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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been busy working on client jobs and one day will have some fantastic things to share with you. In the meantime, please check out the portfolio page to see the new photographs. This is only a tiny sampling of the work I’ve done. I’m still in the process of taking new photos. Here are a few new ones that I took recently which I entered in this year’s World’s Away contest.  They have already posted my room on pinterest.  Here are the photos that are also in my portfolio. Unfortunately, I did not have the painting- that is going over the sofa, so I had to take some tighter shots, which actually isn’t such a bad thing, I don’t think.

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Wendover Art


Here are the other shots of the living room which are from a recent job in Pound Ridge, NY.

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Pound Ridge Living Room

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Pound Ridge Living Room

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Pound Ridge Living Room


fughly before shot

fughly before shot

Okay… this is the room BEFORE. I had posted this on FB and TONS of people LIKED IT. I wasn’t sure if they liked the room or liked that I had changed it, but I had to take it down. I HATE this room. First of all, it has absolutely no bearing to the rest of the house. The kitchen is bright and colorful with apple green walls and cherry cabinets and accents of orange. Then, there are the window treatments. The worst thing is those heavy yucko beams. We painted them white thank you very much! The room was so dark and dreary and this shot was taken before the leaves came out.

This was the room that my client had cut out of a magazine that served as our inspiration.

Nanjoo Joung 3

I  know that I’m supposed to be watermarking the photos, but its been a tough week. I just found out that my closest friend… the one who’s been with me through thick and thin the past 10 years… was diagnosed with stage  IV lung cancer.

She’s never smoked. She dances three times a week. Eats well. Works hard. She’s the kindest person I’ve ever known.

Somehow, watermarking  just isn’t that important and the other day, I was trying to put Laurel Bern Interiors on one photograph and every time the S would not stay there, so after an hour, I gave up.

In the meantime, the wonderful glass and nickel table is the item from World’s Away.  I have a fabulous rep, Rhonda Greenberg who carries several wonderful designer lines in addition to World’s Away. If you are in the trade, please check out her cool website! There you can see the listings for all of her lines. Another favorite of mine that Rhonda reps is Noir Furniture LA. The gorgeous rug is from Dash and Albert. The drapery fabric is part of the Eileen Kathryn Boyd collection for Duralee. It’s a pattern called Zsa Zsa which has a lovely “hand” and is a lot less expensive than it looks. The chairs are from TCS Designs who will never have a website, but if you are in the trade, they are a wonderful resource for upholstered COM furniture. The sofa is from CR Laine. That is a linen from Norbar fabrics that I had knit backed (for stability and strength) on the sofa. CR Laine did the pillows and we chose two of their pretty fabrics. The cool end tables are from Noir and the mercury glass lamps are from Regina Andrew. The awesome orangey-red vases are from Legend of Asia (sorry, trade only website) and the yellow box is from Bungalow 5, but it has been discontinued. BTW… please check out their new awesome Chinoiserie lamps! (and other new items)

Well, that’s pretty much it for now.

Love to all,


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  • Laurel - October 12, 2013 - 3:20 PM

    Thank you so much, Loi! Yes, the before was the ubiquitous, banal, hackneyed “furniture store” hell. And the window treatments dragged the entire thing down even further. There is more! Its actually an L-shaped living/dining room and there is a French Country dining table and hutch that I had to work with. Hmmm… stay tuned. It actually looks terrific. All I did was change the chairs the chandelier (found one that is totally in the spirit of the one in the inspiration photo for about a 1/10th the price!) and of course the drapes. The client is soooooooo happy. Still waiting for a few more things. Wait until you see the entrance! Well, I better leave something for the blog!

    Its so funny. Until last year, I NEVER did ANY yellow and now it’s in so many of my jobs!ReplyCancel

  • Loi Thai Tone on Tone - October 12, 2013 - 3:07 PM

    Really gorgeous, Laurel! That before shot: yikes!!! So much fresher, happier and warmer. That is a big room, and I hope you’ll share more.