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Living room decorating ideas are often the most challenging to come up with because there are so many ways to go! These days, thankfully, the forbidden-barely-living-room has essentially become a thing of the past. We actually USE our living rooms. As a matter of fact, most of my clients have turned their living rooms into a second FAMILY ROOM. (any room with comfortable seating and a TV.) :] Sometimes the living room becomes a playroom, or sometimes, it even becomes the dining room and the dining room becomes an office or den.  I’ve even had two clients who’ve put a pool table in their “living room.” Hey, why the hell not? They love it. It works and they use it! The new living room, IS a family room and more often than not, it features a television, most likely mounted onto the wall and a large sofa that doubles as a bed. haha! (yes, that’s another story.) That’s the way we now LIVE. However, the new living room, unlike the “‘DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!” antiquated one, must be kid/pet friendly, featuring indestructible fabrics, non-breakable but gorgeous objects!

living room decorating ideasAlexa Hampton

Previously, we began to explore a home’s entry and how vital it is for it to integrate with the rest of the home; pretty obvious..  Now, I would like to move on to the living room decor.

Ahhh… yes, the “living room.” In days of yore, the so-called “living room” was the room that no one actually ever went into. (except on rare occasions, like at Christmas, grandma coming for a visit or for a bris. That sort of thing)  Maybe it should’ve been called the “barely living room?”  My first design blog, I entitled it “A Room for Living,” because shouldn’t ALL rooms be useful and used for living on a regular basis? Well, I think so.

Here are just a few of my favorite rooms for living. Each of them have many elements that create what I believe makes for a wonderful room to live in! I hope that you enjoy them too!

Zsa Zsa Bellagio

Michael Graydon

Casa Decorada

Beth Webb

living room decorChristopher MayaEveryone’s favorite living room from Something’s Gotta Give

Darryl Carter

Hollister and Porter Hovey

JK Place Capri

Kathryn Scott

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