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What does it mean to be simple in interior design? Some people call it “decorating with restraint,” while others call it “editing.” Well, yes, that is true. To me simple doesn’t necessarily mean lack of decoration, although it certainly can. It doesn’t mean starkly cold or impersonal or barren either. It means knowing when enough is enough and sometimes it takes almost nothing for there to be enough. Sometimes its letting one thing, be the star of the show.  That to me, is what simple is and for a lot of us, we fear it. The more, the better, but not always. I think that we often try to make things more complicated than they need to be.

It’s not easy to hold back; to be simple; perhaps that is why it’s a gift?

For me simplicity is like a breath of fresh, clean air; it renews the soul.




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decorting-with-restraint-interior-designMarianne Simon

She definitely has the gift. Above and the next six images are hers.

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