Hot Sales For October 13, 2017 Means Starting Holiday Planning



Well, it’s Friday and that means another post about the current sales I’ve found that have beautiful products AND great buys. This is a direct link to the hot sales page which has all of the goodies.

First of all… If you want to take advantage of Serena and Lily’s Friends and Family Sale,  and get 20% off you only have a few days (10.16 at 11:59PM) and then the prices will jump back up. Nearly the entire site is on sale. The original art is not on sale, however.

BTW, I forgot to mention that I was able to make another handsome contribution towards hurricane relief from the commissions earned during the last sale at Serena and Lily that ended on the 26th. This time I sent the money over to Puerto Rico. They seem to need it the most. That is not to minimize the difficulties that others are having on the mainland.

Wisteria is having another great Sale. I would definitely head over there.


And it is not too early to begin your holiday planning.


I know, I know… I’m a hypocrite. I’m the one who has always said, “please, can we at least let the leaves turn colors and fall off the trees?”

But the reality is… come the end of October, the days start going faster and faster and in a blink, we’re singing Auld Lang Syne. Right? Therefore, mid-October is the time to begin to get serious–particularly if you have a large shopping list and/or are planning on doing a lot of holiday entertaining.

holiday planning at One King

Things are heating up over at One King’s Lane. They have some gorgeous items for the holidays.


And an excellent holiday planning guide to help make things less stressful.


beautiful vintage silver for holiday planning

This vintage silver collection is not on sale, but it’s really beautiful. Maybe some of you collect silver or know those that do. If so, I think that you’ll enjoy looking at what they have.

And Wayfair, hands down, has the best selection I’ve seen of faux Christmas trees and other holiday decor.

holiday decor with a flocked christmas tree at WayfairFor instance this flocked Christmas tree is only $213 and got superb reviews.

One thing I really love about Wayfair which is just so, so smart of them are the reviews. It really helps to hear what other consumers think of a product before purchasing.

But no worries if you’re not into Christmas and just want to get through Halloween first. The regular hot sales widget has numerous new items from various sources that are not holiday related. Or they are holiday related in a very general way. (like sprucing things up for company)

The bed and bath page and the hot clothes on sale page have also been updated.

Again, here’s the link to the hot sales page which has links to all of the other pages as well.

Please have a great weekend!