Creating a Neo-Traditional Media Room



Remember the Hollywood Regency Family-Media Room? Well, we had to change the entire concept which I will explain in greater depth later on.

It still falls under that category, but now I am calling it a neo-traditional family room. There were some problems with the first idea that I’ll get to in my next post. I’m also going to continue my discussion on color schemes a bit here and more in future posts.

But first of all the term “neo-traditional.”

I have been struggling with what to call what my design style is. The word “transitional” makes my skin crawl. To me, it just reeks of being neither here nor there and not me at all. I have bantered about “young-traditional” and “new-traditional,” however after speaking to the fabulous interior designer, Meredith Heron, I am using her term of “neo-traditional” or “neo-trad” (If I wanna sound kinda sorta cool).

Here is one of my fave Meredith Heron rooms.


Interior design by Meredith Heron

What is this color scheme?Well, as you can see… it’s basically red, white and blue. Right? However, what keeps it from looking like a flag is mixing in several shades of gray and white, warm woods and touches of gold. Meredith is a genius at this stylegs And she achieves it by doing such things as mixing the Louis the XVI stools she may very well have found at a flea market with fresh, contemporary fabrics; a smattering of mid-century, a mix of coordinating, very fresh yet classic geometrics and the coolest Chinoiserie Chandelier i’ve ever seen. The fresh flowers also add so much to the look. (more about that later!)

Here is a “mood board” (I prefer the term inspiration board) for our neo-trad media room. I’m going to go into more about this in greater depth in the next post and explain how I arrived at this design. Geeeezzz… my ‘puter is acting up again and just erased the next few sentences. Maybe it’s trying to tell me to shut up? haha.




In other news… I recently found out that my interior design idol that I’ve written about several times on Laurel Home, Vicente Wolf  is having a contest on Pinterest. uh oh… I picked the wrong week to give up my internet addiction. haha. The winner gets flown to NY to have an evening with Vicente, himself. (hmmmm… maybe if I win, they can fly me to Paris instead?) ;]

Wait… An evening with Vicente Wolf???

Really? I would give my priceless, precious Zuber Screen, to have an evening with Vicente Wolf! I told my musician-son that this is like him having an evening with Leonard Bernstein! So, of course I’ve started putting together the board and let me tell you and I’m having a great time! (and it’s keeping me up late!) If only I could make a living doing this! If you wanna see what I’m doing, you can follow me here on the pinterest board which is calle “My Vicente Wolf Design Inspiration.” The purpose of the contest aside from giving up a few hours of his time to chat with me… haha, is to hawk his new line of paints for PPG Voice of Color.  You can also follow this at #MeetVicenteWolf.

The paint collection is truly a very beautiful and manageable collection of 40 color. It focuses on Vicente’s love of earth tones and cool shades of gray, blue, indigo, violet and even some pink! Gorgeous! I’m sure the paint is going to fly off the shelves! The objective of the contest  is to create a narrative— using Vicente’s work, items in his shop, what inspires me, my style, (of course, influenced by VW) some of my work and images and of course, the new paint colors. We can post anything, however, we also have to be careful not to violate any copyright infringements. Quite frankly, these days… on the internets… that concept is well… pretty laughable. However, I am taking that one seriously. We also cannot post any other brand names. I have a few surprises up my sleeve. Remember when I told you that I have a lot of old photos that I’ve kept in my post about the perfect sofa? Uh huh…You guessed it! I have some winners that I have never seen anywhere else including one where he used a chintz in a gorgeous bedroom! If you know anything about Vicente Wolf, chintz is not something that one would associate with him— ever! However, I have the proof that he does use chintz and quite frankly, better than anyone else I’ve ever seen! He’s amazing!

Now, here’s one important thing I’ve gleaned from collecting and pinning dozens of exquisite Vicente Wolf interiors.


Every photo has a beautiful bouquet in a SINGLE color that is usually a complimentary color or sometimes an analogous color to the others. It’s such a simple thing, but I didn’t truly realize until just now, what a difference it makes!

That reminds me… Sunday is Mother’s Day. Better order the flowers for my dear Mom!



  • Cathy Werrun - May 9, 2014 - 11:38 AM

    Just found my way to your blog via Pinterest and I’m in heaven! Your posts are so informative and your photos are large, clear and beautiful. Thanks Laurel!ReplyCancel