Decorating With Yellow Walls


This is going to be my new living room.

It is yellow. Looks brighter here than it is. It’s Benjamin Moore HC-4 Hawthorne Yellow

I’m planning on keeping it, so like I sometimes do, scour the internet for inspiration and I’m going to share that with you here.

And here is the opposite side of the room.

view from the entry way

and a shot of the purple bedroom

Yeah… that is going to be tweaked into a deep, deep blue-gray. (I think). That’s a stretch for me, but hey, its only paint! That’s what we tell our clients, so be brave Laurel!

Now, about the living room and entry. They are yellow (duh) and again, the top photo is from the listing and the ones below it are mine and more accurately depict the actual shade of yellow. Its quite a nice yellow, as yellows go. Not acidy, not too bright, not too gold, but just a very nice Nancy Lancaster-ish yellow. And the windows face south and west, and on the day I was there, it was blindingly bright. (with dirty windows). And ya know what? I absolutely LOVE the yellow. Who knew? I can’t imagine it being any other way.

However, I have never decorated a room this yellow before, so I’ve been collecting images for inspiration and I’ve already made a couple of purchases. In the coming weeks, I’ll be showing you what I’m doing and how I’m going about it and on a pretty tight budget! While I have enough to furnish the place, I am going to be needing a bunch of new things. The first and most expensive piece is this huge cabinet to go into the living room side.

And look below, what it does! Pretty cool, huh? In it, will go my TV and a LOT of my work stuff. I’m paring it down, down, down. Oh, and BTW, my vendor kindly named it after my late bro, Donald. So, how could I not get it? It will look tres fab next to the yellow. Behind the cool, cool fretwork is a burlap-type fabric and I would love to put thick glass shelves inside with lights and it would be beyond awesome at night! (one day!)

Then, I bought this little rug for the entry. It is a deep gray with a touch, and I mean a touch of purple. That will look amazing next to the yellow.

And I already own this lovely mirror and chest which will go along the 8′ long wall in the entry

The mirror is lovely and I would put it on the Laurel-Home Shop, except that it weighs a ton and I don’t think that’s a nice thing to do to people. But I love it anyway! This chest is from Milling Road when it was reasonably priced, but now, it’s an insane price. Luckily I found an almost exact replica for a fraction of the price and that will be going on the Laurel-Home Shop.

I found this Chinoiserie Ginger Jar Hollywood Regency lamp on Etsy. It is more turquoise than it looks here.

Yes. I know its bright, but I absolutely adore this color and its a genuine vintage Hollywood Regency style ming vase lamp. Try and find a new one. They make vases similar to this, but I haven’t found ANY lamps! How else will I incorporate some of that color?

I love these pleine air prints from Run Run Studio

Here are some other images that I’m using for inspiration!

Windsor Smith


Nick OlsonNick Olsen

If the links are not embedded in the photos, I found them on Pinterest.

I’m just putting in things that I love and it’s not any ONE particular style, but if I had to put a name to it, it would be Hollywood Regency (Chinoiserie) meets Swedish Gustavian meets English/Italian/French Country (it’s all the same!). And that’s Laurel(‘s new) Home!

Please everyone have the warmest, most festive Turkey Day. I am with my family and I am thankful for so, so many things, but mostly this year, for a new-found sense of peace. I am blessed.



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  • Loi Thai - November 30, 2012 - 1:01 AM

    Yellow can be such a difficult color, despite it being one of my favorites. Our old kitchen had lovely pale yellow cabinets. I wanted sunshine 🙂 But I neutralized it a little bit with grey limestone tile flooring and grey countertops. I loved that kitchen.

    We also had a yellow bathroom. That was done in a very awful and sickening shade….yucky!! Had it repainted after a month. What was I thinking in choosing that bathroom color?
    Love your new place, Laurel. Congrats 🙂