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Shameless. I know. Interior Design Larchmont NY. But a girl has to do vut a girl has to do. And if you have no idea what on earth I’m talking about… I envy you… Ahhh… The blissful days before google ran my life!

Please humor my silliness… but my post is supposed to be at least 300 words. Did you know that google gets upset when you don’t talk enough? You could have 5,000 photographs, but googs will still complain if you don’t have enough WORDS. Fine. I can talk.

(we didn’t realize that Laurel) :]

Alright. Today, I paid a visit to my wonderful clients the Cees (not their real name, of course) in Larchmont. They have been long-time clients and I believe their testimonial is near the top. Hold on… let me check… Yes, from Steve and Eileen. I first worked with them some 10 years ago in another home in Chappaqua NY. (yes, across the street from the Clintons.)

I have worked on various projects including some newish window treatments which you can see here. The Cees have English trad taste, but also love color and making things fresh. Several months ago, they contacted me again for a new project. They wanted to furnish a small sun room that was  being upgraded from a covered porch. The sun room is off their formal dining room. Their contractor, Keith Gerety is one I have worked with before and he is one of the best. You can check out his fabulous website and portfolio here. Oh! And he also put up a little youtube video of the project which you can see here. I had absolutely nothing to do with the actual design and construction of the little sun room, however, I think that Keith did a great job! He added some lovely arched detailing above the doors and windows which works very nicely for this home-built circa 1936.

I brought my Canon Rebel T2I camera and Iphone, however, I forgot to bring props. (correction. I didn’t get it together to bring them. One of those mornings…) Uh oh. Thank God they had a cool plant and a little poinsettia. haha. Well, better than nothing. And here they are!

interior design larchmont ny

 This shows the charming detailing that Keith did over the French doors and windows. Yikes! gotta photoshop that cord outta the photo! Colors you ask? Sure thing. The walls are Benjamin Moore  2145-70 Cotton Balls, one of my “go-to” beautiful soft, not-too-creamy-not-too-white-colors and the ceiling is in Benjamin Moore HC-144 Palladian Blue.

interior design larchmont ny

 I like taking closer up shots which I feel draw in the viewer better.

interior design larchmont ny
The Cees have three MASSIVE dogs and really did not want any kind of floor covering whatsoever. Settee from TCS Designs. They will never have a website (I was told recently. Their decision. But, they make great upholstery!) l That is solution-dyed indoor outdoor fabric from Ralph Lipschitz Lauren Home. (A Lipschitz by any other name would still be insanely rich!) :] The very cool Ming-style end tables are from Serena and Lily. I LOVE that company! They have THE best branding in the entire universe, IMO. Lamps from the wonderful Jamie Young Co. And garden stools from Wisteria. (another lovely company) The pillow is from Bliss Studio. Chippendale chair from Jonathan Adler which I had reupholstered in FSchumacher’s legendary Chiang Mai Dragon. The faux rattan chair from Noir Furniture LA. Floor lamp is from Circa Lighting as is the chandelier in the next photo. It’s their French Flea Market chandelier which is one of my all-time fave chandeliers.

interior design larchmont ny

I love sun rooms that don’t scream out SUN ROOM! (aka: the hackneyed white wicker blah, ya know?) The wallpaper in the Dining room is Thibaut’s Bamboo Lattice The extraordinarily astute may remember the same paper on a ceiling (in the coral colorway) which can you find here.

And there it is… Stay tuned for our regularly scheduled program which will be a series all about interior color schemes!



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  • Dolores - September 13, 2015 - 6:41 AM

    I love that room, Laurel!It’s just perfect!! The other day I was on ebay fabric hunting and almost bought a remnant of that gorgeous Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon fabric- hoping it might work with the R Lipchitz:-) indigo Stone Hill linen curtains that I just gone done sewing. It sold too fast! Bohoo.. Now I see that it wouldn’t have worked at all.Thanks! I can dry my tears 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - September 13, 2015 - 11:33 AM

      Thanks so much Dolores! Lovely clients too. I worked on their previous home. I love it when clients move!ReplyCancel