What’s with that URL,, Laurel?  Thank you for asking. Please take a gander up in your little browser window. Notice anything new? No more laurel-home! Like most interior designers, or interior decorators (I don’t care which one you call me),  I rely on people being able to find me via the internet. I mean… when was the last time you actually used a PHONE BOOK? Hell, I can’t even read it anymore. (but that’s another story!).

I have to confess that in my very ambitious, I’m-going-to-start-this-new-website-even-though-I-really-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing- fashion, I truly snookered myself.  I realized a few months ago that I needed the help of a pro and so I hired the incredible Eileen Lonergan to help me sort it all out. It was then that I realized that not only did I have two different websites, I had two different blogs and at LEAST three different Google+ accounts. (That’s the real one. I’m not going to list the other three. yuck.) So, in effect, I was in competition with myself for ranking. No one is going to keep going to page seven in order to find me.The upshot was that in order to appease the google-gods… I need to have one website, one blog and one google+ account. (and a lot of other stuff like Bing, Yelp, Yellow Pages… its nuts!)

So, sadly has to go and so does laurel-home, although I’m still calling the website Laurel Home, just cause I like it. (sorry, if that’s confusing) I’m feeling badly about because it was my first website; however, it was started in 2002 and some of the photos were taken as far back as 1998! They really look horrible compared to the new photos that I’m in the process of taking. Why am I not just keeping it as laurel-home? That’s a very good question and one I pondered for a while, myself. Its not really descriptive enough of my primary business which is Laurel Bern Interiors— that’s why. From your standpoint, nothing will change except that you’ll see a post from instead of Everything gets redirected, so if you type in laurel-home OR eventually, you won’t see those sites anymore, you’ll end up back here.

In addition, I have a new home page and if you really want to put yourself to sleep, there is also a new testimonial page where some of my wonderful clients have some very nice things to say about me, in case you’re worried that I’m going to run off with your check. haha! Perfectly understandable.

Please enjoy the first  15 photos of my new portfolio. (along with a little blurb to go along with them.) Nobody does that, but the google-gods love it when you write a minimum of 300 words on each page, because they like to read even though the rest of us, don’t have the patience for it! There are a lot of other things they like too. Its intense! Now, I get to spend the next hour appeasing the SEO gods that are in cahoots with the google gods. Its a wacky world we live in these days!

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization.




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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for allowing me to take a peak. So nice to validate that I didn’t go wrong with white, wicker, a fern and a cat. You make me feel so smart.

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