TV Storage Ideas {You’re Gonna Love}


So sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I closed on my apartment 8 days ago and I’m moving in a week, but not all in one day, and I’m busy (thank God!) with client work,  and I’m still working on the shop that no one is looking at. (need to work on that one) AND its December! Which is not really a problem for me, because I do not get into that whole hububububub, of shopping, gifting, carding, (except to clients).  It’s not that I’m a scrooge. Far from it. I adore Christmas and last year, despite being Jewish, I had a CHRISTMAS tree. Not a Hannukah Bush. (whatever that is.), but a real Christmas Tree and I enjoyed it immensely.

I had started to write a post and then abandoned it, so I’ll just put in little bits as often as I can, to keep you updated on my decorating plans and especially how I’m dealing with the fact that I have three tiny closets. And then, there’s the subject of yellow. I have never decorated a room this yellow before and then I have to work in my existing stuff and I’m also the most hideous “client” evah! haha! Really. That is why in my current home, most of the furniture is white!  I’m perilously close to doing that again, but I really want to break out of my “comfort zone” as they say.

So, let’s start with this. My first purchase.

Yes, folks that is the Samsung  – 51″ PN51E530 – Plasma TV – 1080p (FullHD)  (ballerina not included). Bought on Cyber Monday.

Now, for the TV storage ideas

This is where the TV will be going… into the Donald Cabinet one day.


So, I’m going to have to remove some shelves, I think. But then… I know what you are thinking? “But Laurel, the TV only takes up one-third of the center section. What are you going to do about the rest? Are you just going to junk it up with a lot of stuff, because the center doors have to be open from top to bottom?”

Thank you. Those are excellent questions and to put your minds at ease, I came up with a solution, but only after quite a bit of research. I found the prettiest (cheap) dresser to go under the TV.

How lovely is that? Well, I have to run. The cleaning crew is coming at 12:30!