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Okay. No. I did not go to the Spring High Point Market 2014. I’d like to and I hope to either this fall or next spring. Twice a year, thousands of people flock to the mecca of the home furnishings industry for the largest furniture market in the world. I have gone before and it is absolutely fabulous and extremely inspiring.

Tomlinson Furniture Factory High Point, NC

In the meantime, I’ve researched for y’all the best of the best (well, in my humble opinion) of this spring’s market. The images came from many, many sources and everyone will receive full credit. My legs are thanking you more than I can possibly say.  Many of  the images, however, came directly from the vendor as I also research my favorite vendors to see what’s new each season.

Alright. Before I jump in here… I have to make a confession.

I hate shopping.

Yes, I know… this is like a doctor who says… “I get faint at the site of blood.” I hate shopping as in REAL shopping. The showroom floors are HARD. It is actually painful. Yes, I do it anyway as I did the other day which you can read about here. However, I do love virtual shopping. So, thank you again to all of you, who took the time and expense to take these images. I’m very glad to spread them around for you!

Based on my research, here are my [virtual] take aways from the 2014 spring market:

  • C O L O R R U L E S
  • Rich, saturated hues. Jewel Tones. here. to. stay. they’ve been with us for a while, and they ain’t going anywhere.
  • Pale is also still with us. And black accents.
  • Classic-modern-traditional styles rule
  • Chinoiserie is prevalent <3
  • Brass is back with a vengeance. But it’s not that tacky fake shiny/faux antique brass of the 80’s. It’s naturally aged and rich.
  • There is an enormous attention to detail. Tailored, chic detail. like flat Greek Key trims <3
  • There are bold colorful patterns
  • Rich velvets/ juxtaposed with cool linens
  • Designs are influenced by Hollywood Regency There is a trend towards reinterpreting the classic designs of yore.
  • I am seeing a lot of scaled down furniture. (thank God!) another retro influence

And herewith is the #saveyourlegsguide to the Spring 2014 High Point Market aka: #hpmkt

Let’s just jump in with our “it girl.” (well one of them.) Mary McDonald with her exquisite collection for Chaddock Home.

Mary McDonald via


Mary McDonald via


LOVE this sofa. The trim. (well, it’s GREEK KEY!) The pillows. Mary Mac is dripping with talent and taste!


 Mary McDonald via Shay Gayer  one of several 2014 Spring High Point Market Style Spotters. The Style Spotters are interior designers who’ve been selected to comb the market for the most stylish, coolest, must-see pieces showing.

Mary McDonald via

LOVE the screens. You may recall that I wrote about that fabric here.

Wonderful close up by another High Point Market Style Spotter, Nicole Gibbons  Nicole has a beautiful blog – So Haute Style where a few days ago, she repeated a fantastic post from last year’s market. She’s promising another such post within the next week or so.


Mary McDonald via

Photo by Jeanne Cheng One of the 2014 Spring High Point Style Spotters. Please check out her blog Cozy Stylish Chic. Jeanne is a very hot up and coming blogger. (actually, she’s already here!) I met her at the Design Bloggers Conference last month and she’s a delight!


Gorgeous piece by Crystorama – the Stella Chandelier

 Here it is in situ.



Charlotte Moss Augusta Chaise for Century Furniture in Carleton V fabric via Stacey Bewkes of the Quintessence Blog

Stacey has stated that florals are a great trend and I agree wholeheartedly! But these aren’t your grandmother’s florals. Today’s florals have complexity, innovation and are garden fresh!


Another fantastic piece spotted by Jeanne Cheng. This one is from Caracole

How chic is this French inspired dresser with mother of pearl rings and silky finish. Feminine and sexy!


Chelsea House via Jeanne Chen.

I admit. I was not familiar with this company. But I am now. Gorgeous furnishings!


Dragon Vases– from Bungalow 5


and more dragons in F. Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon in the Porcelain colorway. Chaise by CR. Laine.


One of my fave vendors, Currey and Co. has a fantastic collection of rugs. This market they featured this over-dyed beauty. Very well done! It appears that the over-dyed look is still here. Love it!


More Chinoiserie and saturated colors from CR. Laine via the Quintessence Blog. I love CR Laine. I have been selling their line for a few years now. And for myself, I bought a pair of their Wagner Chairs which I absolutely adore. Their stylist Holly Mclay Blalock is a genius.


via the fabulous Style Spotter Meredith Heron. I loved everything she posted and her blog is gorgeeeeous!

Fresh Chinoiserie Print from Thibaut. It is also featured in the green colorway which you will see later on. They’re about to open a new showroom in the D&D building.


Bungalow 5 (they really do have the best vignettes) Photo by Jeanne Cheng


Another beautiful piece from Chelsea House taken by Meredith Heron


Painted Chippendale style chair from Bungalow 5 – very Hollywood Regency!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

via  Jeanne Chen

I used this new piece on my recent inspiration board. Love it! From Bungalow 5


 Lorts Furniture   via


Thibaut – Blue and white is still very hot. Or is it cool? Well, it doesn’t matter. This is an especially fresh geometric, I think.


Wonderful new lamp from Currey and Co. Could see this on a buffet or night table.


