The Most Magical Christmas Decorations Ever

Don’t we always say this every year?

I can’t believe that the year is almost over.

And that means it’s almost Christmas.

I’ve done several posts about Christmas. You can see them here, here, herehere, here and here.


And if you’re looking for sources and even more ideas please check out the new holiday shop!


However, I told myself a couple of weeks ago that I’d skip it this year. And definitely no shopping guides. That one I’m going to stick to!

But, even though I don’t celebrate it, I’ve always loved Christmas-time. And quite frankly, I have no idea how y’all do it. It snowed today and I was so happy to just engulf myself with the fruits of other people’s labor.

I must say, that I’m feeling pretty rejuvenated after the experience. Actually, it began last night. And it would continue to go on, except I need to put all of this beauty into a post.

Most of these images came off of instagram this time. It’s a great place to find fresh and wonderful content. Everyone is tagged with their instagram username to make it easy to find them.

And just in time, we had our first real snow fall today. It was very pretty in the early AM but then came the freezing rain and sleet which un-prettied things a lot.


In my quest for beautiful seasonal images and Christmas decor, I found some amazing and I mean amazing instagram accounts as well. So, I’m excited to share those with you as well.


The images are both indoor and exterior and include shots from Boston, New York, New England, Old England lol and one or two from the south and some other random locations.


@tebling on instagram

Is there anything that says Christmas more than this image of the skating rink just outside the Museum of Natural History in London?

@meanderingmacaron on instagram

I wonder if the original architects envisioned their building all wrapped up with a giant red ribbon?

@nikkitibbleswildatheart on instagram

While not strictly the traditional red and green color scheme, I can’t resist the gorgeous colors in this winter floral arrangement.

This one’s been floating around, but have to say that I love it. Sorry, I don’t know the original source.


Aerin Lauder via the 2007 issue of House and Garden. I didn’t realize that it was nearly 10 years old. It still looks completely fresh!


@Joethommas on instagram

A gorgeous home in the snow on Marlborough Street in Boston.


@justagirlblog on instagram

I adore white homes!

@meanderingmacaron on instagram

Fine Paints of Europe makes a beautiful high gloss black paint. This is from a London home

@Brianmcw on instagram

Taken only a few hours ago in Boston.

@Bostondoorproject on Instagram

Also, Boston, but not today.

@kimberlieee13 on instagram

Boston again, but this one is today. :]

New York City in the snow. Our snow today wasn’t this pretty.

It’s fun to walk in the snow as long as the wind isn’t blowing much.


@elenakrizhevskaya on instagram

Elena is from Moscow and has a gorgeous feed on instagram.

inspirationlane on tumblr

Don’t you just love looking at other people’s trees through their windows?

The Lord Edward on Tumblr

Classic English.


French Kissed

I adore flocked Christmas trees!

New York City Ballet – Corps De Ballet performing George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker

and ballet.

Did you know that when I was 16, I was a snowflake in the nutcracker?

The Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, VT – photo: Shane Lynn


@Theyellownote on instagram

not evening ;]

midwest living house tour – photo Werner Straube

danijelivic on instagram

Another popular photo well of course. It’s perfect. But I searched high and low until I found a higher res version. That always makes my day!

@northeasternnautical on instagram


@Theyellownote on instagram

This is one of my favorite feeds on instagram. Every image is exquisite!

Beautiful white on white textures. So glad they kept the Christmas decor very simple.

@thegrovestreetpress new orleans on instagram

I guess that the shutters give it away. But it’s so pretty!

@Christobie on instagram

Awww… yes, you have to wait! haha!

Happy Holidays!


The holiday shop is filled with trees, ornaments, wreaths, garlands and great ideas for gifts, gifts, gifts!!!

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