Happy Easter | Spring Fever!

Although, I don’t celebrate Easter, I think that any excuse to celebrate life and perhaps a metaphor for rebirth works for me! It’s just about this time of year, that I begin to go a bit nutso. Some call it spring fever and sure… but why?

For me, it’s all about this… my fave color – CHARTREUSE!

spring fever


The colors remind me of much of the palette from the Bronxville home which I just shared some new quick shots of.  What’s kinda funny (as in ironic funny) is that I had posted the image below directly from instagram.

spring fever

What happened is that I ran back to take a quick shot with my phone because I wanted to get an image of the new chandelier. I then shared it and all of the photos with  facebook and twitter. Through the little camera, it looked acceptable. However, later on, after I saw it on the big screen, I went “ugh,” what a hideous photograph! (I think that shooting down should be reserved only for closeups.)

Well… what do I know? THAT photograph has gotten 25 likes so far and the others, almost nothing. Alright. Full disclosure. The bookcase was already there as was the carpet. oh wait. Hold on… here are the before photos! (for all of the rooms downstairs which you can compare to what’s now in the portfolio. I did everything else. (well, except the piano and Mercury glass on the mirrored coffee table). The other thing that’s driving me nuts. (not the good kind of first-signs-of-spring-chartreuse nuts) is the fabric on the chair. Yes, it’s the same as the dining room fabric, which I don’t normally do, but it suited that French Bergere so well.  Here it is again, on the dining room chair. This is the color of the fabric!


 So, since that photo was so well-liked, I compromised.

I took a portion of the photo to use as a vignette.


I am really loving vignettes because it gives a feeling of the space without giving away the whole thing. One day soon, I’ll go over with the Canon camera and take my time and get some better shots. I know that y’all like to hear where I get my stuff. I know that some designers don’t like to divulge that information and I respect that, but I love it when designers share their sources. We all benefit. And so I’m happy to do so, in kind. So here goes:

Sofa: CR Laine in a custom pink linen fabric from Norbar.

(if you do this, you MUST have the fabric knit-backed!)

Side tables: Tritter-Feefer

Lamps: Ro Sham Beaux

Chandelier: Chehoma

Coffee Table: Bliss Studio

Vase: Bungalow 5 (I am so in love with this vase!)

Coffee table accessories: Bliss Home and Design

and yes, that’s a John Richard silk orchid.

Floral pillow fabric on drapes and pillows: Pierre Frey

(sorry, it’s now discontinued)

Please have a wonderful, happy and healthy Easter!



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