Freshen Your Home for the New Year {part II – mirrors}


I’m having such a great time putting these posts together for you. Originally, I said that this was going to be in three parts, but actually, I think it’s going to be more of an ongoing series of posts.


In this post we are going to discuss ideas to freshen your home by the use of mirrors to bring light, glamor and style into your spaces. As stated in the previous post, mirrors magnify light, so they are almost imperative for dark rooms. In the post, I am going to present some lovely ideas for using mirrors and some of my favorite mirrors.

decorating with mirrors

This vignette is absolutely perfect. I love the balance between cool and warm with this classic French gilt mirror photography by Jane Beiles.
Also, please notice the same mercury glass lamp from yesterday’s post on lighting. Total coincidence!

French Gilt Mirror _ WisteriaHere is a version of the French gilt mirror from Wisteria for only $399.00. I have seen these mirrors that cost thousands!


A lovely vignette from one of my favorite interior designers, Victoria Hagan. I have always loved her use of the classics juxtaposed against more contemporary pieces. I love her composition of two mirrors between the two windows.


 A silver framed mirror compliments the pale grey monochromatic color scheme by Alexander James


 A clever and rich treatment of antique gold framed mirrors adorning a stair wall by Euro trash (her words) designer Annie Brahler.


 I absolutely adore these colors and the rich whimsical treatment by designer Abigail Ahern.

freshen your home for the New Year { part II - mirrors }

Accents of gold are refreshing in this cool color scheme. Notice how the round mirror echoes the design of the transoms by Inson Dubois Wood.


An exquisitely crafted wall of inlay mirrors in an elegant dining room by Suellen Gregory.

entry_bright console

Coral and an antique console is tempered with a simple, cool contemporary glass mirror. [source unknown]

via jamesmcdonaldphotography2

My focus isn’t on bathrooms, but I just had to include this lovely sink and antique mirror. And those sconces are to die for!


Crisp navy and white and a mirror built in over the fireplace. Style, style, style! From Lonny Magazine.


 A handsome bedroom with deep colors brought to life with a mirror over the bed from Lonny Magazine.


No post could be complete without including at least one photo from the brilliant Vicente Wolf. His use of mirrors in his decor is legendary. He doesn’t do this as much any more, but he was the guy who started putting these over-scale mirrors leaned up against the wall for great dramatic effect!

Here are a few wonderful mirrors and all of these are under $500. All are from Wisteria unless otherwise specified.

2d47624927dcA large French paneled mirror.


_big_p594_87federalgThis is one of my favorite mirrors from World’s Away. A client wanted the glass  replaced with plain glass and the mirror guy thought it was a real antique!


The aforementioned Moroccan Mirror.w3430-large

This large-scale venetian mirror would be wonderful over a sofa or over a console table.


I also have this amazing mirror with bone inlay from Serena and Lily in my bathroom. Can I tell you how much I love it?

nygiftshow(nynow)summer2013 095

I was absolutely enchanted and the New York Now Show with this bone inlay mirror from Manglam Arts.


Love this vignette and the trumeau mirror is on sale at Wisteria for under $200!

I hope that gave you some inspiration for using mirrors to freshen and brighten your home for the New Year!


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