blog for at least two years has figured out by now, that I don’t think much of these color of the year proclamations–well, actually really only by that one color company that doesn’t actually make anything. The one beginning with P.

But some of you don’t know, how strongly I feel. And if you don’t, you can read away to your heart’s discontent, here, here, here, here, here and here.


Not mentioning the P Company’s name, because I don’t want to give them any press.


That’s how disgusted I am. Quite frankly, I think that’s what it’s all about. They purposely pick the most obnoxious colors and then let most of the bloggers Dis and Cuss them out, thereby getting lots of free press. Sick. And not the good kind of sick, either.

And true to form, the company beginning with P did not renege on its rep for hideousness with their proclamation for color of the year 2018 recently. I don’t care what they’re calling it. It’s BarFney Purple.

I actually received an email the other day from a major manufacturer who has created BarFney Purple SOFAS.

You know, I was going to put an image here, but I can’t. I mean I won’t. And besides, I’ve blocked out who it was.

And one of my favorite lamp companies, just sent me some big purple lamps. ew. It would take a highly skilled decorator to pull that off.

I’m fully expecting to see a bright purple Lacanche coming out any day now.





And don’t get me wrong. I do like some shades of purple. After-all, my own freakin’ bedroom is purple. (please click the link to see it)



And I adore purple hydrangeas too!


Plus the Laurel Home Paint Collection of 144 colors has nine shades of purple.


Well, “dirty purple” as I call it.


However, there are nine major paint companies that have also chosen their Color of the Year 2018


So, here’s my idea. I’m giving you a very short assignment, should you choose to partake. I’d like YOU Guys to select a winner from one of these nine color of the year 2018 choices.


Here’s what you do. Please tell us in the comments what your choice is (by number) and why you chose that color. And if you like, why you didn’t choose some of the other colors.


Pay no attention to what anyone else says.

(but please, be respectful of other opinions)

note: Sunday evening. Wow! Thanks guys. Several people have emailed me their answers. I’m sorry but the replies need to be in the comments. (please see above)

Now, I realize that several of the colors are actually quite close to each other which also makes me wonder.

Are there spies? Double color agents?

If there are two that you like equally as your number one, here’s what I recommend doing to help make a decision.

Pretend that someone is holding a gun to your head saying “choose one by the count of three, or I’ll shoot.” That technique usually works nicely for me. ;] 99.9% of the time, there is one that edges out the other if only slightly.

Oh, and I am not going to put the manufacturer down. Of course, many of you will already know or will look it up. That’s fine; I would do the same. lol

And then for Wednesday, I will do a post all about the winning color based on the comments.


Here are the colors from the top nine paint companies in the USA that have a color of the year 2018.


 color of the year 2018 - major paint companies


I’ve picked out my favorite and no, I’m not going to tell you which one. However, none of these are bad colors. In fact, I think that the choices reveal that a lot of intelligent thought processes went into their selections.

I am very much looking forward to your responses!


And now, I’m going to get a pedicure.


I’m tired and my floor is getting all scratched up from my feet, they’re so rough.

Besides, I know that you’re busy (and tired); no need for a super long post.


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PS: Please, only ONE color! Sorry, not your fault. I should’ve put this in a survey. Thanks for all of your replies!

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