Another wonderful CR Laine Vignette taken by Jeanne Cheng



Coral + Aqua/teal = HUGE (sorry, the source did not say who the vendor is)

And that brings us to our next “it girl.”

Alexa Hampton whose work I absolutely adore. One minute she’s soft and serene, but not here. Nosiree… She’s as vibrant and exuberant in her palette as can be and it just works. Please enjoy her new collection for Hickory Chair. BTW, I understand that she painted all of the abstract artwork herself.


Alexa Hampton via Lynn Byrne


Via Alexa Hampton on Twitter

so chic


via Alexa Hampton on Twitter


Also from Alexa Hampton’s twitter feed

Gracie Wallpaper

You may recall that I featured more of their papers in this post.


via Stacey Bewkes Quintessance Blog

Her colors remind me of the palette of one of my fave pieces of art.  Le Jardin Chinois by Francois Boucher


What’s funny is that it was next to these images in my media file because earlier yesterday, I had gone back into this post to fix the SEO.


via Alexa Hampton on Twitter


 via Alexa Hampton on Twitter


via Style Spotter Meredith Heron

Fabulous Ming-style Tortoise shell coffee table by another “it girl,” (I hope that doesn’t sound too sexist, but can’t think of another term), the brilliantly talented Celerie Kemble for Henredon.


via Meredith Heron

yet another dragon. this time on the cool Wesley Hall Tate Chair in Mythical Fire.


Love this Chinoiserie lamp by Chelsea House singled out by High Point Style Spotter Haskell Harris

2014 Spring High Point Market

Gary Inman another style spotter made note of this new colorway of the Thibaut’s Bamboo Lattice paper. You can see another application on this post and last year, I did it in a formal dining room in the blue colorway. Really cool!


I kinda want that sofa. I first spotted this on the ubiquitous and immensely talented Lisa Mende a style spotter emeritus and person I “accidentally” sat next to the first day at the Blogger’s conference. This piece is by the equally ubiquitous superstar Barclay Butera for Highland House. Never mind that he has his own line of furniture as well.



One of my favorite vendors— Tritter-Feefer in yet another iteration of their Aegean series. This time in a glorious oval dining table. oh my. oh my.


Another beauty from Thibaut. I can’t help but notice the resemblance between this lovely print and Mary McDonald’s. See above. (in the bedroom on the screens) However, this print’s repeat is only 36″ and it’s available by the yard. While the Schumacher print is sold only in the full repeat which is over 130″!



Another Market style spotter — Mitzi Beach who hi-lighted this charming grass-cloth and nailhead-studded Parson’s side table from Thibaut Furniture   Thibaut is one of those “old guard” companies like F. Schumacher and Brunschwig et Fils that keeps reinventing itself, staying right on top of current trends and actually making new ones. So smart.



 via color expert and friend, Donna Frasca (sorry, I don’t know the vendor or fabric, but it sure is pretty!)


More Chinoiserie beauties from Bungalow 5  They keep adding to their already impressive collection of gorgeous porcelains.


Bungalow 5


World’s Away Molecule Table via style spotter Denise McGaha

And oft-mentioned vendor on the laurel home blog is World’s Away. Many posts. It’s a great boutique line  of the most stylish contemporary accent furnishings with Asian and classical leanings. Gorgeous!

Well… that’s it for now. My legs are fine, however, my head is throbbing. haha!






  • Kathy Winter - July 19, 2015 - 5:09 PM

    Dear Laurel,
    I recently discovered your blog while perusing Pinterest and I subscribed as it is the best blog out there. It is so highly relatable and simply a joy to read. I have been going back through your blog so I can read everything and I came across this one that is so personally special. My 83 yo southern mother is from High Point and most of my family has been in the furniture industry. My Great Aunt Sarah Tomlinson Foscue’s father founded Tomlinson Furniture and my Great Uncle Henry Foscue started the Southen Funiture Market, where he was president for over 30 years. I was filled with such pride to see the old Tomlinson Ad as it brought back such wonderful memories.

    Your blog has inspired me to make my home livable again as I have let it go since I became ill in 2009. You love green which is my favorite color and is how I have chosen to use on my walls and furnishings. You have made picking paint colors fun and enjoyable and have helped me make decisions, even though my brain no longer works well. I read every post with earnest and have my BM fan decks out to learn as I go. So much of my time is spent alone at home as my doctor husband works constantly and my children are grown. You bring a smile to my face constantly and you have gotten me out of bed to go downstairs and really look at what is there.

    Whether you realize it or not, your positivity, talent, gifts and impeccable taste have a ripple effect that has given me such joy. Thank you for sharing your extensive fund of knowledge, sense of humor and grace with all of us.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Holland - April 17, 2014 - 8:10 AM

    Thank you for visiting our Hickory Chair showroom during the spring market! We are honored to be included in your favorites of market!ReplyCancel

  • Stacey Bewkes - April 13, 2014 - 1:39 PM

    Thanks Laurel, for including several of my shots from High Point this market. More coming – so many design events this month, it’s hard to keep up!!ReplyCancel

    • Laurel Bern - April 13, 2014 - 1:45 PM

      Thank you so much! I know — it’s exhausting! x, LaurelReplyCancel