Interior Design Isn’t For The Faint of Heart

Today was day-one of a two-day installation.

It doesn’t always work out that way, but this time it did.

I was a bit apprehensive because the home, built in the 30’s while reeking of charm, is full of anomalies and sometimes that can mean a problem or two.

But no matter, I figure whatever happens can get fixed.

C and H showed up to begin the window installation.

Old home + Old windows = Weirdness. (sometimes)

Laurel made a mistake and gave the wrong measurements for the MBR windows. It’s getting fixed. I just looked at the wrong column; not the end of the world.

The shades for the sunroom/family room went up like a dream.



The wood blinds were a little temperamental. They really would’ve preferred a deeper inset, but we worked it out. They are secure.

While we were putting up the blinds in the two tiny back bedrooms, I noticed an interesting phenomenon.


Both rooms are painted the SAME color. We love it in both rooms but it looks different in each room. It is definitely darker and greener in the north facing room. (on the right, duh) This is why I say, “test, test, test” and do not test on the wall! Paint it (two coats) on poster board and move it around.

Oh, you want to know the color?

Sure. It’s Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter hc-172

During all of this, downstairs J and J, rug and carpet installers extraordinaire showed up to lay the three big area rugs. The first is the wonderful Bunny Williams Jute rug for Dash and Albert. (first photo) Easy as can be and the 10 x 13 is the perfect size for the room!

Next. The living room. Because the fireplace juts out so far into the room, I decided to do a cut-out.

I measured three times. Yes, three times. That is not unusual.

The head J called me in from the next room.

“Laurel, the rug doesn’t fit.”

I gulped. I see money hemorrhaging out of my bank account. Then, I looked at the fireplace. I asked them if they realized that there is a cutout? No, they did not. Phew!


Here are the J’s hard at work laying down the sea grass over a luxurious felt padding.

It is perfect!

However, here is why Interior Design Isn’t For the Faint of Heart

The dining room.

For some reason the contractor’s guy decided to fix the fireplace hearth—TODAY– and not just today, but at the exact same time that we’re trying to lay the rug down! The mason-guy had just started but he needed to stop which he did, (reluctantly) Great. Now we had wet cement in way too close proximity for our brand new rug! (yes, we covered it up!)

But there’s more.

While the living room is perfect, the dining room rug was not. Another cutout for the corner fireplace. I measured VERY carefully. My lovely clients helped me. We CAREFULLY calculated  and accounted for every inch. As careful, careful as I am, the situation is not straight forward, but this one isn’t a huge deal. I’ve had a lot worse!


Here ya go. Difficult to see here, but it doesn’t fall the line properly of the fireplace.

After 25 years, I learned something new. You can have wide binding sewn on site! Next time, that’s what I’ll do!

This morning, one of my favorite interior designers, Meredith Heron had this to say on social media.

“Sometimes not everything goes as planned but they don’t necessarily turn out badly… Other times mind you it can be a total train derailment. Be prepared for everything in this biz….”

and then she said…

“ became clear that one half of the couple violated our strict no asshole policy…We tell all new clients, new trades etc that it is a firm policy.”

hahaha! And aside from her insane talent, that is why I love her! Too funny!

Well, I need to scadoodle. Have to repaint the rod for the guest-room. That one wasn’t a mistake. The bed got changed and the rod needs to go from pewter to antique gold. Terrific clients! It’s the least I can do.

Tonight the reupholstered pieces arrived and tomorrow all of the new furniture and more window treatments featuring some fabulous draperies and lots of pale blues, creams and beige.

Please stay tuned!



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