Laurel Bern Interiors is in Westchester Home Magazine!



Over the years, our local publication, Westchester Magazine or its offshoot, Westchester Home Magazine has featured my work or I’ve contributed to an article having something to do with interior design.

A few years ago, I had a really big spread. It was several pages of one of my favorite jobs with one of my favorite clients! I don’t promote it because it is completely different from all of my other work; quite contemporary. And while I very much enjoyed the departure, I figure that it’d be confusing for some people.

A few months ago, I was contacted because they wanted to know if I was interested in having my work featured in the spring issue of Westchester Home Magazine?

Hmmmm… let me see… Would I like free advertising, free publicity, exposure and endorsement from Westchester Magazine?

well, geee… okay… I guess so.


They gave me several questions to answer. I answered them and sent in the photos and forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I got an email saying that the interview was coming out and they were sending me the magazine! Well, something happened, I don’t know what and I didn’t get it until yesterday.

I’m really tickled to see the interview in print. I think that they did a great job with it! I hope it’s okay that I’m reprinting my own photos. :]

Here it is. It might be a little small, but if you can’t see it, you can save the image on your desktop. Then, open it up and hit the + to enlarge it a little.


Did you notice that there was no mention of the one piece that I’d save in a fire?

Aren’t you dying to know?

Hold on… let me go and grab the original email. I’ll be right back…

Okay, I’m back. Here is what I said, verbatim:

“I adore my 19th century bookcase that I purchased many years ago. I had it painted to look like a Swedish antique. Some people would’ve found that criminal, to paint the original mahogany, but the mahogany is too dark and heavy for me. I’ve always joked that if the house were on fire. I’d grab my cat and the bookcase!”

Awww… I wrote it on November 21st. That was just 11 days before Peaches died after a sudden but acute illness.

I’m sure y’all have seen my old white living room…

…with my two treasures.


My beautiful Peaches and my painted bookcase, which now sits happily in the entry of my Bronxville home.

Thank you again to Westchester Magazine. I am truly honored and pleased as can be with the article!




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  • Laurel Bern - April 2, 2015 - 9:13 AM

    I see I missed a few people, so if I did, it’s not because I was intentionally ignoring you. I’m not used to so many comments!

    I can’t take any credit for the inherent beauty of this architectural gem. (green dining room) However, we did replace the fireplace black and white checkerboard tile with the white marble and that one thing made a huge difference! xo, LaurelReplyCancel

  • Wendy - April 2, 2015 - 12:26 AM

    Congrats on the feature. I see why they wanted to publish you…your work is amazing! I hope it brings you many wonderful new clients, so we get to see more of your beautiful rooms!ReplyCancel

  • Leslie Turner - March 31, 2015 - 11:19 AM

    Congratulations! Your lovely work deserves publication. P.S.: I adore that beautiful green room!ReplyCancel

  • Leslee - March 30, 2015 - 11:17 PM

    Laurel, thank you so much for your kind and caring words. I’m so glad to hear too that Peaches had so much love from his special person. I know what a void it leaves in your heart. Thank you for your prayers and I will give my sweet lady that extra hug. My deepest appreciation…ReplyCancel

  • Laurel Bern - March 30, 2015 - 9:42 PM

    Hi Leslee,

    Thank you so much for your condolences. I will pray for your kitty to make a full recovery. After-all, cats have nine lives. Peaches definitely did! And for 13.5 years, I spoiled him like crazy! Please give your kitten an extra hug from me. xo, LaurelReplyCancel

  • Leslee - March 30, 2015 - 3:55 PM

    Wonderful interview! I must now check out “Rainforest Dew”! So sorry about your beloved Peaches… One of our kitties became acutely ill around the first of January, Dr. said she was about a day away from death’s door. Since then we’ve brought her slowly back, she’s improved little by little and almost her old self now. We have a way to go, but with her precious gentle little spirit is a blessing, and her little life is so valuable. And one of the joys of mine! Again, great article and my sincere congrats!!ReplyCancel

  • Laurel Bern - March 29, 2015 - 11:52 PM

    testing comment luvReplyCancel

  • Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist - March 29, 2015 - 9:44 PM

    Congratulations! What a beautiful article and such great PR 🙂 Your work is so lovely! I’m sorry about your cat 🙁ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - March 29, 2015 - 10:15 PM

      Thanks so much for stopping by Kristie. It’s been such a difficult winter with Peaches and my dear Elaine passing 7 weeks ago. But then, a lot of really wonderful things have happened too. Loved reading your post today!ReplyCancel

  • Jo Galbraith - March 29, 2015 - 8:48 PM

    Congratulations on your article Laurel. Well deserved! I love that pretty and fresh green dining room. It makes me think of Spring, which we are sadly lacking in our area!ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - March 29, 2015 - 10:09 PM

      Thanks Jo! No spring here either. 🙁 I mean… well, at least it’s not bitterly cold, but not warm either. No buds yet either.

      I have been so blessed to have been able to work on a historical home with such stunning architecture! And I have a client who loves color AND wallpaper!ReplyCancel

  • Jane - March 29, 2015 - 8:45 PM

    Congratulations, Laurel. Love the room they featured.

    I am fairly new to your website. When I first found it I got lost in all the articles and 4 hours later!!! I absolutely love your style. As a matter of interest my living room looks similar to yours…green couch, yellow walls:)

    I get excited when I see a new post come in from you. Just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort and the great advice you give.

    Hope the magazine article generates some business for you.



    • Laurel Bern - March 29, 2015 - 10:06 PM

      Hi Jane, 4 hours wow! I’m impressed! And thank you too for such kind words! I really appreciate that. The posts do take a while to produce, but I very much enjoy it. ReplyCancel

  • E - March 29, 2015 - 2:50 PM

    Very nice article. Bravo!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Reinsch - March 29, 2015 - 2:41 PM

    Congratulations on your featured article, Laurel – I’d grab the bookcase too! But oh, little Peaches, what a sweetheart she must’ve been. Love her more than the bookcase I have to say….ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - March 29, 2015 - 3:11 PM

      Thanks so much all!

      Diane, my Peaches who by the way was a male (well sorta) :] was the best thing that ever happened to me. We almost lost him 3.5 years before he passed. Every day was a miracle.

      What’s so odd is that I am so not a “cat person.” Just him. We had a very special bond and nothing, not even death can ever break it! Still… I miss terribly the warmth of his furry puddle of love on my tummy—and the deafening roar of his purr. lolReplyCancel

  • Nancy Zeldis - March 29, 2015 - 12:03 PM

    Awesome Laurel. Congrats.ReplyCancel

  • Angela Toledo - March 29, 2015 - 11:02 AM

    Congratulations Laurel!!ReplyCancel

  • Joanne - March 29, 2015 - 7:44 AM

    Congratulations, and well done. Your rooms are gorgeous.ReplyCancel

  • TKraft Art & Interiors - March 29, 2015 - 1:09 AM

    KUDOS on a Beautiful article – I’m glad you followed up with your two favorites. Pretty sure this WM feature will generate even more great design opportunities for Laurel Bern Interiors.ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - March 29, 2015 - 1:40 AM

      Thank you so much TKraft! It’s funny about this sort of thing. But so far, I rarely get any work out of it. However, you never know. Thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel