The Answer To Your Prayers – 15 No Fail Interior Paint Colors!



By far…

The number one issue that people write to me about is:


Several times a week either in comments or in private emails I get frantic, panicked, frothing at the mouth messages begging me to give ANY advice I can give.

However, as strong as my powers of visualization are, they are no where as keen as the person who’s standing right there. Yes, I know it’s not that easy. But if you have the right tools, it’s far easier!

Alas there are soooo many colors. Right? So, many choices. It’s like 50 million air conditioners taxing the electrical grid on the entire eastern seaboard. It’s on massive overload–then, pop! It all short circuits and zilch. nope. not happening. Guess we’ll just have to live with the duck border after-all.

But what if someone could just TELL US for goodness sake; just narrow it down to a dozen or so colors that look good all the time.

Well, somebody did just that.

My beautiful colleague, home staging and color expert extraordinaire, Kristie Barnett!

Kristie and I first met (virtually) early this year when we each wrote posts (unbeknownst to the other) about the barfola Pantone Color of the year. The uncanny thing is that while the wording wasn’t exactly the same, the sentiment sure was! It was too funny! If you don’t know Kristie’s blog, The Decorologist®, you must check it out!

Hmmmm, I see a few sideways glances out there…

I’ve disappointed you in some way?

Ohhhhhh, Okay, ahhh… I get it.

Aren’t we both color experts? Isn’t she my competition?

First of all, ugh. I hate that word. We’re not racing horses here! There is no competition. Kristie’s business and my business are very different. And I just don’t think like that. Millions of people read blogs and decorate their homes. Each of us brings something unique to the world.

And besides… Kristie has developed the most rockin’ product for interior paint colors and I feel it’s my duty to tell y’all;  if for no other reason than to eliminate some mail. lol Not that I don’t love hearing from you. I do! But don’t love it when folks are in distress.


So what is it already Laurel!!!


Calm down. please. I’m going to tell you all about it right now!

Kristie has taken thousands of colors and edited them down to only 15.

15 colors.

Can you handle that?

15 totally fabuloso colors–A few, I’m not as familiar with but can’t wait to try out because I can see how beautiful they are.

But there’s more and this is the genius part.

For each color, she explains what colors of tile, stone and wood they can be paired with.

AND just as important, what they don’t go with!

It couldn’t be easier. She spells it all out and covers every possible pitfall. You cannot possibly mess up.

When I read about this on Kristie’s blog, I had to see for myself, so I ordered one and it arrived yesterday! Being Friday afternoon, I tore into it like a hyperactive, sleep starved kid on Christmas morning!

decorologist-paint-color-toolkitImpressive, to say the least.

It’s called The Psychological Staging™ Paint Color Toolkit

In her beautifully packaged kit, I got 15  pre-painted 12 x 12 samples all separated by tissue paper to protect them. They are painted with the actual paint in a flat finish so that you can see the true color. And instead of some flimsy poster board, they are on a board that’s meant for this purpose, so that the color stays true; The boards are sturdy, but very light weight.

In the tool kit is a page outlining how to use the kit— along with a link to a 10 minute video where Kristie demonstrates again, how to use the toolkit.

On the back of each board is a ton more information. Everything you need to know so that it’s impossible to make a mistake.


The Interior Paint Colors Tool Kit is Perfect if you are a:

  • HOME STAGER (your clients will think you walk on water)
  • REALTOR (ditto)
  • HOME SELLER (your home will sell quicker and for more $)
  • NEW HOME OWNER (get rid of the quacking duck border once and for all)
  • SOMEONE WANTING A PAINT REFRESH (your friends and family will think you hired a professional consultant)


Of course, I can’t tell you the names of the colors. :]

However, the lightest shade is in this post about 20 great shades of white paint.

To give a preview, I’m sharing images of beautifully staged rooms that are using some of the colors.


interior paint colors contemporary eclectic living roomSarah Chiovaru interior design  | photo: Attic Fire Photography

bathroom-bronxville copyPhoto and interior design by Laurel Bern

reid-rolls-bedroomvia Domaine | photo: Reid Rolls

CapturelonnChristy Ford {and George}

ashley-whittaker-boys-room-gold-wallsAshley Whittaker

Mona Ross Berman_Courtney-Apple-photoInterior design: Mona Ross Berman | photo: Courtney Apple

michael-c-hall-lonnyInterior Design: Elizabeth Mollen | Photo: Ryann Ford

Aubrie Pick-photo-Katie_martinezphoto: Aubrie Pick  | Katie Martinez Design

erica-george-dines-photo_stanton_madison_egd_081Jimmy Stanton via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles | photo Erica George Dines

To Find out more information about Kristie’s awesome tool kit

please click here or on the image below



It’s a fabulous product! Every interior design professional

should have one in their library.

In addition to the toolkit, Kristie has written books and teaches courses on home staging!

Please go over to Kristie’s blog and check it all out.

By the way. There’s no affiliation, meaning she’s not paying me to say this. No kickback. nothing. I just love the product and want to spread the word.

Happy Columbus Day Weekend!


Excited much? :]


PS: For more help with paint colors and home furnishings please click here.

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  • Patricia Ebrahimi - October 14, 2015 - 5:16 PM

    Cant wait to read your blog!ReplyCancel

  • Teri - October 13, 2015 - 1:21 AM

    Laurel, I have a new computer and I am not getting the pin option on any of the photos. I would like to pin a couple of them. When I saw the pin bar at the bottom of the article, it only would let me pin the article. (Which I would be happy to do, but I needed to pin for the furniture.) Is it my computer, or what?ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - October 13, 2015 - 8:15 AM

      Hi Teri,
      So, you’re not getting the white hover pin it button as you scroll over the images? Mine is working, so if you can’t see it, I’m not sure what the problem is. Maybe there’s a setting blocking it?

      In the meantime, you can download a pinterest browser button if you go to your pinterest home page.

      In the lower right corner is a +. Click on that and it will allow you to download your own pin it browser button. That way, you’ll be able to pin any image whether they’ve provided a way or not.ReplyCancel

      • Teri - October 13, 2015 - 12:06 PM

        Crap. Not only am I not getting the hover pin button, but my computer won’t let me install the browser button. I have no idea why. I will fire up my old computer and pin it.
        Thanks for your help.ReplyCancel

  • Bette Dollard - October 11, 2015 - 10:32 AM

    Just received your latest email and the cover photo is of a livingroom with gray,brown trim, white walls and blue doors by Steven Gambrel….could you please tell me the paint colors for this room as this is what I have pictured in my mind many times!
    Thank you in advance,
    Bette DollardReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - October 11, 2015 - 10:48 AM

      Hi Bette,
      I wish I knew that too. You’d have to ask Steven. But here’s the thing. And this is true 100% of the time. You are looking at a photo on a monitor that was taken with a camera that was possibly color corrected or enhanced in some way by the photographer. I do that as well with some images. (not that one)

      Then, you are looking at it via that room’s light which might be very different from your own.

      Colors change via the light that’s reflected on them.

      So, what I’m trying to say is… the color(s) in that room could be much different than what you’re seeing on your computer.

      However, all is not lost. Now, you know what you’re looking for, it makes it that much easier to get a few test samples. OR buy Kristie’s paint kit with the ready made samples. She has some gorgeous colors and at least 4 colors in that range.

      Also, please check out this post because there are some more terrific colors in that range.