One Smashing Piece of {Art, Furniture, Lighting, Rug}



Sometimes all one needs to get their home up to the next level is to start with one (or two) smashing piece(s). It might be a rug, a piece of art, a mirror or even lighting. In this post, I’m going to present a few ideas that are new (or relatively new) in the market place that I find particularly smashing.

one smashing piece

Etched mercury glass lamp from Jamie Young

jaipurrug - Copy

I found this rug on Layla Grace.

hialeah - Copy


Love these two retro inspired lamps from Jamie Young

noiretagereChinoiserie Etagere from Noir


A smashing piece of art from Oly Studio.

bamboo - Copy

Love this Chinoiserie mirror which I have seen from a couple different sources.

sideboardCool piece from Redford House. Could be used as a buffet or entertainment center or even a dresser in a bedroom


Very stylish, classically inspired chair from Jonathan Adler

coraldeco - Copy


 ccbirdcage - Copy

Throw pillows are a wonderful way to perk up a room. I prefer a down and feather filling. There is nothing worse than flat, cheap looking pillows due to cheap crappy inserts.  The top two pillows are by Caitlin Wilson Designs and the bottom pillow by CocoCozy.

dim_sum_slip_wing_chair - Copy

One of my favorite boutique vendors is a lovely company called Red Egg. Their slogan is “always fresh.” And they aren’t kidding. They specialize in Chinoiserie inspired designs and lots of very cool colors. They have a few upholstered pieces and I fell in love with this charming occasional chair at the New York Now show a couple of years ago. I could see it used as a desk chair, dining chair or even at a dressing table.

bungalowlamp - Copy      There are lots of double gourd lamps in the market place, however, I think that this is especially cool with its lucite base and perfectly proportioned shade from Bunglow5. Oh, and please check out their incredible collection of accessories, featuring the most beautiful array of Chinoiserie pieces.  Here are two places where I used some of their pieces. (you can barely make out the vase on the coffee table, but I’ll be taking more photos)



Bungalow 5 urns flanking the fireplace with the new Calacatta Marble surround.



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