Americasmart – Home of Exquisite Home Furnishings


Greetings from Atlanta, home of Americasmart!

What is Americasmart?

It is like a combination of the NY Gift Show [NY Now] and a smaller High Point Market Show. After years of trudging through the NY show. Sorry guys, but it sucks. The NY show, that is. I’ll be telling you why later. Americasmart is absolutely fantastic. Alright. I’ll tell you one reason why. It’s like one never-ending party. Everywhere I went, I was positively shtooped with food and let me tell you, shopping makes me HUNGRY! After 5:00, they break open the wine and champagne. uh huh…

I arrived here yesterday afternoon and after freshening up, headed over to BUILDING ONE where all of the gorgeous furniture and home accents live. And then I went up to the 11th floor to the Englishman’s showroom  to thank the most kind, helpful, fantastic rep Ann O’Connor. Englishman’s is the company that does all of my beautiful custom tables and all of the furniture except the chairs in the Bronxville dining room. That includes the yewwood china cabinet I designed. They are an absolutely awesome company and their pieces are reasonably priced and of superb quality! And… Ann, is the one who recommended that I be awarded with the very generous incentive package courtesy of Americasmart. It’s a free trip with some extra left over! I feel incredibly fortunate.

The following two photos are from the Englishman’s showroom. While decidedly English-traditional, the showroom is anything but stodgy. I love this charcoal gray wall. The upholstery is made for them and is also reasonably priced and very comfortable!



I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bore you, but yet again, I have had much in the way of computer frustrations.  Eventually, I worked it out. I emailed myself the photos. Hey, it works! However, it’s taken me much longer, so I am going to tease you with just these two images from the show. I can assure you that there’s much, much more to come. I have another long full-day of shopping and photo taking. Today was a lot of fun and I’ll be telling you more about it, but I better get some rest!